15 Stress Management Tips to Live a Happy Life

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Living in a fast-paced world where you always have to juggle work, studies, family and your love life, you can’t help but get overwhelmed and stressed sometimes. It even gets worse when you end up creating things to worry about when you’re not supposed to. Before you know it, it has already taken a toll on you.

Don’t let stress take over your life. Know that you are strong enough to beat it. How? Read on the stress-management tips below to help you live a happy life:

1. Set realistic goals.
It’s never wrong to dream big. However, you don’t have to beat yourself up if you’re not there yet. Set short-term and long-term goals. Think of practical ways to achieve your goals. Sometimes, it’s hard to convince yourself that you have your own time zone, but just hang in there and don’t let pressure take away the happy life that you deserve.

2. Accept the things beyond your control.
One of the harsh realities in life is that there are many things out of your control. You can’t change people’s feelings and attitudes. You can’t change the weather. You can’t choose your family, your looks, your height, and the list goes on. Accept these things. Remember that letting go doesn’t mean you’re weak; you’re just being smart enough to focus on the things that truly matter.

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3. Confide in your family and friends.
No matter how stressed you are, remember that you are not alone. Somebody is willing to listen to you. Somebody would love to help you forget about all the stress and just look at the good things in life. Try to be more open to your family. Reach out to your friends. Have a drink with them. Invite your friends for a sleepover, and open up about what’s bothering you right now. It might not be that easy to reveal a part of your true self to people, but it helps. You will feel better.

4. Try to get more sleep.
In this era where everyone is on social media day and night, getting enough sleep seems impossible to do. It’s a bonus if you get a five-hour sleep. However, remember that a sleep debt will always be asleep debt, and your body is going to pay for it. So, while you’re still able and strong right now, start reducing the time you spend browsing your social media accounts. Get more sleep.

5. Keep a stress journal.
When it gets too hard to handle stress, try keeping a journal. Pour your heart out. Write about the things that give you stress. Identify the ones you don’t have control over. List down the ones you can work on. Come up with ways to help reduce your stress. Reading it from time to time will help remind you what is worth your time and energy.

6. Eat well.
When you’re stressed, it’s either you refuse to eat or you resort to stress-eating. Both can be detrimental to you, so try to eat the right food. Avoid eating too much junk food. Avoid too many fats. Take care of yourself.

7. Say yes to adventures.
Being one with nature is always an effective way to heal yourself and learn to appreciate the small things. Go on a beach trip with your partner or friends. Listen to the waves. Appreciate the calmness of the sea. Cross off hiking from your bucket list. There are so many things you have yet to experience.

8. Learn something new.
Gaining a new skill can motivate you and help you get back on track. What about watching some tutorial videos? Learn to grow some succulents. Learn basic photography. Play a new game. The goal is to do something different every day and to learn something from it.

9. Show off your creative side.
There’s nothing more relaxing and liberating than being able to express yourself in ways that you are passionate about. Listen to your favorite songs. Sing your heart out. Music is therapeutic. Take photos. Create your own blog or vlog. Make a dance cover. Start painting. Inspire yourself to do more.

10. Laugh it out.
It’s hard to laugh when you worry about so many things. However, remember that you deserve to live a stress-free life. Why don’t you try to watch funny videos or movies? Go to a comedy bar. Hang out with your witty friends. Learn some silly jokes. Give yourself a break.

11. Spend time with your pets.
Do you have puppies at home? Why don’t you spend some time playing and cuddling with them? Take your dog/s for a walk. You’re not just making yourself stay away from stress; you’re also making them happy. It’s a win-win, so go ahead and get yourself a pet if you don’t have one yet.

12. Learn to manage your time well.
One main source of stress is not being able to manage time effectively. When everything piles up, you tend to just break down because you realized you can’t handle everything. To avoid that to happen, manage your time. Avoid too much procrastination. Set a schedule for each task. Of course, don’t forget to allot some time for relaxation.

13. Take a deep breath.
Yes, breathing is so normal that you may no longer appreciate its worth. But breathing deeply and releasing it slowly can make a difference. It will help you feel relaxed. You can also learn some relaxation techniques like yoga and meditation. The key is to stay focused.

14. Have a long nice bath.
There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a long nice bath. Sure, you can be too busy sometimes that you don’t even have a minute to spare for taking a bath. However, it’s through simple things like this that you get to appreciate life more.

15. Get intimate with your partner.
Physical contact is one effective way to release stress. Cuddle with your special someone to make you feel better. You might say: What if I don’t have a partner yet? Well, you can start by making yourself available for dates. Who knows what’s going to happen? Life is full of surprises anyway.

Getting stressed seems inevitable, but there are always ways to get out of it. Start practicing the stress-management tips given above. Remember that living a happy life is a choice, so choose happiness. Choose life.

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