21 Sure Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You

21 Sure Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You
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How can you say that a man is serious about your relationship and he hopes to settle down with her girlfriend someday? Are there any hints if he wants to marry a woman?

If you ask the abovementioned questions to confirm your boyfriend’s intentions, you have come to the right place. Yes, there are ways to find out if your partner dreams of a future with you. Check out these signs that he sees himself marrying you:

Contentment with Your Presence

1. He is Happy with You.

Can you honestly say that he is happy whenever you are together? If he has that genuine joy when you are around, it is a big sign that he desires to grow old with you. A man wants to marry a woman with whom he can laugh, experience contentment, and find relief when he is in sorrow.

2. He Always Wants You to be Together.

If a man is happy with his partner’s presence, it is not surprising that he wants them to be together all the time. Therefore, if your boyfriend likes to see or visit you daily, consider it a sign that he cannot live without you. He is probably thinking of preparing for your future family already.

3. He Says You are His Stress Reliever.

Does he say he likes being with you whenever he is stressed? If yes, it means he considers you his stress reliever. If that is how important you are to him, he will naturally want to settle down with you. Every man wants to spend the rest of his life with someone who makes life more bearable for him.

4. He Considers You His Home.

Another sign that your man sees himself marrying you is how he thinks of you as home. Does he tell you this often? It means you are his comfort zone, and he cannot wait to grow old with you by his side. He knows that whatever trials he faces, he will always have a home where he can rest, recharge, and heal.

5. He Goes to You Whenever He is Not Okay.

In connection to no. 4, expect him to be running to you whenever he is down and hurting. This is one sign that he is serious about your relationship, and he will eventually bring it to the next level someday. He will not let you go if you are his source of strength and encouragement.

Gives You Security

6. He Makes Plans for the Future with You.

One of the hints that your partner looks forward to marrying you is how he likes planning for your future together. For example, does he talk to you about what your future house looks like, how many kids you will have, and where you will settle down? Even if he has not proposed yet to you, these are clear signs that he wants to tie the knot with you.

7. He Does His Best to be Financially Stable.

Is your boyfriend passionate about work? And does he have side hustles too? If he tells you that his inspiration for working hard is your future family, believe that he wants to marry you. You cannot say that he is only flattering you if you see the evidence of how he grinds nonstop.

8. He Works Hard to Save Money for Your Future Family.

Moreover, if he has opened a bank account for savings allotted for your future, you cannot doubt his intentions. If he is serious about giving your future family a comfortable life, he should start saving for it now. Having your own house and car, the daily essentials, kids’ education, and emergency funds need a lot of planning and preparation.

9. He is Transparent with You.

Does he share his phone and social media account passwords with you? Does he update you on his whereabouts and who he goes out with? Is he honest enough to confess his mistakes? If your boyfriend is transparent with you, he wants your complete trust so you will not leave him.

10. He Introduces You to Everyone as His Future Wife.

If your partner does not shy away from introducing you to others as his future wife, he is confident in claiming that he has found the right one. On the other hand, men who are still unsure of their relationship will hesitate to call a girl his wife.

11. He Loves Your Family.

If he is close with your family and makes an effort to spoil them, believe that he wants to be part of that circle. He wants to be your family. That is why he does his best to get their trust and love them as his own too.

21 Sure Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You
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12. He Distances Himself from Other Girls.

Another sign that your partner has finally found the one in you is how he avoids other girls. To prevent issues that could hurt you and to stay away from temptations, he limits how he interacts with them. So, he avoids being alone with another lady, does not engage in constant chats with other women, and is careful in giving compliments.

Treats You Like His Wife

13. He Loves Your Home-cooked Meals.

Does your boyfriend often request you to cook his favorite meals? Imagine how excited he is to have you as his wife if he loves your cooking so much now. For sure, he would not want to let you go!

14. He Lets You Budget His Money.

If your boyfriend entrusts his money to you, it only means one thing—he treats you as a wife already. Asking you to budget his money is also his way of training you for your future together.

15. He Opens a Joint Bank Account with You.

Has he suggested opening a joint bank account with you? If yes, you cannot doubt that he plans to marry you someday. Most of the time, only married couples do this since the unmarried ones are still unsure if they will end up together.

16. He Consults You for Decision-Making.

Does he consult you first when making decisions? If your boyfriend sees you as his life partner, he will include you in every aspect of himself. That is why he will not make major decisions without getting your ideas and approval first.

17. He Serves You Like a Queen.

If your partner serves you every time you are together, you can consider it a sign. He wants you to experience how he will take care of you once you are already married.

18. He Gives You Expensive Gifts.

Your boyfriend will not invest in you if he doubts your relationship will last. If he is not afraid to spend much just to give you luxurious presents, it means he is decided to marry you someday. But of course, even the simple gifts are sweet enough if they come from his heart.

21 Sure Signs He Sees Himself Marrying You
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Puts God at the Center of Your Relationship

19. He Likes Going to Church with You.

As the future head of the family, he wants to start being your spiritual leader. Therefore, be grateful if, as early as now, he wants a God-centered marriage. One sign of this is his being constant in bringing you to church.

20. He Establishes a Prayer Time with You.

Does he initiate praying with you? Is he serious about having regular prayer time in your relationship? Any godly man who wants to marry his partner would want prayer to be part of their regular habits. He knows that with God, their relationship can work.

21. He Wants to Have a Regular Bible Study with You.

Alongside prayers, a responsible Christian man would introduce the importance of God’s Word in his relationship. Therefore, if your boyfriend likes to have Bible study sessions with you, consider it an undeniable sign. He wants to start practicing being the spiritual head of your future family.

Do You Still Doubt Him?

If you are still not convinced that he wants to marry you, why not ask him directly? Have a heart-to-heart talk with him. His direct response will give you the answer you need.

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15 Telltale Signs He Will Marry You Someday

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