11 Ways to be a Better Woman

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There are a lot of women in the world who have been recognized for their amazing achievements and their inspiring life stories. While they accomplished extraordinary things, they’re just like everyone else – human, ordinary, like you.

Everything they have accomplished is a result of their own quest for self-love and self-discovery. If you want to start your own inspiring journey, what you need to focus on today is to be a better version of yourself, as a woman, and as a person.

Here are ways to be a better woman.

1. Love yourself.
The first step to being a better woman is to focus on self-love. It is not the same as being selfish; it’s actually pouring yourself with enough love so that you can share this same love with other people: for your friends, your family, and perhaps, for a special someone.

People who love themselves know how to take care of others because they know exactly how to give and share love selflessly, without expecting anything in return. Selflessness does not only make them better person but also a better woman.

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2. Know your worth.
If you want to become a better version of yourself, you have to know your worth. If you know your worth, you have an idea of how other people should treat you – and you will recognize the signs when others are already exploiting you or taking advantage of you.

Great women know that they should be treated with respect; that they should be valued for who they are regardless of race, social status, and even the types of relationships they engage in.

3. Value your relationships.
Value your relationships with other people especially with those who care and love the real you. Appreciate the people who are always around you and be grateful for their presence in your life.

A good woman understands the importance of meaningful interactions. By showing them that you recognize their efforts, you are also telling them that their existence matters – that they matter in your life.

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4. Don’t let anyone put you down.
The words of other people are not as valuable as your own thoughts about yourself. More than anyone else, only you have the power to know what you are capable of – so don’t you let anyone put you down.

As long as you know that you are not harming anyone, carry on with your dreams and continue believing in yourself.

Ways to be a Better Woman
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5. Express yourself in everything you do.
You can be who you are. Show your uniqueness in your expressions: your fashion, your sense of style, your food preferences, the type of music you listen to, and anything that will highlight your individuality.

You live in a free world where you can be who you are – and if you find yourself oppressed for just being yourself, or deprived of the things that make you feel alive, then it’s time to turn ON your woman-warrior mode and fight for what you deserve.

6. Don’t let stereotypes limit your potential.
In connection to the previous section, you must find the inner warrior in you and fight off those oppressive and often discriminating stereotypes that society has assigned to women. You are not weak; you are not vulnerable, and you’re not just a damsel in distress.

You are strong and powerful in your own way. The day you realize your full potential as a woman and as a person, you’ll be unstoppable.

7. Celebrate your inner beauty.
You are beautiful inside and out and it’s high time that you celebrated it. If, however, you are still on your way in recognizing your strength and your beauty as a woman, it’s alright. You can start by taking care of yourself: physically, mentally, and emotionally.

A beautiful woman knows her worth, her potential, and her strength. A beautiful woman knows that to be pretty, it takes more than just physical looks.

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8. Be proud of what you have achieved.
No matter where you are in life and what you have achieved, be proud of these accomplishments. Don’t compare your life story with other people. Rather, focus on your own journey not only to become a better woman but to be a better person.

Small steps, big steps, a long stride, or even a quick sprint – no matter how fast or slow your progress is, know that your efforts matter. Be proud of who you are.

9. Have courage and stand your ground.
Defend your stand and be firm. Even if you are a woman, you have a voice and you have to defend that voice with courage and firmness. To become a better woman, you have to understand your role and your responsibility in defending the rights of your fellow women – and of course, of other people.

Fight for what is right – but also make sure to have an open mind. Sometimes, to be a better person and a better woman also means that you are ready to admit your mistakes and the faults in your judgments.

Ways to be a Better Woman
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10. Celebrate being alive every single day.
Celebrate your life. The true and most genuine way to be a better woman is to be happy that you exist because you have this opportunity to live and make a difference. You are not placed in this world just to breathe and be alive – you are here for a purpose, either for yourself or for other people. Make your existence count.

11. Be an inspiration to other women.
Be a good and inspiring example for other women in the world. Show them what it means to freely express yourself and not be afraid of the challenges ahead. Show them that they, too, can be like you: happy, healthy, courageous, and strong.

You don’t have to be extraordinary to make a huge difference as a woman, As mentioned earlier, the most influential female icons in the world started out as simple and ordinary people. How did they achieve the feats that made them who they are? Well, you’ve just read the answers to this very important question.

Hopefully, this article has encouraged you to try harder, to live happier, and to aim for your own personal definition of success. Good luck!

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