10 Signs a Guy You Met Online Likes You

guy you meet online
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In this day and age, you can find your prince charming anywhere! Love is not tied anymore to the classic girl-meets-boy story because your love can literally be a click away – all thanks to modern dating websites.

Although high tech romances can be fun and sweet, it does have its pros and cons. For one thing, online dating makes it more difficult for people to know if the other person behind the blue screen likes them back. Without facial expressions and cues from the tone of the person’s voice, how does one cope?

This complication is what usually leads to misunderstandings and sometimes even to falling out. But no worries, there are always signs to look out for to know if the guy you are chatting up online likes you!

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Signs a Guy You Met Online Likes You

1. He replies instantly.

If the guy truly likes you, he would not wait for six hours and then reply. Many guys make it quite clear when they show interest in the girls they meet online. Quick responses are always happy indicators of interest in most cases.

Be careful, though! In some situations, where the guy takes very long to reply, it is sometimes used as a strategy to determine how much you are interested in him. Tables are quickly turned for some girls but don’t worry, which does not mean it is a bad thing. Some guys like to take a dip in the water first before diving in!

2. He compliments you.

Another sure way to know if a guy you met online likes you is if he compliments you. Most guys aren’t shy with their sweet comments, so if he is fond of giving it, then it’s not unlikely that he is fond of you too! Guys like to sweet talk to the girls they are interested in.

Unlike shallow people, a serious guy will give you sincere compliments. You will be able to sense genuine praise from a fake one from a thousand miles away! Allow himself to compliment you, don’t reject it or shrug it away. One should also know how to appreciate compliments.

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3. He shows interest in getting to know you.

When a guy likes a girl, it is perfectly normal for him to show interest in getting to know her. He may ask you questions about yourself – what is your favorite color, things you dislike, or your first pet’s name. Whatever it is, the subject of the question doesn’t matter because the point is, he wants to get to know you!

If he is enthusiastic and lets you talk about yourself, it is definitely a sign of interest! Do not forget to set limitations upon yourself, never to divulge any personal or private information. Take it slowly first and get to know each other part by part by asking friendly questions.

4. He tries to make you laugh.

The guy does not need to be a stand-up comedian for him to try and make you laugh! Most guys use their sense of humor to let the girls they like to know that they actually like them. Perhaps this is because of shyness or lack of good words, but one can’t deny the fluttery feeling that one experiences when a boy is doing his best to make a girl laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine, and laughter is also the best way to a woman’s heart. It is very well known that humor is essential in the list of qualities one looks for in a guy, so it is no wonder that many opt to take this route.

Signs a Guy You Met Online Likes You
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5. He respects your personal time.

He does not only respect your personal time but also respects you in general. A respectful person is a sign of a good person and one of whom you can trust. If he floods you with messages, if he gets upset or irritated when you don’t reply quickly, or when he is trying to invade your personal life, then maybe it is time to rethink the relationship.

Look out for both white and red flags. White flags are signs of trust in a person. If he respects your personal time, that is a white flag right there, but if he is obsessive, then that is definitely a red flag! If he truly likes you, he will never give you a reason to feel uncomfortable.

6. He knows his limitations.

Besides the fact that he is respectful towards you, a guy would also know his limitations if he truly likes you. He will never insist on fast-forwarding the relationship if he knows that it is not what you want. A guy who likes you will be patient and take time to set the pace.

If the guy likes you, he will know better than to be aware of the limitations he has to set up for himself. Boundaries are important, especially in a relationship that is just starting to blossom. He won’t mind the slow pace, for he knows that good things come to those who wait!

7. He is consistent and persistent.

Consistency and persistence is the key! A guy who likes a girl would be consistent in his words and actions. He will never fail to compliment you or two, and he will never forget to hit you up at least once a day to talk to you. Consistency in a guy is important because this is one way to see his efforts.

Persistence is also important, but it must be a good kind of persistence. He is still persistent in getting to know you even if you want to be friends at first – that is already a sign that he likes you! But even though he is like that, he still knows his limitations and would never want to end up as the creep.

8. He asks about your day.

A simple “how was your day?” goes a long way. It is such a simple question that can be interpreted in so many ways. If a guy is interested in hearing even the most mundane events that happened to you, then he must surely like you, for he is taking the time to ask!

Do not hesitate to tell him about your day, even if it is just a friendly gesture. A guy who cares enough to ask you about yourself must truly care for you.

