9 Apparent Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something
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Do you feel like God is trying to grab your attention, but you seem to be ignoring Him? What could be the clear signs that He is really trying to tell you something?

If God is warning you about one thing or He is leading you to an unfamiliar path, you should not ignore it. Remember that God knows what lies ahead of you so not listening to Him might lead you to danger. Moreover, He is the One who created you, so He knows your purpose. Following His leading is the safest and best way to do. You will not regret obeying the Lord.

Therefore, if you want to find out if God really wants to tell you something, you should watch for these following signs:

1. Related Bible passages keep convicting you

Have you ever noticed that a certain theme or topic in the Bible keeps tugging at you? Remember that God’s Word is alive, and by the power of the Holy Spirit, it can speak to you—and even change you. For this reason, you should not ignore what the Word of God is impressing on you repeatedly.

For example, you could be bothered by biblical passages about forgiveness (e.g. Matthew 6:14, Luke 6:37, and Matthew 18:21-22). It is possible that you are struggling with hatred and the Lord wants you to release forgiveness.

2. Repetitive weird dreams of the same message

If God was able to give Joseph a head’s up of what He was about to do in his life through dreams (Genesis 37), He can also do this to you. There are believers who have the spiritual gift of receiving visions from the Lord. Some see them while they are awake, while there are others who receive them through mysterious dreams.

For this reason, if you are bothered by recurrent dreams, talk to God. Ask Him for understanding to confirm if those dreams are from Him. And if they are, pray that He gives you the wisdom to interpret them.

3. Other believers keep rebuking you

The Christians around you, especially your church family and friends, have an important role in your life. They are meant to guide you into God’s will, especially at times when you are weak and confused. Therefore, it is important that you listen to their wise counsel.

If your Christian friends or leaders keep rebuking for something you do, you better listen. It means that they can see that you are doing something that is not pleasing before God. Do not think of them as enemies because they just want to help you.

Proverbs 27:5-6 says, “Better is open rebuke than hidden love. Wounds from a friend can be trusted, but an enemy multiplies kisses.”

4. You see red flags

God has given you the ability to recognize dangers through common sense. He can give a warning even through the plain scenarios around you. All need to do is heed wisdom to stay away from things or people that seem wrong for you.

For instance, you could be seeing red flags in your relationship. Even at an early stage, your partner is showing signs of being abusive and irresponsible. Instead of waiting for that person to change, be thankful for the revelations and let go of the person immediately.

5. You keep failing at the same area

Another sign that God is telling you something is a repetitive failure. It could be failing to resist the same temptation again and again. If you keep stumbling on the same sin, maybe the Lord wants you to know that you have not fully surrendered that area to Him yet. Or maybe He is telling you to be humble and more reliant on His grace.

Or it could be a failure at something you want to achieve. Probably you have been trying to start a business, but all your ventures keep ending in bankruptcy. What if God has a different plan for you? Maybe you are not meant for business after all. To avoid the same failure, you have to listen to God and follow His leading instead.

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something
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6. The same problem keeps happening

Do you keep on experiencing the same kind of hardship? It could be struggling with chronic disease or getting brokenhearted in your relationships. Instead of blaming the Lord for your pain, why not try to ask Him what is wrong? Why not listen to His voice and find out why you are stuck in the same circumstance.

Typically, God will allow you to experience the same challenge until you have learned a lesson. Maybe He wants you to have more faith in Him. Or probably He is teaching you to be humble and gentle. Or what if He is just telling you to wait for His proper timing? If you stop relying on your own knowledge and start seeking God’s wisdom, you can probably move forward.

Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.”

7. Experiencing financial difficulty

Are you always struggling financially despite having a high-paying job? It could be a financial management problem, or it could be God showing you to improve how you handle your blessings. It is possible that the Lord wants you to learn to give back to Him—the provider of all your blessings.

How can you give back to God? Of course, He does not need your money, but the Lord wants you to sow in His ministry. If you are a Christian, you should be aware by now that churches and ministries cannot operate without funds. And where does the money come from? They are from the tithes and offerings of the members (Malachi 3:10; Acts 2:44-45; 2 Corinthians 8:1-9:15)

8. Your heart is hardened or calloused

If you are fully aware that you are sinning, but you continue anyway, you are surely a subject for God’s rebuke. However, if you do not feel convictions about your sin anymore, it means your heart has already hardened. Wisdom should tell you that you are on your way to something not-so-good unless you repent and turn back to God.

A hardened heart means God had been trying to say something to you for a long time, but you could not be bothered. For this reason, He has decided to make you face the consequence of your terrible actions. He knows that it is one way of getting your attention back.

9. You are spiritually dry

In connection to no.8, spiritual dryness could mean that there is something wrong with your relationship with the Lord. It may feel like God is silent towards you, but that does not mean He has nothing to say to you. He probably wants you to notice His silence so you would pay attention to Him.

Spiritual dryness is very uncomfortable to a Christian who loves being in God’s presence. If this is you, seek Him all the more through prayer. Humble yourself before the Lord and ask Him to reveal the reason for His silence. Prayer and fasting can also help you.

Signs God is Trying to Tell You Something
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Listen Attentively

Whenever you feel that God has something to say to you, do not ignore it. Instead, spend more time with Him in prayer and studying His Word. Repent from sins that are possibly making you deaf to God’s voice and ask the Lord to purify your heart. Moreover, pray for the Holy Spirit to guide you in receiving God’s message.

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