14 Signs You Are Forcing Yourself to Love Someone

Forcing Yourself to Love Someone

Some people enter a relationship for the convenience it brings. There are those who think it is the solution to loneliness, and some hope they can finally settle down with someone who loves them. In addition, there are people who accept someone’s offer of love in order to move on from heartbreak. However, is it …

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12 Signs a Guy is Serious in Courting You

Serious in Courting

Many consider courtship as a thing of the past—obsolete and too conservative. For the millennials, who are more used to dating, courtship is boring because you are not supposed to entertain someone else while in the courting stage. The new generation also sees it as too serious, so it is only for mature adults who …

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9 Ways to Not Let Social Media Run and Ruin your Relationship

Social Media Run and Ruin your Relationship

People cannot destroy what they do not know — a statement that holds much truth in it. But in terms of relationships in the social media world, should you really hide your relationship? Should you really stay away from your social media accounts to protect your relationship? People cannot destroy your relationship if they do …

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10 Things to Know When Dating an Independent Woman

Dating an Independent Woman

What kind of woman do you want to date? Most likely, the dating game centers on who you want to be in a relationship with. Most often than not, people forget to assess themselves to see if they fit the woman they are eyeing. No matter how many dates you seal, if you’re a mismatch …

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Top 8 Reasons Why Women Fall in Love

Women Fall in Love

Why do women fall in love? Most of you might think that due to the heavy influence of the things they see in the movies, TV, and most especially social media, women now fall in love for rather superficial reasons. Even TV shows highlight scenarios where the lead female character goes head over heels with …

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7 Things Couples Should Do to Stay Happy

Things Couples Should Do to Stay Happy

Becoming a couple with your significant other is one thing. Staying as a couple is an entirely different matter, and more so, staying as a happy couple. Indeed, relationships face ups and downs, and only the strongest couples can brave through such storms. While you’re not always in a jolly mood together, how do you …

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12 Ways to Forget Someone You Love

Ways to Forget Someone You Love

Falling in love is easy. Getting your heart broken is also easy. But do you know what the hard part is in this process of falling in and out of love? It’s not enduring the pain but getting rid of the memories of that person you love. This is because the memories never go away. …

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Friendship Love vs. Romantic Love: 8 Differences You Should Know

Friendship Love vs. Romantic Love

At one point in our lives, we desire to have someone to hold, a significant other whom we could share the rest of our days. Sometimes, we think that we have already found them, only to find out eventually that they are no more than just friends. We often interchange friendship love with romantic love. …

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6 Signs You Need to End Your Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relationships (LDR) are a unique but increasingly common type of romance. Couples in this relationship brave against not just the test of time but of distance too. Some of them may be living in different cities, states, or even countries and continents, but they do their best to fight for the love they share. …

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7 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend is Ignoring You and What to Do Next

Your Girlfriend is Ignoring You

In most relationships, we can say that it is the girl who leads the way. She may be the more emotional half, but she is also the one who manages the relationship’s day-to-day activities. She is regarded to be the sweet and caring one, and these are the main reasons why her boyfriend is head …

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How to Know if a Friend is Only Using You and What to Do About It

How to Know if a Friend is Only Using You

In life, if we are lucky, we meet people who become our friends for life. They listen to our woes, share our laughter, and help us celebrate our milestones in life. If you already have these people in your life, then keep them close and never let them go. With that being said, there are …

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14 Qualities of a Good Boyfriend

Qualities of a Good Boyfriend

What are the qualities of a good partner, particularly a good boyfriend? While accessory traits like swag, class, and charisma can definitely help a guy get a girlfriend, they are simply not enough to make him a good partner. He must exhibit qualities that truly embody the goodness of his person. Here are 14 of …

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15 Ways to Make Your Relationship Last a Lifetime

Relationship Last a Lifetime

Nowadays, people measure how happy couples are by the number of sweet posts they have on social media. But oftentimes, the happiest couples are those who are keeping it private. And it should be like that, relationships are about the two of them regardless of what society perceives or makes of them because it is …

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10 Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Treat You Like a Priority

Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Treat You Like a Priority

In love, you shouldn’t settle for someone who takes you for granted and treats you like you’re only an option. You deserve so much more than that. You need to be with someone who doesn’t only call you when they need something. In a relationship, it should be a give and take situation wherein if …

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14 Obvious Signs He Wants to Marry You