 Signs a Guy You Met Online Likes You
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9. He shares stories about himself.

A guy who is willing to share stories about himself with a girl can be a sign of interest, especially if he shares personal stories. By doing this, he is marking you as a special person. He is leaving himself vulnerable to your judgment. That takes courage, and that kind of courage only comes from love.

Allow him to open himself up to you. This is also a great opportunity for you to get to know him better, so do not be afraid to lend him an ear.

10. He never hesitates to give you a good time.

Lastly, a guy likes you if he never hesitates to give you a good time. He makes a conscious effort to keep the conversation going, make you laugh, or make you feel good about yourself. He likes you, and he wants you to enjoy every time you spend with him. Everyone likes a good impression, and so he wants to leave an impressive mark on you.

As it is in the pros and cons of modern romances, one can never truly tell the other person’s sincerity at the end of the screen. Love can be so real, but at the same time, it can be so easily faked. But despite the setbacks, there are always signs that you can look for.

Remember never to assume unless stated in words. If you have doubts or want to know, then pick the right time and ask him if he indeed likes you! Do not be afraid to take that jump – make sure to time it perfectly. If you never take risks, then you’ll never know.

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10 Signs Your Online Date Can Be Trusted

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73 thoughts on “10 Signs a Guy You Met Online Likes You”

  1. I’ve been talking to a man overseas saying that he works Dubai he says his German we have been having arguments because he will not FaceTime me tells me that he doesn’t have Internet over there that’s what he does he’s the engineer oil drilling so he works in the sea he’s telling me he is who he is but I’m not believing he tells me that he loves me that I have trust issues and I do have feelings for him toHe has asked me for money I gave it to him once he asked me again and I said no I would like to have any reply to this to make me understand if this is a catfish or not please respond any advice thank you

    • Any man who won’t show you his face, definitely doesn’t deserve you or your money.

      I think he has a lot of nerve to ask you for money in the first place. Toss him. You will have many opportunities to find men just like him before you find a good one. Don’t waste any more of your time and money on this one.

      If he really loves you, he wouldn’t try to make you feel bad about having “ trust issues”. Online dating scams are a reality and he only appears more suspicious. If he really doesn’t have internet access, he would at least say “ we can FaceTime when I have the chance.” Not try to gaslight you and make it seem like you are being unreasonable. ESPECIALLY if he is taking your money. Toss him.

    • Catfish. Its painful to say it and im sorry. Its happened to me but im sassy so i pick these things quick. He is not German, nor lives in Dubai, nor works at sea. Its bullshit. He won’t facetime because he’s not who he says he is and he probably uses an internet cafe in a poor country. Hes using your vulnerability against you. Confront him or block him. Simple. It hurts but the right man will help you get over it. X

  2. It is rare chances to like someone online. And also, it is very difficult to know if a guy that you like also likes you or not. These are amazing signs that are described in the post and help to know if a guy like or not.

  3. I met a guy on IG. At first, we just clicked ‘like’ for each other post. Yet, our profiles are simply the photos we took, we barely post pictures of us -self. Anyway, last year we started talking, he greeted so I greeted back.

    We’ve been constantly messaging for a year. They’re more like letters in fact because most of them are long. And rather than ‘what are you doing’ and stuff, we talk about flowers, weather and whatnots.

    The thing is we live in 𝘥𝘪𝘧𝘧𝘦𝘳𝘦𝘯𝘵 parts of the world, and we don’t talk the same language. We’ve been depending on Google translate a lot.

    And maybe it’s just not me that he’s communicating like that but anyway, recently, he’s saying occasionally about wanting to go to my country. He probably just wants to 𝘷𝘪𝘴𝘪𝘵 my country.

    But say if he’s into me or something like that, and he’s got here. And I’m not really ready for this. I’ll definitely feel sorry, that if he comes all the way here just to face me avoiding him.

    So, should I straight up ask him? And maybe, warn him a little bit beforehand?

  4. I met this guy about 7 months ago on a video game lol, we chatted for a while. I started growing feelings for him but i didn’t accept them because i was in a relationship. The guy i was with was emotionally abusive. (I’d say physically as well, he hit me a few times.) The guy i started liking eventually convinced/helped me get to the point of breaking up with my so called “significant other”. We aren’t together yet, we’ve been taking it slow! He shows all these signs actually, (I like reading these kinds of things, they make me smile). He told me believe early on, that he he started growing feeling for me as well early on but he knew about my relationship (not the situation) and didn’t want to interfere if i was happy. I’d honestly be devastated if we didn’t work out, but i’m hopeful. Thank you for writing this!

