11 Signs God is Pushing You into Something Better

 Signs God is Pushing You into Something Better
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You may not know it yet, but there is a big chance that your current struggles are God’s way of leading you to more incredible things. Your present situation may be difficult, but if you keep hanging there and trusting Him, you will surely see better days ahead.

To help you recognize God’s movement in your life, please continue to read below. Check out some of the signs that He is pushing you into something better.

1. You go through successive failures.

Are you currently discouraged from experiencing failures lately? Does it feel like everything you do does not prosper? Maybe it is not because you cannot succeed. It is because God probably does not want you to succeed in a particular area. Not because He does not want you to be successful, but because He wants you to find success in a better place.

Therefore, if you have experienced failure after failure recently, talk to God. Ask Him to show you the wisdom behind those failures. Do you simply have to improve? Or do you have to move?

2. You get chances to learn or enhance skills.

If you have been given the opportunity to learn or improve a skill, ask yourself why you dedicate time. Are you simply learning it for fun or curiosity? Or is it because you know it can be helpful to you soon? If your passion for that skill continues to grow daily, maybe it is really meant to be part of you. How much more if you get to master it. It is not an accident that you have acquired a skill that requires a long time of learning, hard work, and devotion.

If God wants you to move into something greater, He will surely equip you for it. Therefore, value the skills that you specialize in. They are gifts from the Lord, and you must be a good steward of them. Meaning you should use them somewhere where God can be glorified.

3. You experience rejections.

Another sign that God is moving you somewhere else is a series of rejections. Maybe you have been trying so hard to be part of a community or organization. However, no matter what you do, they would not accept you. Or probably you have managed to be part of it, but you feel out of place all along. Does it mean there is something wrong with you?

Instead of blaming yourself for these rejections, why not try to see things from God’s perspective? What could be the reason why He does not want you to be part of that group? Well, if you carefully obey His will, you will undoubtedly find yourself in a better place where you totally belong.

4. You know God wants you to let go of something.

Is God convicting you of letting go of something? It could be a toxic relationship or a job that requires you to participate in corruption. Or it could be a dream that is not really from Him. When God asks you to surrender something, trust and obey Him completely. Proverbs 3:5 says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding.”

Typically, God will ask you to let go of something because it hinders you from reaching His plan for your life—which is better than your own plans. Obeying the Lord in this may hurt a lot since it demands sacrifice, but it is worth it for sure.

5. You lose passion for your current position or field.

Have you suddenly lost interest in what you do—such as your job or ministry? For instance, you could have been so passionate about it for a long time that your world has revolved around it. Then, now, you probably have no more joy for it, and it seems like you have to drag your feet just to keep working.

If this is what you feel now, you must evaluate yourself. Either you are burnt-out from exhaustion, or it could be a sign that you are moving to a different season. Nevertheless, before concluding that you have to leave, assess yourself and pray to God for wisdom first.

6. You feel restless or excited.

In addition, something else could be exciting you anew these days. You might not know what it is yet, but you can feel that you are about to experience something more extraordinary. It could be the reason why you have no more passion for your current commitment. You can sense that you are being called to a new one. For this reason, you are restless and cannot wait to move on.

If you are experiencing this, you need to devote more time to prayer. It is important to confirm whether God is really calling you to move or you are simply bored. You should also seek counsel from mature believers who can give you sound advice.

Signs God is Pushing You into Something Better
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7. You see new doors opening before you.

One clear sign that God is pushing you to somewhere greater is the accessibility of better opportunities. You can consider this as a sure thing, especially after you have experienced failures or rejections.

Of course, it is still necessary that you confirm if it is God’s will. Not all good opportunities are from the Lord. Some are just meant to derail you from following His real purpose for your life. That is why you need to be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit.

8. You are motivated to improve yourself.

You can say that God wants you to climb higher if you have started to understand the need to improve yourself. It is not to compete with others or to acquire fame and wealth. Instead, it is to glorify God through your life. Knowing that you are serving the King of kings, you get to have that desire to be the best for Him.

Matthew 5:48 says, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” This verse encourages us to strive for perfection to reflect God’s glory. Of course, we will never be perfect while on earth, but at least we can improve and be better—one step closer to perfection.

9. You meet people who encourage you to aim for something greater.

If lately you are surrounded by people who inspire you to dream for something bigger, it can be another sign. It is not an accident that you meet certain people. There is what we call divine connection, and God would allow you to meet individuals who can contribute to your purpose or calling.

What do you have to meet those people? God probably puts them in your life so you can learn from them. Or He may also use them to provide opportunities for you to move somewhere better.

10. Your circumstance is pushing you to move.

The circumstance around you can also give a hint whether you need to move on or stay. God can use your situation to convince you to follow His leading.

For instance, God has probably been prompting you to move to a new place. However, you probably do not want to leave your comfort zone. For this reason, the Lord would allow a crisis to arise so that you would decide to leave.

 Signs God is Pushing You into Something Better
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11. You suddenly relate to some biblical characters like Abraham or Joseph.

If you have been reading the Bible regularly and suddenly you feel an unusual connection with one of the biblical characters, it could be a sign. It means that you find your current situation almost similar to what they went through in their faith journey.

The stories in the Bible can inspire us to stay in faith and continue to follow God despite challenges. Their lives are an encouragement to the believers that God is faithful, and He can turn difficulties into a positive experience for those who trust Him.

Step Out in Faith

If it is now clear to you that God is pushing you to something better, be excited. The process may not be smooth and easy, but it is worth the patience. Step out in faith and obey God’s direction. For sure, you will find yourself somewhere you only used to dream of.

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