Obvious Signs He Wants to Marry You

How do you know if your boyfriend is really serious about his relationship with you? What are the obvious signs that he wants to marry you? Do you want to find out if your boyfriend has a plan of marrying you soon? Maybe you have been together for many years but until now he has …

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32 Qualities of a Good Girlfriend

Qualities of a Good Girlfriend

Why does it matter that you find a girlfriend who has good qualities? Simply because committing to a relationship with someone means you plan to marry her someday and spend the rest of your life together. Therefore, it is necessary that you find a girl who is more than a pretty face. If you are …

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The 5 Do’s and Don’ts of Dating

Do's and Don'ts of Dating

When you do go out on a date and your end goal is to get in a relationship, you just don’t want to fail. Who doesn’t want to start the happily-ever-after right away? Though there’s no clear cut manual in dating, keeping these items in mind can help you make your date a successful one: …

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7 Things to Know before Going Out on a Date

Things to Know before Going Out on a Date

Dating dilemma: you don’t want to look so prepared, but you also don’t want to be unprepared. So, what should you do? You don’t want to appear like you’re going to a job interview, but you also don’t want to be too relaxed and mess up. To address this issue, here are the seven things …

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How to Know if He’s the One for You: 8 Signs You’ve Found Him

How to Know if He's the One for You

He is the perfect guy, your absolute dream man, and he is the person you have been waiting for your whole life. You would remember your first dates, the first time he held your hand, the first time he told you he loves you, and the first moment when you officially became together. You love …

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What is Emotional Intimacy in a Relationship and How to Build it?

Emotional Intimacy in a Relationship

Each relationship is different but it’s true that we go through all the same levels of intimacy in relationships. Yes, you read that right, physical intimacy isn’t the only “intimacy” we are talking about here. In fact, there are kinds of intimacy that are just as important, but for this moment, we will be talking …

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10 Sweet Things to Say to a Girl

Things to Say to a Girl

We all have crushes at one point in our lives because that is just how the natural order of things go. It starts with the butterflies in your stomach every time you see her, the nervous lump in your throat every chance you get to speak to her, and the wild beating of the heart, …

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10 Ways to Be a Better Man in a Relationship

Ways to Be a Better Man in a Relationship

What does it take to be a better man in a relationship these days? Is it tons of money, a perfect face structure, a ripped physique, a 200 IQ score, or perhaps an amalgamation of all of these? Well, I would be lying if I say that having at least one of these will not …

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7 Effective Ways to Make Your Relationship Work

Effective Ways to Make Your Relationship Work

There are moments in our day when we look at a happy couple strolling at the park or an old married couple sharing a milkshake, and ask the question: how did they manage to come that far? What is the secret to a long and lasting relationship? Is there a secret formula to a happy …

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5 Better Ways to Trust Your Girlfriend

Trust Your Girlfriend

Do you feel paranoid when your girlfriend goes out with her friends? Do you not like it when your girlfriend hangs out around her guy friends from high school? Do feel the need to have your girlfriend with you all the time? If you answered “yes” to all three questions above, then you may have a …

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8 Signs You’re Falling in Love with Someone

Falling in Love with Someone

Love is anything but a simple feeling. No words can accurately define or encapsulate it, for it is something that you have to feel to truly understand. However, how exactly does one fall in love, or better yet, how does one get to know if he/she is already falling in love with someone? Sometimes, you …

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8 Fun Things to Talk About on a First Date

Fun Things to Talk About on a First Date

It’s your first date, you’re wearing your favorite dress, your hands are shaking a little bit under the table, and right across from you sits the most gorgeous guy you have ever seen in your whole life. You’ve been crushing on him for so long that when he asked you out, you almost fainted! You …

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7 Important First Date Tips for Women

Important First Date Tips for Women

The time has finally come! The guy you have been crushing on for almost a year has finally noticed you and asked you out on a romantic dinner date facing the city’s famous skyline. You are feeling very nervous; this may be your first date since your ex-boyfriend broke up with you years ago or …

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12 Ways to Tell a Guy You Like Him

Tell a Guy You Like Him

Admitting that you actually like someone is one thing; telling the person you like is another thing. And it’s really easier said than done. Unfortunately, we live in a society wherein it is embedded in our minds that the guy should always make the first move and that girls just have to wait for it …

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8 Ways to Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him

Ways to Show Your Boyfriend You Love Him

How do you show your boyfriend that you love him? Many of us often think that showing love is by flaunting your relationship on social media, from the gifts you give each other, the places you visit together, and the activities you do as a couple. Indeed, these are proof of you two being in …

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