  5. I met this guy tru fb. We’ve chatting for months in messenger and whatsApp we’ve exchanged I love yous too. He’s always so busy with work since he runs his own company.
    He replies fast, sometimes it takes time depending on the situation. He droves to a lot of places everyday, I can say it coz we’re doing video calls too, and i understand that too. But the sad thing is he’s not the expressive type of person, he compliments less, he’s not too sweet, he don’t asked much except for hoes my day going.
    Sometimes, I think maybe he’s not interested with me. But Everytime I tell him that we should stop, coz I felt something was off he said that lots of things going in his mind and he’s sorry for that. I felt so sad in our situation.I am 27 and his 28, sometimes I will think maybe he’s too serious because he’s mind is matured, at early age of running a company Im really confused 😭😞. Isn’t nice to have an interactive partner right? He says he loves me and cares for me, there’s a time that I was so tired and need a break in everything he book me a room in a hotel just for me to rest peacefully there. Please advice me if you have experienced this too. Thank you so mucb.

    • Even though I have not experienced this kind of relationship before, after reading I feel that he truely love you and cares for you. I know it’s great to have an interactive partner but not everyone is same right? He might not be interactive type of guy. If he really likes you and so do you, you should not mind these things. Maybe you can start the conversations or try to keep them going on if he is unable to do so.

  6. I met him in online classes during one of my college courses. We both never directly spoke to the other person, at least not at first. I do know that on my end, I’ve been hurt before and I always dont interact with people that I like. Eventually, we ran into each other (quite literally) on-campus and he asked me for my number. We chatted for about two months before actually deciding to meet up. It was a blast. We kept talking afterwards, and met up twice more. Things started to get confusing then. He began to be a little more flirtatious over calls and texts. I rejected all of his advances out of confusion and fear of the past, but I loved every bit of it. I was unsure whether he was interested in me, or just playing with me. Then we met up for the fourth time. I’m going to spare you the details, but we kissed. We’ve been dating for 6 months now, and I don’t regret a thing. Its interesting to look back on these facts and see how interested he actually was. I was blind then. No longer, though.

  7. I meet a guy who is 10 years older than me I’m 36 and he’s 46 he is from US. At first I am attracted to him because of his profile pic then when we go through with 1 month talks we chatted everyday slowly knowing each other on slow dating site then he want us to jump to Skype where we can see vc. But I refused at first but he’s patiently waiting until I decided to install Skype and want to know him more too even he’s a type of guy will never tell unless I asked but I found many interesting things from him most of your list written is how he did to our conversation. I mostly asks him, I even discussed my personal things like I am a single mom of 4 years old twins. But on his side I knew less about his family and other things. Then most of the times he is interested on sexting which I embark him too even am shy at first since I have less experience on love making but talking to him is like I’m giving all myself already I allowed him to travel my whole being just in chat . He’s the only guy I let to do sexting but I never shown any vital parts of me. Been 4 months now we still on and don’t know if what we are? our status? Since there’s nothing official talks
    in relationship between us. Any help of advice? Do I fall in love with him since I missed him everyday? He never fails to initiate chat in morning until he sleep, he misses me too he want to know my everyday life, how many times he told me he likes and interested on me, he respect me too, he apologize, he compliments, he cares about but he never talks about future. What should I do? Do I need to start avoiding him or just go with the flow? Thanks. God bless!!!

    • Maybe you should go with the flow! I guess it’s like you both secretly like each other but too shy to confess. If he doesn’t make the first move you can be the one who confesses first. If he feels the same then congrats! you have found the one. If he doesn’t feel the same about you, don’t feel sad atleast you won’t be confused.

  8. We’d been good friends online for several months- and we had met up recently as well. We’ve always had our playful banter and teasing comments, but we both denied our feelings for a long time. It’s funny to look back on what happened before we started dating and match up all the signs. I wouldn’t trade him for the world, even if I sometimes don’t admit it.

  9. Hi, i started a dating web and found a guy. Unfortunetly, the web site requires credit payment that i dont have the access for that. And i texted him my private contact and told him thst we can communicste by email. But he is still text me on the web site and i couldnt replay for him. What shall i do???

    • If u have his email text him there or if u have any social of him chat from there .you can also check him on google by his email .

