5 Tips that Will Inspire You to Quit Smoking

tips to quit smoking
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Are you a smoker who’s trying to kick the habit? For sure, you’ve said the same thing a million times already but still can’t find an effective way to get rid of puffing cigarettes for good. Tell you what: it’s normal to feel that way, as you are not alone in this ordeal. In fact, millions of smokers around the world are struggling to quit, but a small fraction of them actually succeed.

There are many reasons that make it difficult for you to get rid of the smoking habit. It is a convenient and accessible vice; you can purchase it in almost any store in the neighborhood. There are also fewer prohibitions towards smoking compared to other vices such as alcohol or drugs. Smoking has likewise been an accepted activity in society, and it can be used as your ticket to the “it” crowd.

But maybe quitting smoking has become harder than ever and aside from the abovementioned roadblocks, you lack the motivation to change. It all begins with the mindset, the same with getting fit or learning a new skill. If you want to change for the better, and in this case live life with no more tar and nicotine in your system, then you need to be inspired to take the big leap forward.

If you are currently looking for inspiration to defeat the smoking habit, here are 5 things to take into consideration:

1. Start looking at your family photos.
Family is always the best inspiration for every individual. And if you happen to be a family-oriented person, then for sure you’d take it to heart when we say that your smoking habit is getting in the way of enjoying life with your loved ones.

There are a lot of former smokers who were motivated to kick the habit because they want to spend more quality time with their family-their spouses, siblings, children, grandchildren, and sometimes even friends. You cannot give them a good life if you keep on puffing smoke, since second-hand smoke puts them at greater health risks, nor would you want to be with them in your final days due to a terminal disease caused by years of smoking, right? So yes, if you happen to value your family, then it’s time to get up and kick the habit, for their sake.

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2. You are sick and tired of seeing your sluggish self in the mirror.
You wake up in the morning and light a stick, and from the time you finish it until you go back to bed at night, you already feel grumpy and sluggish. You don’t realize this though, as you are caught up with the habit throughout the day.

But how about looking at yourself in the mirror in the morning before actually lighting your usual dose of cigarettes? If you are not happy to see how you look in the mirror, be reminded that this is how you look on a daily basis. Maybe it’s now time to stop the nicotine binge-you might get surprised when you see yourself in the mirror with a fresh, natural glow, the same glow cigarette smoking steals away from you.

3. Check out how to fit your non-smoking friends are.
You may want to make a quick comparison between your smoking chums and your non-smoking friends. The smokers are often those who also drink and cannot be driven out of their habits, while the non-smokers are those who are into pursuing various fitness goals, from losing weight to joining marathons and doing all sorts of physical activities. Who do you want to be with? Or more frankly, who do you want to be? Do you want to be like those who feel tired and sickly and succumb to vices each and every time or those who are fit and energetic enough to hike, climb mountains, and run to their heart’s delight anytime they want to? We say it’s the best choice to go for the latter!

4. Go green. Think about the environment.
We’re not simply talking about how many trees are cut down to make the paper for the cigarette rolls, or the urge to put an end to the tobacco industry, but more about caring about cleaner air. If you happen to live in the city, you should know that oxygen supply is less in urban spaces due to the reduced presence of plants and trees, and smoking only contaminates the air even further. You may not be able to live in the place you’re at in the next decade or so if you hadn’t stopped smoking, and if you happen to care about your surroundings so much, then it’s time to take part to make it continuously habitable.

5. Think about the money you save!
If none of the four abovementioned inspirations appeal to you, then this surely would. Let’s be frank here: smoking is definitely a seductive vice, but you need cash.

Smoking not only burns your health. It also burns your wallet. You spend at least $2 for a pack of cigarettes, and if you’re a heavy smoker you may be splurging up to two packs per day. You may then want to do the math and see how much you get to spare from your savings or salary if you had just quit the habit, and this is money that you can spend on other more valuable things. In a month you may be able to set aside up to $60, and in a year of avoiding the dreaded habit, you may find yourself $700 richer. That’s money enough to be spent on a decent holiday, or a good startup fund for a small business venture. Isn’t that good enough to motivate you?

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Final word
We know quitting smoking is never easy. And if you are serious about turning your back from smoking, then you’d want to think about these inspirations from time to time. You may also want to seek help from those who have already overcome smoking, as their firsthand experiences allow you to get up and find the courage to finally follow suit.

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