10 Ways to Become the Best Intern Ever

Best worker or intern

“If you are prepared, you will be confident, and will do your job”– Tom Landry

“To be prepared is half the victory”- Miguel de Cervantes

Everyone has his/her own battle out there in the real world. To win over yours, you have to sharpen your sword through words of education and wisdom. You have to hold on to your ideas and imagination as your helmet. Your will and your strengths as your shield. And for your body armor, you need one last preparation to forge it, your internship.

With strategies, you learned at school and the armor you forge with time and effort, you can win your battle.

With that in mind, remember these easy yet effective ways on how to become the best intern ever.

1. Know your company beforehand.
Do your prep work before you start your internship. Learn everything to know about the company you will be working at, the people working there, the industry it belongs to, the kind of work they do, et cetera. Being prepared will make you feel more confident in your work and comfortable in the workplace.

2. Show commitment and positivity.
Don’t just sit there and work all day long just so you can finish it quickly and go home. Instead, take your internship as an enjoyable learning experience you can always look forward to. Enjoy doing your job and learn as much as you can to do a better performance the next time.

3. Treat it like a real job.
Your internship is a real job, it may be a temporary thing or might be something you don’t get an allowance for but it is still working that will have an impact on the company. By working hard and efficiently, you are contributing progress to the company.

4. Network and socialize.
Take the opportunity to socialize and make the most of your time with your co-workers. Build a firm and healthy relationship with them to help you grow more as a person and develop as a professional. Observe and learn “what to do and what not do” from them. Having strong connections may also help you find the best opportunities in the future.

5. Work hard.
Do your best at everything to gain great results. If you find yourself lost or empty-handed, take the initiative to ask for something to work on too. This will greatly affect how you will be seen as an intern and if you are seen to be productive, you will be given more responsibilities (but do not overload yourself with work).

6. Find a mentor.
Knowing someone whom you can trust and who will show you how things work in the real world will significantly increase your success in the work field. The willingness to learn, listen, and accept guidance and wisdom will help your transition from a student to a professional much easier in the future.

7. Show versatility.
You will work efficiently and be an effective intern if you can learn to be adaptive. Versatility means you are capable of learning new skills while honing your god-given talents. Start from where you excel at and then contribute and participate to broaden the opportunities and the new skills you will gain while working.

8, Ask questions and listen to the answers.
You are expected to ask a lot of questions. Curiosity will lead you to answers. Ask intelligent questions on what will help you develop and can contribute to the good of the company but not ask just about anything because you are also expected to be able to think and act independently.

9. Track your progress and accomplishments.
Keeping track of your progress will let you know how you perform. It will let you know how much you have grown and how much you can grow more in your career. Don’t just be comfortable with the idea of doing a good job instead aim for the best performance that will lead you to accomplishments (which can help you for future job applications).

10. Ask for feedback
Last but not the least, don’t be afraid to ask questions about your performance. Through these, you will able to know what your strengths are and the weaknesses you need to improve at. Asking only shows you have the initiative and the will to change in order to succeed.

Dare to step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself.

“A tree will never grow if it stays hidden in the shade. Spread out your branches to feel the sun. Then, absorb the flow of the water to grow because only when you have grown will you bear fruits. Keep it in mind.”

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