12 Ways to become Wiser

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Why do there are people who excel with intelligence and wisdom? Is it because of the structure of their brains or is it because of how they use their brains? Every person is born with an innocent and empty mind, but not all people grow with a great mind. Wisdom is earned through time, experience, reflection, and consistent practice. If you want to sharpen your brain and mind further, here are 12 ways you may follow to become more intelligent and wiser.

1. Think deeper; think about your inner self.
Spend time to know yourself more and to find your inner peace. It is only when you have inner peace and clarity of mind that you can see your inner self better. To achieve inner peace, try to eliminate your pride and start to be forgiving. Start forgiveness by forgiving yourself from your past mistakes. You may try to have a good vacation in a place where tranquility is present. Meditation and self-reflection should not be expensive. Remember the enlightened people in our history who spent significant time to meditate in caves, mountains and other peaceful places.

2. Think wider; think about other people.
Don’t just think about your self-interest, but also think about what you can do to other people. Don’t be too self-centered but try to be selfless a little bit more. Thinking about helping more people and how you can be more responsible is a great mental exercise that can make your mind more powerful. Remember that power is a responsibility, and vice versa.

3. Think longer; think about the future.
Don’t just think about the things or events that would give you instant gain, but care for the things that will provide your long-term benefits. Take note that spiritual people develop wisdom because they think about spiritual things that last forever. Remember that physicists become more intelligent because they are thinking of forces and energies which could be endless and infinite.

4. Think more precisely; think about your past mistakes.
Analyze your previous faults, and learn from them so that you won’t commit the same mistakes again. People commit mistakes repeatedly because they are willing to fail. This is probably because they believe that it is okay to make mistakes. But think differently, it may be okay to make one mistake but not repeatedly until it becomes a bad habit.

5. Think faster; think about what you have to think next.
Understand that there are still other more important things to think about. Thus, don’t waste your time thinking about things that aren’t significant. In other words, don’t think too much. Just think about it and do it so you can think and do more things.

6. Think higher; think about what the Highest One thinks.
Align your thoughts with morality and righteousness. Continue looking for the truth and nothing but the truth. Furthermore, don’t be scared to learn Science and Physics. Try to understand the latest theories and findings in humanity’s conquest to understand the origin of life, the Universe and our existence.

7. Think clearer; think without worrying.
Learn how to relax and don’t waste your energy on pointless fears and doubts. Just go along with time. Remember that at the right time, your doubts and questions will be answered.

8. Think purer; think with a heart.
Think with kindness and compassion. Don’t just think with common sense, but also think with a pure will. Let your mind stand not only on logic but also on love.

9. Think bigger; think with a dream.
Think about your passion, your ultimate ambition, and what you really want to achieve in life. However, don’t be hasty in trying to attain your big dream. The key to succeeding in your big dream is to start it as early as possible, and then try to achieve it slowly but surely. Just remember how trees grow. Don’t be a grass that grows immediately but dies quickly.

10. Think consistently; think with a conviction.
Think about things you can stand and fight for. Think about the thing that would make you never say “I give up”.

11. Think twice; review what you think.
Learn how to have self-control and avoid the influence of fury and envy. Remember that the secret to having higher wisdom is having prudence.

12. Don’t think too much; start doing what you think you have to do now.
In other words, learn how to walk your thought.

May the abundance of wisdom be with you!

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