12 Productivity Tips: Which One Will Help You?

You’re probably looking for productivity tips because you’re feeling – well, pretty unproductive. It’s easy to get caught up in nonproductive things. We are all good at it! We all do different things to be unproductive, though. Some of us get lost on Facebook. Some of us watch cat videos. Some of us call our friends and talk for hours. And some of us turn on the TV and don’t turn it off until it’s time to go to bed. We are all unique in our unproductive habits, just like we are all unique when it comes to being more productive.

For a long time, I struggled with being productive. Why? Because I was trying to do what other people recommended through their big productivity tips, and it just didn’t work for me. It stressed me out or didn’t feel right, and I would give up on being productive altogether thinking that I just wasn’t capable of it. But, I was wrong.

The Secret Is That You Have To Find Productivity Tips That Work For YOU

I have found that what works for me, doesn’t work for someone else. And that’s the secret behind finding productivity tips that work. You need to find some productivity tips that work for YOU.

Furthermore, you need to try out more than one tip, because if you don’t try something out, you don’t know if it actually works for you. That means that you may try out a few lemon ideas in the beginning, but if you stick with it, eventually you will try out something that works – and it will work well.

  • Don’t try to make a tip work for you.
  • Don’t try to force it into your life.
  • Don’t get upset if you can’t do what someone you admire does.

Remember, you are unique and, therefore, you will need to find a tip that fits you well.

Following are 12 productivity tips from 12 unique individuals. Which one will help you out?

Q. What Is Your Biggest Tip For Staying Productive Throughout Your Day?

A. bestoffitness (Creator of thebestoffitness.com)

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Staying productive throughout the day can be simple as long as you have a goal and you’re passionate about it. For example; if your goal is to have the best website in your niche, then you will do whatever it takes to achieve it.  If that means working 20 hours a day for the next two years, then that is what you will do.  So, my biggest tip is to have a goal that you’re passionate about and go for it.

A. emartin74 (Working online. )


It’s hard for me to keep it to one, so here are my top five:

1. Get plenty of sleep.

2. Eat healthfully.

3. Find ways to manage stress.

4. Don’t do too many things at once – multitasking cuts down on your effectiveness – if you have too many things to do, get people to help you.

5. Don’t rush through things – take your time.

A. David Leonhardt (President, THGM Writers)


It really should be “Get plenty of sleep!”  But that will never be me.  I stay productive (when not too fatigued) by keeping multiple to-do lists.  Sometimes they are on the same sheet of paper, sometimes on several slips of paper, depending on the situation.

The reason for multiple to-do lists is to keep organized.  One to-do list would be too intimidating, and many items would get “lost in the crowd”.  This way I can have a list of just the six things I need to do while away on errands, the five things I need to do when I get home, three calls I need to make some time this week (when I happen to have an appropriate moment for a phone conversation), and nine things that can wait for the weekend. I can tape up on top of my monitor the two things I need to talk to my wife about and put on my tablet the list of things to discuss with my mom when I visit her a couple days from now.

It usually works. Occasionally I’ll lump all the leftover bits and pieces from various lists into one for a weekend…and impress myself with how quickly I can tick off many of the smaller items.  😉

A. dontcallmepenny (Style Design Writer)

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I create deadlines for myself. Whether it’s writing, researching, creating images, brainstorming, etc., I allocate a time-frame. It could be as little as 30 minutes or the deadline could be the end of the day. This keeps me focused, productive, and on track with time management. It can also stop me over thinking something.

A. Kate Scott (Founder of Parchment Girl)

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Start with the most difficult task of the day first thing when you wake up in the morning and save the easier, less intellectually intensive tasks for the end of the day. You’ll accomplish more in less time.

A. Martini Fisher (Mythographer, Author)

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I make a to-do list, usually three days in advanced. I sit down and make a to-do list for Thursday on Monday night and don’t look at it again – unless I need to go back and add something to it – after I’ve had my morning coffee on Thursday. It keeps my head clear when I make the list, because I find a quiet time to do it, and it keeps me from feeling rushed on the day, because I’d know that whatever I need to do has already been determined days in advanced and all I have to do is take a deep breath and follow.

A. LookIntoHawaii.com (Founder)

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I think the key to being productive is having a good list of tasks to work from. Rather than wasting time trying to figure out what to do next, have a list of items that are prioritized already.

In my case, I use Google Inbox which fires off 20+ daily repeating reminders that cover all of the stuff I do every morning. These may include things like “schedule Facebook posts” and even “drink a glass of water”. I get all daily tasks done first and delete each reminder as I go which gives that “ah, I’m making progress” sense of accomplishment. Then it’s on to my priority list, which I also set up as reminders in Google Inbox the day before. When I’ve done all reminders I’m done for the day.

A. Vinil Ramdev (Entrepreneur, Marketer, Blogger )

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Prepare a to-do list and tear the hell out of it.

I’ve also observed that working fewer hours and focusing on your hobbies is very beneficial.

A. Minuca Elena (Minuca creates awesome influencer roundups that provide quality content, brings huge traffic, and helps bloggers connect with influencers.)

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To be productive you need to set clear goals. Sometimes, long-term goals can be overwhelming. Like writing 30 posts in a month seems an almost impossible job, but making one post every day seems more doable. It’s the same thing, but the way you see it makes a great difference.

Write your tasks and allocate a certain time to each one. Have a schedule the way you had in school. Turn off social media during this time. Facebook can be a major distraction. Focus on one thing at time. Multitasking will lower your efficiency.

A. Philtrate (The Teaching Escape Guy)


Silence and balance.

Get up when your focus wanders.

Go for a walk.

Make a cup of tea and get back down to it.

A. Edwin Dearborn (CEO)

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Write down your plans and follow that plan. A study was done by Harvard University and found that their top graduates succeeded because they wrote down their goals and how they would achieve them. Writing them down increases your vision and accountability in making your goals and objectives to occur.

A. Kari (Creator of Best Friend Reviews)

Having a vision of why I want to be productive is one of my best productivity tips.

Each day I wake up and remember WHY I want to accomplish what I want to accomplish.

For my career, I remember the success I want to have and how it will benefit my husband, me, and my family. I think about the trips that I will go on because of my income and the decreased stress I will have if something unexpected happens and we need to pay for it. I think about doing something good in the world in the best way I know how.

As far as my health, relationships, and home go, I do the same thing. I imagine the outcome of doing what needs to be done, and that drives me to just do it.

As long as I keep the reasons for doing what I want to do in my mind, I find it easy to do what needs to be done!

Note: If you have any productivity tips that you want to share, please leave them in the comments below. I want to know! And so will someone else looking for a tip that will work for them. 


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