  10. I’ve liked this guy for 3 days+ and he is all of these things. I already told him I liked him, but he treats me so different from his other friends, I am his best friend ++. He is trying to give me an “ego” boost by saying, I love you and things like that. He also usually responds quickly. I really like him, but I’m not sure if he likes me back..

    -I need help-

  11. Honey, have you not heard about the iTunes and other gc scams? But to make things even more simple NEVER give a man money…unless that man is your spouse who has been taking care of you for quite some period of time and just happens to be running short. My reply to any man asking for money is I can maybe be your romance, but I sure can’t be you finance. Always listen to your intuition. The first time you left, there was a reason for that. Never backtrack. It makes no sense to throw something out that’s obviously no good, but then go running down the street chasing after the garbage truck to get it back on pickup day. Let it be, don’t go back. Besides it’s rather unwise to keep doing the same thing and expecting different results.

  12. The guy I have been talking to seems to act the same way as above (around 98% in the list) and I know him since 2016 but we have been going on and off because I come and go (I have other stuff to do of course lol + he’s not my only online friend; I have friends on different websites and stuff)
    I didn’t talk to him for around an year and recently contacted him first to know how he’s been doing. I thought he wouldn’t reply soon coz the website where I talk to him seems like a dead place now but he replied within a day even tho he doesn’t talk to many people over there.
    So it’s been 2-3 months since then and it seems that he may like me even though I said I will always be your friend. Ever since I started suspecting it, I have been distancing myself coz I don’t want any relationships (to focus on studies).
    Another reason why I stopped talking to him for a while is the worst thing ever: we are from the same country (he doesn’t know this) + he’s 3 years older than me (he doesn’t know this either).
    Anyways I left but I can’t help being curious about this lol what do I do?!!!!

    • I can relate to the off and on thing, i would disappear because i started liking him but i was worried for the outcome since he showed signs of liking me. I was scared i’d lose him as a friend lol, eventually when we started talking again we both accepted our feelings for eachother, we aren’t together, we’ve been taking it slow. Trying to get to know each other to see if we would work out in the end, if that makes sense. I think even though you want to focus on your studies you should get to know each other see if he is truly interested and see if you will turn out to like him, yk? Just take it slow, no need to jump into a relationship yet.

    • So, what happened between you two? Sorry, this is not an answer! It’s just I’m curious how your story goes. I’m also having a similar problem, but we live in different countries. So, as long as we stay apart at least there’s no problem lol. Btw, I wonder how he doesn’t know where you live. Did you lie or ??

  13. I met a guy only 2 years older than me. We really hit it off and I really really like him. He’s doing everything in the list. We had a really long talk about our feelings and I asked him why he liked me. He told me I’m amazing, that he wants to get to me better. He says these kinds of things a lot. I think he really does like me😊😊

  14. I met a guy three months ago in a non dating app from first day only he talked very nicely with me we became very close he is a chinese so we could not contact in any other app beside the one we are using so i cannot contact him very often now his summer holidays are over so he should go back to hostel and he said he can message me every sunday and he said wait for him to comeback after he said bye that day he didn’t message me but i find many other chinese guys messaging me recently and asking if i had boyfriend or not and they all speak in same way as him could it be that he is checking me by making fake accounts?

  15. i like this guy i met on omegle about 3 months ago we started getting really close a while ago and he makes me laugh and we send funny pictures to each other. today my account got hacked and i found him on Facebook i added him and it seems like he’s flirting but I’m really nervous to ask him if he likes me

  16. Hi all, I’m Lelo, my heart really breaks when I read your comments. We all want just one simple thing, which is to be loved, but we end up being used, cheated, manipulated and more. I have given up the search of find a man, it’s all in the hands of the Lord now, but right now I am looking for a good female best friend. I’m 27, and a mom of three girls, and I would love to have a friend 💞

  17. Ok so i like this dude and i met him like a year ago on this game and idk if i like him and stuff.. he doesnt like me back since he has a boyfriend and all. but like i think about him everyday all the time basically and hes really fun but lately hes been being like a bit cold to me yknow. like i said something but he never answered me back even tho i know he can since he plays the game with his boyfriend all the time. hes definitely ignoring me. like idk if im in love with him because ive been having a crush on him for like 5 months already and he makes my stomache all nervous when i think about him. and i often imagine us being together irl in the future. UGHHH hes confusing my emotions honestly ;~;

