13 Ways to Impress Your Crush and Get Them to Like You

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Having a crush on someone is one of the best feelings one can experience. You see him /her walking in the hallway, and you can’t help but gush over how well your crush carries himself/herself. You see him/her smile, and you can’t help but think about how perfect that smile is. You can’t help but admire his/her own unique qualities. And you can’t help but daydream that someday, he/she will be yours.

But who wants to keep daydreaming? Of course, you want your crush to at least notice you. The only question is: How? How will you impress your crush?

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13 Ways To Impress Your Crush And Get Them To Like You

If you’re one of those people who want to make a move but can’t find the right time and the right way to catch your crush’s attention, then this article is for you. Here are some ways to impress your crush and get them to like you:

1. Wear your invisible crown.

Remember that confidence is sexy, so be comfortable with your own skin. Be proud of who you are. Show how much you enjoy the things that you love doing.  Embrace your imperfections and stay confident. Your crush might find you so attractive, seeing how confident you are as a person.

2. Stay independent.

Being independent is one of the best qualities a person can have. Show your crush just that- how you can accomplish things without relying on other people, how you can decide on your own, how you stand for what you believe in, and what you think is right. Your crush might get impressed seeing how strong and independent you are.

3. Groom yourself.

It can’t be denied that being physically attractive can make you a real head-turner. However, remember that you don’t have to look like a celebrity to impress your crush. Have your own fashion sense. Pick the style that you find most comfortable. Get a new haircut. Take care of yourself. Think of it as a way to reward yourself. Getting your crush to notice you is just a bonus.

4. Stay fit.

In connection with grooming yourself, you might also want to stay fit. You don’t need to get the perfect body to impress your crush, but remember that staying fit means staying healthy. It also shows how disciplined and dedicated you can be. And your crush might find these traits sexy.

Ways to Impress Your Crush and Get Them to Like You
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5. Talk about your passions in life.

Talk about how much you love the smell of books.  Express how much your toy collection means to you. Tell your crush how much you love traveling and what’s the best part about traveling. Talk about your goals and dreams in life. Reveal what kind of stories move you. Seeing someone’s eyes sparkle while talking about his/her passion is a major turn on. So, show your crush how passionate you are about so many things.

6. Show that goofy side of you.

Never be afraid to show how quirky you can get. Never be afraid to share your crazy ideas.  Dance even when you’re not good at it. Sing even when you’re out of tune. Enjoy being you.  Your crush will appreciate it if you are your normal self. You never know how much your quirkiness can positively impact your crush’s life.

7. Have a sense of humor.

Laughter is still the key to someone’s heart, so don’t hesitate to share with him/her some of your embarrassing stories. Crack a joke. The joke itself might not be funny, but your crush might giggle seeing how cute you look throwing all those jokes. You two will end up laughing your heads off.

8. Keep genuine interest.

Ask questions about his/her interests. Make your crush feel that you’re willing to listen to him/her. Make him /her feel that you want to know more about his/her life- childhood, dreams, and principles in life. Ask about his/her pet peeves. Ask about the things that matter the most to him/her. Your crush might end up appreciating you for being such a good listener, which can be the start of a more meaningful relationship.

Ways to Impress Your Crush and Get Them to Like You
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9. find common ground.

When you get a chance to talk to your crush, make sure to know your common interests. You might have the same favorite movie. You might have the same hobbies. You might be experiencing the same struggle right now. Just try to open up and let those common interests lead you to deepen your relationship with him/her.

10. Be kind.

One of the easiest ways to impress your crush is to show how genuinely kind you are. He/she would love to see you helping other people and being active in some volunteer programs.  Show him what a good heart you have. Influence him/her with the things that you do for people. You two might develop a different kind of connection with each other.

11. Be a friend.

It all starts with a friendship. Be there for your crush.  Make time for him/her.  Make your crush feel that you’re someone who can be trusted. Don’t be too focused on making him/her like you; rather, focus on becoming a good friend. Do that first before attempting to become someone more special in his/her life.

12. Be spontaneous.

Not everyone is brave enough to be spontaneous, but you sure can do it. What about randomly asking him/her out for a cup of coffee? What about inviting him/her for a road trip? If your crush says yes, then you’ll have more chance to discover more about each other.

13. Be yourself.

Being the real, you are still the most important thing of all. Your goal is not just to impress your crush but also to get him/her to know and appreciate the real you. Don’t get too pressured in presenting your best self on social media just so he/she will keep liking your pictures. Simply embrace who you are, and let him/her see how lovable you are in your own way.

Yes, it’s never easy to impress your crush. Sometimes, you end up getting disappointed. However, as mentioned in the article, you have to stay confident, independent, goofy, kind, and be who you are.  Remember that there’s nothing more attractive and impressive than being the best version of yourself.

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51 thoughts on “13 Ways to Impress Your Crush and Get Them to Like You”

    • Basically all you need for a boy to like you is to have a good personality and responsible, kind and yeah, this may or might not count on all boys.

    • what should i tell my crush:/ my friend really likes him and he likes me;/ and i kinda like him. And my crush keep on looking at me in class. and i kinda wanna play video games w him:)

      • Be friends with your crush and ask her if she wanna play games with you, and your friend has to accept the hard truth.

  1. So I have a crush on someone in my class and I think she hates me due to our past. 4 years ago, she kissed me and we dated for a year, I broke up with her for cheating on me a year later and I think I made a mistake and on her pov, I think she thinks I’m not trustworthy and I’m too scared to talk to her so I think she thinks I’m ignoring her but she does know I do like her, any tips?

