14 Rewarding Ways to Break Your Bad Habits

Rewarding Ways to Break Your Bad Habits

Do you want to quit smoking or drinking too much alcohol? Or maybe you have realized how checking Facebook eats much of your time that you cannot study anymore. Or you simply procrastinate all day that you have become so unproductive lately. Bad habits always come with a price—and it could be a harmful effect on …

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8 Ways to Realize and Accept Your Own Mistakes

Realize and Accept Your Own Mistakes

One of the most difficult realities to accept is our own imperfection. Usually, it is easier for humans to pinpoint the flaws of others, but we are always on the defensive mode whenever we hear others talk about ours. Nevertheless, in order for us to be able to maintain good relationships, we have to be …

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10 Ways to Fight for Your Dreams

Fight for Your Dreams

Everyone has dreams but not every person is able to achieve those dreams. There are a lot of reasons why; perhaps it is self-doubt, lack of financial capability, no guidance, or maybe they don’t even know what they want. But there are still a few, wanting to reach out to the stars and grab it. …

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