8 Ways to Deal with Loneliness When You Are Single #SingleIsLife!

single is life

It’s about time to talk about an overrated hype that’s been putting a toll on our lives today – being single. Thanks to all the talk on various media platforms, and the unnecessary emphasis today’s society has been exerting on the matter, many of us are now heavily bothered when not in a relationship.

There are now studies that say being single is a disorder.

Movie plots capitalize heavily on the negative aspect of being single. That when you’re not in a relationship, you’re thought to be someone deprived of happiness that you supposedly deserve. And yes, it has become a joke among friends, especially when all of them are in a relationship and you’re not – they may not mean it but picking on you and you not being attached to a partner romantically is somehow a way of implying that there’s something wrong with you.

But really, what’s all the hype for? And do you really need to feel sad when you are single?

It’s not supposed to be the case, actually. In fact, it’s fun to be single! You just have to see the situation from a different perspective. And if you’re currently having a hard time to do so, then here are 8 ways that will definitely come in handy:

1. It’s time that you go out!
Being single means you’re on the market, and that you are free to mingle with new people and do new things. And the first step to do that is by going out!

You can go on group dates with your friends during weekends, or go to parties in case you have the habit to paint the town red. In these venues you get to meet a lot of people and make new buddies, and who knows one of them could be the one you’re going to be in a relationship with.

In case you’re not the party animal, then you may want to join clubs or groups where you meet people with whom you share the same interests. It’s practically the same thing.

2. Find a hobby.
Oftentimes you are mistaken about feeling lonely but the truth is, you’re just bored and in need of a hobby. Perhaps it is time that you enroll in a class and learn a skill that you are interested in. Passion projects are a thing nowadays, and you won’t be able to do yours if you are committed to someone – as most of your attention would be on the relationship and not your hobby.

3. Get a pet.
Studies show that owning a pet makes a person less lonely. It’s like having company 24/7 without the unnecessary emotional strain. You can take in a dog, cat, fish, or any animal you like, and soon you’ll be preoccupied with caring for them and not in the void of not being in a relationship.

Having a pet is also a test of commitment, as you need to take care of your animal friend at all times.

4. Travel.
Traveling may be a fad these days with all the backpackers going places, but you need not be one. But like going out with friends, you do need to travel every once in a while.

You may want to follow a bucket list of places you’ve never been to, and visit them one by one. Solo traveling has a lot of perks, anyway: it builds your confidence in facing the world on your own, it strengthens your independence as you get to know your way around without relying on a partner, and also gives you a fresh perspective on life which you may not be able to see when you’re stuck in a relationship.

Besides, this is the time that you can travel following your own rules and going in your own style!

5. Stay away from toxic people for a while.
One helpful getting through the “loneliness phase” of being single is by staying away from people who do not have anything nice to say about your situation. They may either make fun of you being single or throw verbal jabs by highlighting reasons why you are not in a relationship, but regardless if these are jokes are not, you must keep in mind that you do not need any of this.

Rather, have fun with people who matter to you the most. Spend time with family and friends, or if they too have the propensity to be pessimistic, it may be better to enjoy time with yourself. You don’t have to deal with the negativity, as all you need is the positive energy to shoo the loneliness away.

6. Do some physical activity.
Whether it be cleaning the house or jogging in the morning, physical activity boosts the release of hormones that make you feel happy and refreshed. So yes, if you are feeling down because of the solitude, then perhaps it’s time to do some redecorating in the house, or going out and run a mile or two around your neighborhood. Not only do these activities keep you busy, but they also help boost your confidence and self-worth, because you get to see tangible results from your own efforts.

7. Volunteer for a cause.
Maybe you are single because that’s your calling at the moment. However, if you feel like you have so much love to give, then why not give it to people and causes who need it the most? You may sign up for a volunteer program wherein you can help out people who are in need, like children, the elderly, or communities in at-risk environments. With their company, for sure you would no longer feel lonely.

8. Find inspiration from single but successful people.
A lot of today’s leaders are single, but they have become very successful in their chosen fields. How do they look happy and satisfied even if they don’t have a life partner? How do they deal with being alone at the end of a busy day? You may want to draw inspiration from them, as like you they are leading their lives on their own terms. Perhaps getting a piece or two from their perspective would allow you to see being single as a truly enjoyable position, and that you can find true happiness with yourself and when you’re with someone.

Being single is a great way to enjoy life. When you’re single, you are your own boss. You are free. You’re with the person who knows you to the core – yourself. So why not live it in the most exciting and fulfilling way possible? After all, we only live once, so live yours with the best you’ve got – single or not.

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