19 Incredible Signs of a True Friend

19 Incredible Signs of a True Friend
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Having good and sincere friends is a blessing. Life becomes easier when you have a healthy support system. So, what are the indications that you have a true friend?

Check out the following signs:

Genuine Happiness with Them

1. You Can Enjoy Simple Snacks with Them.

You do not have to pretend that you are rich when you are with your true friends. Instead, you can bond with them over pizza, chips, and Coke. What makes hanging out with them enjoyable is their presence. With them, you are truly at home and relaxed.

2. They Do Not Care about Hanging Out in Your Home, Even If It’s Messy.

A true friend does not care if you have not cleaned your house for days. They may even help you tidy your place when they come over. They understand that you are busy or probably going through something, making you less inattentive to your household chores.

3. You are Comfortable with Each Other, Even in Silence.

When you are with your close friends, you are comfortable with them, even in silence. You can be beside them doing separate stuff without talking for hours. Or even walking side by side without saying anything is not awkward at all.

4. You Can Talk for Hours About Everything Under the Sun.

On the other hand, you are more comfortable when you talk with each other. You never run out of topics. You can have random conversations about anything, and they can go on for hours by just sharing your insights. With a true friend, you do not hesitate to share your opinions and deepest thoughts.

5. Traveling with Them is Surely the Best Relaxation.

Of course, holiday trips are made more memorable with your great friends. If you want full relaxation, you do not have to worry about your company. A true friend shares your wavelength, so they will not stress you out. On the contrary, they will encourage you to get enough rest while being comfortable knowing you are with someone you can trust.

6. There is No Need to Dress Up When with Them.

As mentioned in no. 1, you do not have to pretend that you are rich with a true friend. This does not only apply to food but even to your fashion style. Your friend will not think lowly of you if you do not wear stylish clothes or shoes. They accept you for who you are, not for what you wear. You do not have to compete with them, so you can be your real self when you are together.

7. You Enjoy Doing Things with These People.

Overall, you can enjoy doing anything with your real friends. Menial things, such as doing the laundry, gardening, or cleaning the room, become fun activities. With them, you are saved from boredom, and things get done faster. Moreover, challenging adventures, like hiking, snorkeling, and sports, become more interesting.

Source of Comfort and Wisdom

8. You Can Count on Them in Trouble.

A true friend is not only available during happy times. They will be there for you when you have problems because they consider you family. These people will not hesitate to sacrifice time, money, and other resources just to be on their way to helping you.

9. They Do Not Think Twice About Helping You with Anything.

And whenever you need something, and they are capable of helping, they will not hesitate to lend a hand. They are willing to help as much as they can. They do not think about how you can return the favor. What matters most to them is you survive your situation.

19 Incredible Signs of a True Friend
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10. They are Your Crying Shoulders.

Moreover, genuine friends are willing listeners. Whenever you need to pour out your emotions, they are just a call away. You can freely cry in front of them. A true friend comforts you in your lowest moments, and their hugs help ease the pain.

11. You Can Pour Out Anything to Them Without Fearing Judgment.

In connection to no. 10, you can pour out everything in your heart to a true friend. Even if you are not faultless in the situation, they will not judge you. They know your flaws and weaknesses from the start, so they will still accept you even if you have made mistakes. In addition, they are good at keeping your secrets.

12. They Will Give You Sound and Wise Advice.

Your friends may not be perfect, but they will give their best to guide you into what is good and right. They will give you the pieces of advice they know you need. And even if it hurts, they will tell you the truth about everything. They will not give you false hope.

13. In Times of Conflict, They Will Always Back You Up.

Good friends will protect you. They will always be on your side, no matter what. They are loyal and will not join gossips that ruin your name. In fact, they will defend you from backstabbers and those who spread rumors about you.

14. They Will Give Without Expecting in Return.

Aside from help and protection, a true friend is generous. They may not be rich, but they will not hesitate to help you financially whenever you are in dire need. And on special occasions, they are thoughtful enough to give you presents. Of course, all of these are given without expecting you will pay them back.

Good Influence

15. You Will Not Be Tolerated for Your Mistakes.

A true friend is also a positive influence on you. First of all, they will rebuke and correct you if you have done something inappropriate. Second, they will not tolerate the wrong things you keep doing. Third, they rather you hate them than support you in things that can eventually harm you and others.

16. They are Supportive as You Pursue Your Dreams.

Good friends will not consider you as rivals. They are happiest when you succeed. For this reason, they will encourage you to keep working toward your goals. Aside from moral support, they will help in any way you can to bring you closer to your dream.

17. They Discourage You from Negative Habits and Choices.

On the other hand, they do not like you having vices or bad habits. Your good friends will tell you to leave them and find better leisure. Even in making your decisions in life, they do not like you to settle for anything less.

18. They are Your Fitness Buddies.

A good friend will also motivate you to take care of yourself. For this reason, they will encourage you to work out and go on a diet with them. You will be accountability partners in achieving your health and fitness goals.

19 Incredible Signs of a True Friend
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19. They Encourage You to be Closer to God.

A true friend also cares for you spiritually. They will pray for you regularly. Also, they will remind you to attend church and study God’s Word. They know that the Lord can give you more and help you better than they can.

Treasure Your True Friend

If you are convinced that you have a true friend by your side, value them like precious gems. Make sure to treat them right and be there for them when they need you too. Not everyone is blessed to be surrounded by good and reliable people.

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