  18. Hi, I met this guy in match since late December 2019,we have been chatting consistently, literally we tell eachother everything we are doing,we cant go 4hrs without chatting to eachother. But b4 now, most weekends I will not hear from him. I have tried to ask why,he said he has a project to deliver mid this year,so all his focus is there. During valentine’s, we spent it together on video calls. He does everything u said up there but am worried sometime. Yesterday I asked him if hes romantically involved or just chatting friend? Here’s his reply
    Well we don’t really know yet do we? We only met briefly before the world stopped… but I a) find you VERY attractive b) really enjoy our crazy chats and love our friendship c) wondering if the world will start again one day so we can leave our houses and find out more? 😊
    I need advice pls
    What should I do?

  19. In this case I’m the guy and I complete all the steps listed here, and yeah, I truly love her. Met she on Steam, we played together a lot of times and more and more I started to like her even more. I just try to be in the most natural possible way, and everyday I just wanna talk to her and make her happier. I would really like to be with her some day, meet she in person… Time will decide, I just wonder if she will ever realize I love her or, unfortunately, she just will end going away…

  20. This is hysterical. It doesn’t mean a thing if you have a chronic dater. He is used to tossing compliments, making jokes and comfortable in his own self absorbed skin. These type men are often on the rebound or looking for help, not love. Even married or in meaningful relationships. If you dont want your heart broken, do your homework and stop being so easily swayed.

  21. Hello thanks for these tips but i think the guy i have been trying to like has like 40percent briefly we met online started chanting then from the blue he cut me off when i tried calling him as time went on,i un installed the app since last year because i thought of him being a fake guy so we never talked since then.suprisingly at the beginning of this year, i dont know how he linked me up to hangouts he texted i couldnt believe this we started again to talk but he could avoid some of the simple questions i tried asking him
    Like .
    His profession
    Yet i would answer everything he would ask me he couldnt really show any sign of liking me though he tried replying my messages at times.so i think i wasnt patient with him some time because i told him block since he wasnt fully opening up to me ooohh i think it wasnt right at all he told me that” i was nasty” but we gain talked after apologising to him was i really wrong or right in doing this? Now today we chant like any other day he tells me to help him buy itune gift card that he wants to restart his phone formatting whatever!!
    Damn…am like sorry i cant help because the list i could pay was 100$ he claimed to say that its some simple help whats really this …..i had liked him even before we hadnt met yet after answering him this, he said that”am tired of this nosense”did i do a wrong thing or was he even a good guy?

    • You did nothing wrong it sounds like a catfish. Usually if a guy disappears like that it means he might like you or start of liking you but is to scared to accept it so he spaces him self from you. But in this case it seems like he isn’t interested in you and he was just using you until he found his next person to chat with. Then when he got bored of her or the other person showed signs of being uninterested/skeptical he went back to you. Never send people money unless you know them personally. I hope this helped.

  22. I’ve met a guy and he’s 3 years younger than me and we’re actually countries apart. I’m actually confused me or nah ‘coz he just replies to me (recently) with mostly one or two words but its actually making me laugh, I know its weird but I actually find it funny. At the beginning, he seems really into our chats and all but it just seems off all the sudden. I’m always the one initiating a conversation and a topic to talk to and I’m beginning to think that it wasn’t right anymore but I really do like him a lot. Please help, really do need answers right now.

    • I’d just straight up ask him honestly. It sounds likes he was playing with you/your feelings. But i don’t know for sure because i don’t have all the info, but i would move on? See if my feelings fade after a while and if rereading messages trigger my emotions, just to see if you/i/whoever was actually interested or just interested in the idea of the person.

    • Hey, I hope that you’ve already got all answers by now. But just in case, he’s either a flirt, jerk or someone who has issues. I did that to some people like that and with me, I have issues. I’m bipolar. There are things I constantly doing but then out of a sudden I don’t do that anymore. I know it’s bad but I can’t help it 😕

  23. I am a 16 year old boy and i show all these signs to her and i truly loves her very much and she told her classmates that i am his bestie and she knows that i like him so if i propose her what will she say??

    • I am not sure what will she say infact no one can tell what she will say afterall she is a different individual than us. Right? I know this is a late response but yeah to know her answer to your proposal you should ask her out. If she says yes then congrats! the one you love, loves you back. If she says no don’t be too sad atleast you know what she feels about you. Just don’t let your friendship get ruined due to these things.

