How To Start Your Day To Beat Procrastination With WOOP

woop worksheet

I recently found a new concept for beating procrastination that I find works really well. I took a class on Optimize called Conquering Procrastination, and it introduced me to the concept of WOOP. It’s easy to remember, and I’ve found that while using it for big goals is great, it can also be used at …

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10 Quotes On The Purpose Of Life To Help You Figure Out Yours

purpose of life defeat

Is there really one purpose in life? Considering there are many different purposes of life quotes, I would say not. Everyone has their own path in life, and one person’s purpose may not resonate with someone else. That said, having a purpose in life is important. It helps you get up in the morning and …

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15 Ways to Find the Right Mindset for Success

Find the Right Mindset for Success

Being successful is not dependent on luck. Moreover, you do not need to come from a rich family or graduate from a popular school just to be a successful person. It is something that can be achieved with perseverance, discipline, and the right mindset. If you are easily discouraged from failures and you want to …

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Two Disappointing Work Experiences That Taught Me Two Valuable Lessons

stick with goal

Today has been a hugely frustrating day for me, but I’ve learned two valuable lessons. It’s all because I based my work plans on what I saw a few months ago instead of on the goals I wanted to achieve. It’s a hard lesson to learn, but it’s an important one that I want to …

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Productivity Tip #25: Track Your Progress

track progress productivity

Can you really say how far you’ve come? Do you know what you’ve accomplished, exactly how much you’ve improved, and what you still need to work on? If not, you are probably not tracking your progress. Tracking your progress makes you more productive because you can clearly see what is working and what isn’t working. …

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Striving For A Goal? Make Some If-Then Plans To Help You Reach It

Hand drawing a line from point A to point B red marker isolated on white background

How many times have you been excited about a new goal, such as working out more or reading a certain number of books, only to never achieve it? I bet it has happened more than once…per month. Why? Because you had to do things to achieve that goal, and you had to rely on motivation …

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