Be Extraordinary: 9 Quotes From Vishen Lakhiani About His Course

Be Extraordinary is a course on Mindvalley created by Vishen Lakhiani. I’ve taken Be Extraordinary and followed Vishen and Mindvalley for a long time, and I really think that Be Extraordinary is important for growth and evolution – not just in you and me, but in the world as a whole. The program helps you see how powerful you are and how your life is your own, and it gives you the tools to help you start creating the life you want and feel good while doing it. Following are just 9 quotes taken from Vishen Lakhiani inside of Be Extraordinary to help you get an idea of what the course can do for you.

Be Extraordinary

1. Get Inside Vishen’s Brain Through Be Extraordinary

“The background work that goes into this program spans almost ten years.’

Vishen has been in the personal development game for a long time. He quit his job in Silicon Valley in 2004 to pursue teaching meditation.

He started up Mindvalley and has been working with some of the greatest teachers throughout the years to create programs that inspire, transform, and enrich people’s lives.

I’ve taken a ton of the courses on Mindvalley from amazing people like Lisa Nichols and Donna Eden and have grown in so many different areas of my life, including spiritual, entrepreneurial, happiness, peace, and awareness. It’s definitely my source of continuing education related to my personal happiness and success.

Through Be Extraordinary, you get access to the best things Vishen knows for sure – as Oprah would say. He teaches things he’s learned, experienced, and implemented in his own life for more success and happiness, and better overall health.

2. Be Extraordinary Is Not Going To Stay Stagnant

“One thing you can count on with me is that every year or so, when I get new ideas, I’m going to be re-recording bits of this program.”

Most courses don’t have updates from the creators. But, Vishen promises that as he learns new things and thinks of things that are important to add to Be Extraordinary, he’s going to add it to the program.

In fact, Vishen just announced in the beginning of September that he’s adding a new module to Be Extraordinary (there are currently 8 modules) to go over some new ideas that he’s learned since he first created the course.

This means you pay once, take Be Extraordinary, and get access to updates for free. I don’t know about you, but I’m excited to get access to the new information coming directly from the unique experiences he’s having.

Not everyone gets to meet with big names and do amazing experiments and challenges like Vishen Lakhiani. I’m more than happy to get the wisdom that he gets without having to do the work to discover it.

3. Your Life Will Change

“What you are going to learn through this entire program is going to create a dramatic shift in the way you function in the world – the way you view life.

What I found is that Be Extraordinary helps you see yourself as a more powerful being. One of the big points, of course, is to move from a victim state to a person who knows they are in charge of their life and has the knowledge and tools to help them create the life they want.

If you have any doubts about how powerful you are, then your life will change after taking Be Extraordinary. Through what he teaches, you will incorporate new beliefs into your life that will change who you are – how you think, react, and act in life.

4. Learn About Bullshit Rules You Have In Your Own Life

“A brule is a bullshit rule that we create to simplify our understanding of the world.”

I just want to make it clear how powerful Be Extraordinary can be at changing your beliefs and life.

You may think something is absolutely true right now, but as you listen to Vishen and start to think about the things he’s talking about, you will start to question your hard-held beliefs. In fact, you will question the beliefs of other people too.

You will learn about brules and how they impact your life – whether you know it right now or not. Brules are simply bullshit rules that you’ve been taught and held onto because you believe they are true or absolute.

As Vishen says, “As you go through Be Extraordinary, you’ll be examining a lot of brules about the world.”

It will become painfully clear that some of your beliefs – that you’ve been basing your life around – have been holding you back from living the life you want.

5. Develop New Habits For Living Your Best Life

“In this program you are going to learn a ton of powerful new systems that I’ve adopted into my life.”

You won’t just learn what Vishen does in his daily life, you will learn how to incorporate his habits into your daily life to make the most of what he’s teaching you.

Not every system he teaches you may work for your life, but try everything before you decide that for sure. You will be amazed at how even the smallest techniques he talks about can impact your life in a big way.

The techniques and systems in Be Extraordinary have had a big impact on his life, which he talks about, and adding them into your own daily routine could help you shift your thinking and behavior in the day.