  2. Ok hi it’s me again Jenna! So I also have a crush on a guy in 7th grade and I’m in 6th grade idk if he is a relashonship and my best friends cousin might be in that relashonship so I don’t want to bring it up. He is funny and cute and we talked last night and shared jokes for like 20 mins I like him a lot but I don’t know what to do any tips and any tips for my previous problem ?

    • Yea I have a crush too….. Im gonna give you some tips: Say goodluck if he is gonna do a test, be more kind, I made my crush give me her number. Study a bit more, stand up for your self. If the teacher says to say the poem, get your hand up, If he has a phone tell him to play a famous game. You might just impress him. This is how I got my crush to give me her number. Wear your style of clothes, clean your clothes, clean your shoes to make them a bit prettier. And those are my tips.

  3. Ok so. I started my crush 2 years ago ok I in sixth grade don’t blame me but I need help to get over my obsession! I was i 4th grade a guy from cAlifornia came to my school and he was a junior and he was 7 years older than me. He was also my brothers friend who is 6 years older than me I am 11 now and he 19 or 20 and I forgot about him because he graduated last year but I saw him as a ref at one of my basketball game and I got butterflies in my stomach I just can’t get over him and I don’t know what to do I know where he lives and his family knows my family and him and my brother are kind of friends not as good as they used to be but they still are he lives in my homes town which is small I used to talk to him during school but my best friend told him “my friend likes you” and pointed at him and I was right next to her and we used to wave to each other but then he stopped all together and then he left the school at the end of his senior year and went to a school that we did sports and stuff with and graduated there and now I saw him and I don’t know what to do please help!!!!

  4. I have a crush since 3 years.. I couldn’t understand his feelings yet..I love him wholeheartedly ❣..And he also says he likes me but that’s not enough…I want to know how he feel for me 😢..any tips?

  5. I am also in seventh grade. I have a crush on a boy and we became friends. I tried using these and they started to work. He then mentioned to me he likes my best friend. Do you have any tips for getting your crush UN-mad at me?

    • Im also at 7th I have a crush since 2years yeah it’s a first sight love can you please tell me how can I impress her because you are also a girl so you can understand what girls like in boys please tell and you know she likes me 50% I know this by YouTube so at last I want to say please help me to get my true love 💗

      • I’m in 7th grade girl too! Maybe I can help? I’v had a crush since like 4 years, so there. Anyways,Let me just tell you that you don’t need six packs and Abe’s to impress a girl. Just be kind and smile at her when you see her. Make jokes. And be there to help her when she’s down in the dumps. And drop hints that you like her. Trust me, you’ll make an awesome couple😉

    • Get closer to him, say to play a famous game with you like Among Us.Talk about stuff like did you do your homework , about other things too. Like what is your favorite color. Say goodluck before a test starts, something like that. Study more. You might impress your crush, i got my crush to say that im her best friend, i got her to give me her number. I didn’t ask her number she just gave to me, when Among Us was getting popular the whole class would start talking about Among Us, and she just asked me wanna play Among Us today? And i said how? And she said i’ll give you my number. And now every 2 to 3 days we play together.

    • Oh my goodness for reallll what a dream come true!! ( I think ;)) umm okay sooo how about observe him for a little while and see if he gives any signs that he seems interested for example, is he sitting or leaning towards you, looks or glances at you, smiles?? Or why not just say like hey do you have a spare pencil or pen and just let the convo take it off from there p.s make sure you don’t have any pencils or pens but keep a couple in your pocket Incase he’s like ermm nope. But then again rare chances are sitting next to your CRUSH!! Just enjoy the moment and be chill / laid back , sometimes being yourself can mess things up like if you are full adrenaline and your Tryna breath quietly and your like in your head what is happening, shut up shut upppp, you feel me? Hahah anyways I believe in youuu :)))) ♡♡♡

  6. Thankyou I haven’t tried all this yet but I will soon.
    My friends say my crush likes me a lots happening right now I hope this works wish me luck


      • Ok so I am in 6th grade and I’ve had a crush on this one hottie for 2 years. I am pretty sure that he knows I like him. I went crazy with talking to him on Instagram and now he probably thinks I’m crazy! He’s also in seventh grade. I’m going sledding with him tomorrow and I don’t know what to do because I’m just a stupid kid that makes bad decisions lol! Pls help!!!

  7. I’m in grade 7 and I actually like someone and I’ve tried everything to impress her but it just isn’t working. Has anyone got any ideas on what I should do?

    • Me to! i have been friend zoned tho! hes such an amazin person but you hav to be yourself! he they dont like the real you then they are not the one

    • Just be you and ask her on a date. Don’t just ask her to go to your house aske her to go to the movies and ask her to go out somewhere. Maybe not even as a date maybe just say to get to know each other

    • Talk about stuff like did you do your English homework, about other subjects too. Say good luck before a test starts, something like that. Study more. Wear clothes that are your style. Ask her what her favorite color. I have a crush too im a boy. And one day she asked me to play Among Us. Ask her to play Among Us or another game.

  8. I have a crush but idk if he likes me can someone give me tips on how to impress him… were not that much of friends were just meh please give me tips i rly like him

    • Be like hi and start walking with him and talk with him often then say um wanna play a game or facetime he might give u his number. 😉

  9. Thank you airyl!! This will positively help me a lot . Actually I have a huge crush on one of my classmate(we are in eleventh grade).She ,like me, has joined the school recently so both of us don’t have too many friends.She is not very talkative (actually she is not at all talkative) and has not taken notice of me yet. It will be a difficult mission to accomplish so wish me luck.


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