Hate Your Job? Be Grateful That You Have A Job

Sometimes we get into jobs that don’t satisfy us or make us happy. We hate going into the job. We complain when we are there. And we make ourselves miserable before, during, and after work. This is when we know it’s time to take action and start looking for a new job. We had skills that got us this job and, if we take some time to go out and apply for other jobs, there’s a good chance we will be able to get another job that may be more satisfying to us. But some people don’t have that luxury. Some people can’t easily get just any job.

People with intellectual or physical disabilities can have a heck of a time getting a job. All they want is a job to give them that satisfaction of going in, putting in a day’s work, and then getting paid for it. They want to feel as though they have value and are contributing. But, many employers are not willing to hire them because of their disabilities.

If you want to get a good sense of this, watch the video below of Portia. She spent two years looking for a job before she was offered a paid position. How long did it take you when you really got down to looking for a job? I would image weeks or maybe even months, but not years.

Could you imagine what that would be like to work your butt off applying for jobs and not getting one? Could you imagine working for nothing for months and then being told that they would not take you on as a paid employee?

Try to picture yourself not being able to get the job you currently have. How would you feel? Wouldn’t it feel worse than having the job you have – the thing you complain about?

Bottom line: Be grateful that you have a job. Yes, it may suck and not be what you ultimately want to do. But, at least you are doing something and are getting paid for it. And, you have the ability to either look for something else or get an education to do something else.


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