6.  Learn Things You May Not Hear About Elsewhere

There are enhanced systems coming up every year from thinkers – from thought leaders, that do not make into mainstream.

Vishen teaches systems for all areas of life, some of them you may not have heard about before. Why? Because a lot of the things he learns from the relationships he has with thought leaders don’t make it into the mainstream.

Maybe people aren’t ready to hear about these systems yet, or maybe they are overshadowed by systems that big companies or names are talking about consistently. But, that doesn’t mean that they are not powerful and don’t have the potential to change your life.

When I was young, meditation was not a thing. I don’t remember anyone talking about it. But, there were people out there talking about it. Their information didn’t make it into traditional life.

Now, meditation is a big thing. Everyone talks about it. Even my super traditional doctor has talked about meditation.

Some of the techniques that Vishen talks about our uncomfortable to do, but they are powerful. When they become mainstream, and everyone lives their lives incorporating these habits, they won’t feel so weird to do because the collective consensus will be that they are worth doing.

7. Get A Vision With Be Extraordinary

You can be happy, but if you don’t have a vision pulling you forward, you’re not growing, you’re not contributing to humanity.

Part of taking ownership of your life is acknowledging how much or how little you are doing. Once you start to become aware of your power, you start to create goals and focus on dreams. It’s just a part of personal growth, I’ve found.

Vishen teaches you how to create a vision. In fact, module 4 is all about a vision for your future.

He has a core identity exercise in this module that helps you really take a look at your life and what you want most – what you vision for your future.

There’s also another exercise, in another module, that will help you ask yourself the right questions to start moving towards the life of your dreams.

And there’s a visualization exercise that will help you get clear on what you want and start to expect it in your life.

That’s just a taste of the techniques and thoughts that will help you think about and plan out a vision for your future.

I found that no longer will you accept what happens to you as ‘meant to be’ and become comfortable with it. You will find yourself unwilling to accept the crappy and the bad anymore because you will know that you can create awesome and good in your life.

8. Let It Go…

“We’re going to teach you how to get rid of all grudges within you.”

You will learn why and how to let go of crappy past experiences, people from your past that hurt you or stopped you from getting what you want, and everything else in your past that is affecting you negatively. Yes, even the ones that have been plaguing you for years.

As you listen to Vishen and start to learn his viewpoints and techniques, you start to think differently about those past things. You start to think differently about yourself and your part in those things. And you learn how to forgive.

In short, I found that Be Extraordinary is really good at helping you stand up, take accountability for what’s happened in your life, and move forward without making the same mistakes again.

If you have any victim-mentality inside of you, expect it to disappear. I found that I also recognize the victim-mentality in other people and no longer resent them for how they act.

If they knew how powerful they were, they would act better. But, they don’t and I understand that they are in a different state of being that keeps them unhappy, stuck, and unable to see how they are behaving.

9. Some Of The Things You May Have Heard Before

Repetition helps it sink in so you will get the best effects.

If you’ve followed Vishen Lakhiani and/or Mindvalley, you may have heard a few of the things he talks about before. Especially in the first module. But, as he says, repetition will help it sink in, and since the stuff he’s talking about is life-changing, you want it to sink in.

I truly believe Be Extraordinary is worth it for anyone who wants to stop blaming, sulking, complaining, or feeling hopeless on any level. And, I know that it’s hard to change thoughts, beliefs, and habits, so repetition is more than important to help.

The more you hear about things that can change your life, the more you believe them and want to implement them into your life. Combine that with all the new exercises and techniques he teaches, and you have a recipe for a life where you Be Extraordinary.

These quotes just scratch the surface of what Be Extraordinary is all about. You can learn more about how Be Extraordinary helps you be productive here and how it can help you form more positive affirmations here.

If you haven’t, take the free Bending Reality Masterclass to learn more about what Be Extraordinary can offer you. Or, you can learn more about the course here.

Note: Be Extraordinary is part of Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass. It’s a pass that gives you unlimited access to most of Mindvalley’s courses at one price. Read 5 Reasons Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass Rocks (And 2 Things That Could Be Improved)


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