  24. All the signs match except for the first one. He would reply after one eternity. When his semesters were going on, he would go without replying for days and come back to ask how i am .
    Now that his semesters are over he still does not reply on time. It takes him 2 to 4 hrs to reply to my texts. Sometimes he replies instantly. Maybe he is rather bored at that time. I really like him and wish he too had the same feelings for me .
    He constantly talks about meeting me and travelling overseas for that purpose but that one things hurts me in the feels that he would not reply fast. Maybe i am not his priority.

  25. I need help…I was chatting one guy via facebook dating, so he’s the one liking my bio or pic i just upload 1 photo for profile then we start talking…then, we talk about nonsense question after that he asked my facebook account then we become friends, we chatted in messenger instead we talk again, he send me sweet and happy humorous messages which made me to like him or interested..we only chat we don’t call or video call because we both shy to each other… after that he asked me to hang out with him☺️
    He Call each other “mega” and ”mego” which means friends and he wanted to change but I said I like mego and mega instead he recommend “baby” which I don’t like cuz it’s too cheessy smh
    He even asked to send him a picture..I send him my face picture only not whole body cause I’m scared he complimented my picture and I didnt asked him a picture of him instead I just continue chatting him. After that I regretted sending him a picture of me and I was thinking if he might do something with my picture arghh am I overthinking? I don’t know I just feel that way… I don’t know if likes me or not,, now, we only chat less unlike the other days I don’t wanna start a conversation if he’s busy and I’m shy type girl and not in relationships yet!
    So I need help if i should meet this guy or not?

  26. I’ve been chatting this guy for 3months now.. everyday he left messages on whatsapp..but i was wondering since we started chatting he never mentioned my name.. to the point i was thinking maybe this messages is for everybody on his contact list.. and he never ask me for video call..just chatting.. should i stop contacting him? I was curious. I like him though😊

  27. After long time I’m thinking about to make boy friend, till now no one entire my life because I like loyal, little bit angry, understanding boy, but I don’t want to make bf from India, I like America, Europe etc place guys….

  28. I meet a guy on fortnite 🙄.
    He knows how to make me laugh he tells me he loves me.
    The only thing is I know what he looks like but he doesn’t know what I look like. I am extremely self conscious about my looks and I’m afraid he won’t like me. My friends all tell me I’m nuts for thinking I’m in love with someone who lives In a different state then me. Hopefully we can meet someday but maybe someone is looking for a dorky girl to be in a relationship with. 🤦‍♀️🥰

  29. I met a guy on Facebook ,he never asks a lot about me …he replies fast he is mostly always in a bad mood and a
    Have him his space and all ….he said he wants me to be with him but wants to take things slow..Am confused

    • So I have been talking to this guy from Ghana and he’s based in Ghana. We officially started talking for three months via video calls, WhatsApp calls and I have got him on all social media. He talked bout marriage, having kids , and how he loves me, he flatters me a lot But recently he stopped talking to me like that, like he used to when we first started. and all he could say is that things are not meant to stay same. And I am planning on travelling to meet him in Ghana as he claims to be serious with me but doesn’t wanna meet my family friend who lives in Ghana too as I need to make sure its ok to meet him alone as am the only daughter to my parents but he keeps giving excuses as in why he doesn’t want to meet anyone I know that stays in Ghana. And also he doesn’t want me to involve my family. For example, he gives excuses that he doesn’t like to be interrogated whenever I ask him to speak to my family. And am starting to like him more. And I deliberately sent him money without him asking. I am worried and at same time scared I might loose him. Am I moving too fast by trying to involve family and friends? Is he real? Can I trust him by travelling to ghana from London to meet him as I have already bought my ticket? Does he need help with passport to come over?

      • Uhm… Cool but I don’t he should be afraid to meet your family. I won’t make assumption because I don’t really know much about your relationship but if you really like him, you should go to see him but be careful you don’t meet him alone and also make sure you meet him in open place…
        PS: be careful cause no one can be trusted…

      • Probably way too late responding to you but your post screams at me. There are so many red flags in what you wrote, his actions, etc., I would really think twice about pursuing this guy.

        You may think you’re madly in love but it’s all chemicals in the brain.

        Be very, very, very careful. Without going into detail, what you’ve written is quite alarming and I truly don’t see a happy, healthy or safe outcome.

        My warnings may give you even more motivation to keep things going with him and to “prove me wrong” but as a random stranger out in the interwebs, I worry for you.

