How to Overcome Envy: 14 Ways to be Happy and Content

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Envy makes you insecure and discouraged. As you continue to look at what others have that you lack, you become more discontent to the point that you cannot appreciate what you have.

The problem is “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”. You are probably unhappy with your life because you think it to be not as good as others’, without knowing that others think yours is better than their lives.

If you want to overcome envy, apply these 14 ways to be happy and content. You will see how beautiful your life is, actually.

1. Overcome resentment towards others.
Usually, your envy’s subjects are those you are insecure with. Normally, insecurity with others has a deeper root—resentment—because you think of those people as threats to your happiness and achievements. Therefore, whenever those people you resent achieve something you like, you feel jealous.

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2. Be thankful for the blessings you have received.
Surely, there are a lot of things in your life that you can be thankful for—like your family, friends, talents, and own achievements. Focus on what you have and be grateful for them. If you realize how blessed you are, then you will have no time envying others.

3. Do not compare.
Do not compare your achievements or success to others’. Everyone has a different calling to fulfill so your measurement of success is different from theirs. Comparison only leads to either pride or insecurity.

4. Stop stalking people.
If there are certain people you are jealous of and you want to be freed from this bondage, then the first step is to cut your habit of stalking them on social media. Why do you want to be updated about their lives in the first place? Stop monitoring if they are doing better or worse than you.

5. Look straight ahead.
If you want to win your race, then you should fix your eyes on your finish line. Just look straight ahead to your goals and do not look to the left or to the right to check whether you are ahead or behind of others.

6. Know there is a right time for you.
Do not be discouraged if your batchmates or friends are already successful and you are still struggling. You have to understand that each person has his/her own timeline. If you focus on working hard to achieve your goals, at the right time you will be successful too.

7. Realize that God has prepared something better for you.
Believe that God wants the best for you in everything. If others got what you always wanted, then maybe it is not meant for you. Just trust the Lord and be faithful in small things, and for sure you will receive what is always meant for you—something better than what you wanted.

8. Stop wanting to be ‘in’ all the time.
Wanting to keep up with the latest gadgets and fashion trends will only give you discontentment. However, not at all times, you have the capacity to get the newest crazes, and this can only lead to frustration. Do not make being ‘in’ your foundation for self-worth.

9. Do not base your happiness on material things and earthly accomplishments.
Anything on earth—everything you got in this present life—will pass away because all material things are temporary. Therefore, do not be focused on getting more titles and wealth than others because you might be losing sight of more important things. While you have the strength and time, value your relationships, especially with God and your family, more than anything else.

10. Train your mind to be happy for others.
One good practice that can help you overcome envy is by training yourself to think positively of others. Appreciate and celebrate with those who are successful and happy. Whenever you are tempted to be jealous, consciously divert your mind to good thoughts like “They deserve it because they worked hard, and I can do the same” and “They are God’s children too so He surely wants me to be happy for them like He wants them to be happy for me.”

11. Love yourself and everything about you.
If you love yourself, then you will surely love and appreciate everything about you—and this is what contentment is all about. So, if you are having a hard time accepting who you are, then insecurity and envy can be expected to arise. Therefore, learn to value yourself and believe that you are special.

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12. Learn to genuinely love those people you envy.
Love does not envy that is why we become selfless with the people important to us. For this reason, try to show genuine care for those people you usually get envy of. Get to know them more, spend time with them, and try to do good to them.

13. Make your current state an inspiration to persevere.
Use your present situation as a motivation to work harder so you can reach your dreams and get what you want. Also, instead of envying others, make their success stories as an inspiration to persevere and not give up on your own goals.

14. Pray and ask God to help you change your heart.
If you are struggling to let go of envy and insecurities, then you need to ask for help from God. Pray that He cleanses your heart, helps you appreciate what you have and love others. Prayers can move mountains so they can change your heart too.

Value Your Life

Each person is unique, has different stories to tell and different life to live. Stop wishing you were a different person or you had what others have. Instead, find out the strengths and positive things in your life. You may be struggling with trials right now but, surely, at the right time, you will see the beauty of your life journey.

Aim high, work hard to achieve your goals and do not compare. Moreover, keep on trusting God and believe that He has the best plans for you.

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