15 Ways to Nurture Your Marriage and Make It Stronger

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Nowadays, a lot of couples are afraid to tie the knot because divorce has become so normal in modern society. Everyone expects all relationships are destined to end one day, so why go through the hassle of legalizing things?

If you are among the brave couples who have taken the risk of bringing their relationship to the next level, here are some ways to nurture your marriage and make it stronger.

1. Set a regular date.
Even if you are past the dating stage, it is still important that you have your regular “babe time”. Just like how important quality time was when you were only starting together, it still important now to stay together. Make it a point to go out on a date at least once a week.

2. Do your hobbies together.
To nurture your marriage, find a common pastime which you can do with each other, like hiking, playing a sport, gardening, or painting. Having the same interests will give you something enjoyable to talk about and look forward to together, which are necessary to improve your bond.

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3. Take time to talk about your day.
No matter how busy your daily routines are, see to it that you can still have time to sit down together and get updates about each other’s day. It can be a coffee time in the morning or a not-so-late night talk in bed before closing your eyes.

4. Create your marriage core values.
Spouses may have different principles and cultures, but by setting core values for the marriage and family, these differences can be reconciled. The husband and wife need to sit down together to establish standards for the family. For instance, you can agree on honoring each other in front of the kids, so they must not see you arguing.

5. Set marriage goals together.
Marriage is not the final destination. Even as a married couple, your relationship has still a lot to grow. To nurture your marriage, set goals for your marriage to be productive. For example, you can aim for a healthy lifestyle, so you will make it a habit to workout together. You may also target a specific amount for savings.

6. Do not forsake celebrating special occasions.
Never forget about special dates, such as your wedding anniversary or each other’s birthday. Even a simple celebration would mean a lot as long as you commemorate the importance of the occasion together, or with the rest of the family.

7. Go on a yearly holiday trip.
Have something exciting to look forward to in your marriage. Make it a goal to travel together at least once a year. The bonding and memories you will create would surely keep your relationship as husband and wife solid. This is also a time for both of you to unwind and evaluate your marriage and lives together.

8. Never suggest separation as a solution to any problem.
It is normal for conflicts to arise in marriage. However, if you do not want to add to the marriage mortality rate, then never suggest separation or divorce. Staying is a decision, so as long as you both are willing to make it work, never give up on each other no matter how rough it gets.

9. Always make an effort to keep the passion burning.
Romance and intimacy are the spices that keep a marriage exciting. Therefore, even if your marriage is past the attraction stage, both of you should make an effort to keep the passion between you alive. Always do something to keep your partner attracted to you and excited to be with you.

10. Let your appreciation known to each other.
Feeling unappreciated is one of the reasons that can sour up a relationship. Even in small things, make it a habit to appreciate and express gratitude to each other. Aside from “I love you”, “thank you” should be the words that must be present in your conversations daily. Always remind your partner how thankful you are that s/he is your spouse.

11. Be generous with hugs and kisses.
Physical contact is necessary for showing affection. Never get tired of kissing and embracing your partner. Moreover, hugs are known to help people be relieved from stress, so giving your spouse super hugs would do him/her a lot of goodness.

12. Help each other be physically attractive.
Let us face it, falling out of love is sometimes caused by being attracted to someone new—someone younger, fresher, and more attractive. As you grow older together, it is not surprising if time would come that you would not find each other beautiful and handsome anymore. To avoid this from happening, encourage each other to take care of yourselves. This would also keep you from being insecure because of the changes brought by age to your physique.

13. Be the number one supporter of each other.
One of the ways to keep your marriage stronger is by having each other’s back. More than anyone else, your spouse should be your best friend, number one fan, and encourager. Be supportive of each other’s dreams, no matter how high they seem.

14. Choose to talk about problems level-headedly.
Whenever there are problems or conflicts, avoid talking when one or both of you are still at the peak of your emotion, like anger. Let the situation cool down first to avoid yelling at each other, blurting out hurtful words, making abrupt decisions, and even hurting each other physically. Decide to talk when both of you are ready to come up with practical and right solutions.

15. Make God the center of your marriage.
Faith in God is one of the strongest foundations of a marriage. If you believe that He is the author and protector of marriage, then inviting Him to your home should be your first step. Make it a habit to pray regularly as husband and wife, read and share God’s word with each other, and serve Him together. This is a good culture that should include the rest of your family too.

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It Takes Two to Tango

Making a marriage last requires hard work and commitment. Both husband and wife should exert an effort to make it work. No matter what comes their way if the couple is united in solving problems, overcoming temptations, and growing together, then they will succeed in keeping their marriage.

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