        Please think with your head at least as much as -if not more than- your heart.

        Follow your heart / the surge of chemicals in your brain — but be smart!

  30. I need advice so badly and I feel too embarrassed to actually ASK one of my friends…
    I have recently officially stopped a fairly long term VERY serious relationship with my ex. We share a son together and we lived together for about 4 years. And then before THAT I was in a long term relationship. And since I had already known my son’s father when I ended that relationship I really didn’t have to wonder about anything or be nervous about getting to know him even if we did end up dating really quickly after I ended my previous relationship…
    So I guess what I’m trying to say is I honestly have no clue what I am doing and I dont even remember what it necessarily sounds like FOR SURE when a dude is very interested but playing it cool…
    Here’s the thing…I had every intention of not even considering dating anyone for a few years after the end of this relationship…because I sincerely feel as though I should be spending that energy on my son and myself/school and the reality is that I suppose I feel like it is a little pointless anyhow, because the relationships always seem to end with me worse for the wear and a little older ..
    But then, I’m on Facebook and this name pops up in people you may know and there’s this guy I had a crush on so so hard as a teenager who was a friend of my big brothers who is 8 yrs my senior…so back then, as ya know a 17 or 18 year old there was no chance a 26 yr old man was interested in me seriously and frankly if he was it would’ve been for the wrong reasons
    Needless to saythough, I always found him so damn attractive and just hilarious. But the biggest thing aside from his hotness and his identical sense of humor to mine is that we also just have such similar world views…we hold the same values and feel the same way about things like I suppose you could associate with your political view or standing…which may sound odd but I’ve come to find that actually how you feel about things like abortion or women’s rights or socialism infused capitalism vs free market individualism or criminal justice system reform or the existence/severity/reality of RACISM and other xenophobic attitudes in this country and on and on demonstrate what you believe philosophically, morally. And again-what you value….and generally disagreeing is not a great sign…esp not strongly.
    So I see his name and I decide to peep out his profile or what i CAN see, and i discover that we are even more compatible than i had even thought previously…and he is all gorgeous and single and something all school girl giddy in me had to click friend request.
    He accepted it. And I felt semi creepy because I was really wondering if he even remembered who the fu*k I was since it was my big bro he was friends with not me and it isn’t like we went to school together since we are 8 yrs apart…and then I realized that my name downst have my real last name anyway so…but…it DIDN’T matter because he accepted like within five minutes.
    Then, I got quite a few likes on posts. Basically all my fairly recent ones…(none of the older ones though 🙁 )
    I was so giddy like a straight moron but it just felt nice…I hadn’t been made to feel attractive by a man in so damn long that I was content with just that thinking like “oh well , he likely doesnt remember me and my last name isn’t on there so he had to have essentially accepted my friend request because I was some rando hot chick he maybe didn’t know or couldn’t remember or whatever…”
    Then about 4 glasses of wine later all the sudden I get a chat message from him and I have a full on f*king caniption! It’s a weird happy yet insanely nervous panic attack essentially…I click it open and I had posted a meme with beyonce that said “how I handle a breakup in my early 20s” with beyonce in the crazy in love video singing “when you leave I’m begging you not to go” and then “how I handle a breakup in my late twenties” and a pic of beyonce going “BOY BYE!” And he says in regards to it: nice to see that maturation process…
    And then basically makes a little”ha ha” deliberately corny joke about discussing the future “the future…your future…my future…our future” with me…
    And we go on to chat for like an hour and I actually did have to tell him I was so and sos baby sister and yeah he didn’t recognize me at all…but we chatted and about actual meaningful sh*t and ahhhhhhh!!!!! Let’s just say there is literally only ONE dude I would consider dating even casually right now or even for the next couple of years and its definetely definetely him. The compatibility is…it’s just literally ridiculous…on paper and the way we just feed off each other and make one another laugh and seem to intellectually stimulate each other…
    So…while this is all an amazingly happy feeling something I have not felt in like well over 6 or so years ..I am worried that I may have idk overshared a couple of things bc I WAS drinking.. (not in a creepy like hey let’s get married or asking dude if he wants any kids or anything like that more like for example I made this dumb comment about what a d*ck my dad was and how racist he was and why it was hypocritical and I made a couple other jokes about how my big bro would call me female rain man because of how I am freakishly book smart but still somehow able to make horrible life choices on the regular just sh*t like that ) but I just feel nervous.

    When we ended the convo I had said to him that he was a breath of fresh air and that I didn’t think I’d sincerely enjoyed a conversation that much in a couple months (I have been stuck temporarily down in Florida away from my home town and like minded people in geneeal) and that I was glad we became Facebook friends and that I hoped we got to talk again before I moved back up to our hometown…
    And then I figured he would like say ditto or say “here’s my number” or anything similar because he was absolutely flirting and laughing and laughing and sending longish messages and kept having to put me on hold briefly because his son kept waking up and even when I kept yelling him it was okay and I could let him go because I completely understood since our sons are literally a year apart he kept on the convo…
    Then I thought maybe I’d hear from him the next day but…its been three days now and no additional messages though he has liked a bunch of my posts…idk what the hell to do with that! Like wtf!!!!!! Do i… just go for it and randomly shout out a message that says..
    “Hey listen I am probably going to be taking a break from fb for a while and I really enjoyed our convo and figured I’d give you my actual number so if you maybe wanna pick up where we ended up leaving off we could some night and take it from there…”
    Do I just leave it alone a little longer and hope that he messages me first again?!?
    I dont know what I am doing and I never ever ever was so damn insecure and lacking confidence before on the fu*king chase scene…I feel so rusty and so confused. Absolutely any advice would be welcome as embarrassing as this is

  31. I met this guy online but we’re worlds apart and he’s 5 years younger than me. I’m 27, he’s 22. We’ve been talking since October 2018 on and off. We just really became close this year. So far we’ve been constantly chatting and he’s pretty much doing everything in the list. He already even has a pet name for me. I already told him I like him and he did too.
    I just don’t know how to figure out if he also wants to take it to another level without making it awkward for the both of us.

    • Well both you guys clearly like each other so do something about it let him know and ask if he is committed enough for something more and yes being worlds apart is hard but you never know till you try.

  32. There’s a possibility that she might like you. Just do what it takes to show that your there for her. Show how much you care about her by doing something she may least expect from you. Try to know her likes and dislikes so it would be easier to please her. Whilst doing that don’t loose yourself, be you. You don’t have to be someone else to get her to like you. It seems like she’s waiting for you to be the ice breaker and open up a bit more.

  33. Am a 16 year old boy . There is this girl who i have liked ,I don’t see her often because she’s in boarding i see a during holidays . my cousin(girl) and her are like close friends so am also shy , so i told my cousin to tell her i like her , she was with her friends and then my cousin said that “i will try” i didn’t know what that means. We were coming back from church walking as a group so she was walking with my cousin and then i approached her started talking to her tho i was shy , she kept looking down , she was smiling , i didn’t tell her that i liked her . One of her friends made us join hands i felt happy and shy at that moment so i removed my hand , we both smiled i had bought her a (Notebook) Cause i didn’t want to go forward she accepted it and then she went home . I don’t know what this means please help me

    • Aww. This is just so cute.
      It means the girl is shy too so she kept looking down and smiling when you approached talking to her.
      This girl obviously likes you too!

  34. I have this chatmate for 3 months ago he has 10signs on what ive read. But last feb. 14 that was his last replies that he wants to grow old with me in fact he also said that he wants me to come with him to uae where he works i also met him last dec. when he came home. What maybe the reasons he is not replying anymore?

  35. I kinda like this person they do everything and show everything that this web page says but they call me their sister I really want to know if they like me but I just don’t believe it IDK…

    • Be careful with this, if he calls you his sister, you may be sister zoned. Asking him if he likes you might make this friendship, or realtionship, a bit awkward

      • I have been texting with someone .we never met face to face yet. He will say he can’t wait to meet me,that he is interested in me likes me so far. We have been texting back and forth for about a week would send me good morning texts. But last two days I got no texts and I sent one did get a short response. Said would call me latter if I wanted him to. No call. Indexed him he said he was tried. Should I take this as he really is not ,even if 1 day ago he said he was?

      • Facts be careful try asking a friend of yours how he speaks of you and if he speaks of you differently then you know he might dig you but if he talks about you as a sister he’s just not the one

  36. Me: Okay so he is showing about 95% of what this blog is saying. So he likes me–as his best friend in the world!
    -Too afraid of every little sh*t in the world-

  37. I trying to find the right guy who is not a cheater at all and who is well respectful to people family who is single guy who is in his 30 don’t have kids take care of me and take me out don’t following up with nobody


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