12 Ways to Revive a Dying Relationship

revive your love and relationship

Not all relationships survive the test of time and there will always be moments when you would feel the need to finally give up and let go. However, it’s not also that easy to just drop everything and leave because you’re talking about something that once made you the happiest person in the world – so you are stuck in the frustrating and often heartbreaking dilemma between staying and saying goodbye.

If you’re ever trapped in this scenario, perhaps two of the questions you have tried but never dared to ask are, is there still hope to bring back what was lost? Does your relationship still deserve a second chance? If both of your answers is a positive and faithful YES, then let us help you figure out the first step of the many steps that you should be taking.

Here are the ways to revive a dying relationship and finally be happy again.

1. Take a break but don’t say goodbye.
Don’t give up on your relationship yet because as long as you both believe in your love for each other, there will always be a rainbow after every storm. Maybe you just need a break from everything? Take all the time that you need – both of you.

Trying to fix an almost broken relationship can be emotionally taxing and sometimes it can even affect you physically so take it easy. You deserve to breathe – and remember that at the end of this remedy, you have someone to come home to.

2. Talk about it and be honest to each other.
What went wrong? Whatever happened to your promises of love and expressions of affection? Talk to each other. Communicate and be honest and truthful about how you really feel. Tell them about the time when they hurt you but you’re too scared to show it.

Just go on and ask the questions that have been bothering you all this time. What triggered this endless and current downfall? Admit your mistakes and have faith in the fact that it’s not yet too late to fix it.

3. Remember why you love them.
You were once the happiest person in the world because you’ve finally met your soulmate – the love of your life. Remember those important moments of elation. Even if your heart is filled with hurt and has suffered so much pain, they’re still there, just waiting to be found.

4. Take the good parts and learn from the bad.
It’s important that you learn the lessons from all these. Although both of you want to fix this and make the pain go away, it’s not a wise thing to forget and just let go of the faults that contributed to this situation. Recognize that you both are responsible for what happened and try your best not to repeat the same mistakes again.

More importantly, focus on the good parts. How did this stage help you to become a better person? How did it strengthen your relationship and love for each other?

Ways to Revive a Dying Relationship
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5. Don’t let anger do the talking.
Your relationship is fragile and even the tiniest hint of negativity can have the ability to break the already weak and delicate string that’s keeping your relationship together. Anger, for instance, is one of the factors that can instantly and surely kill the chances of solving the problem. Try your best not to accommodate and entertain this negativity.

6. Stop hurting each other more.
Don’t add more to the list of reasons why you should give up and end it all. Remember that you’re in this delicate stage and one wrong move can ruin all your effort of trying to save your failing relationship. Be sensitive and careful not to hurt each other more.

7. Consider spending time apart.
When it’s really that bad, you can try to consider this option of being physically away from each other. Sometimes distance can remind you of the things that you have taken for granted. Distance will also make you realize what it would feel like to live a life without them.

8. Seek advice from others who made it.
Listen to the stories of others who made it work. Of course, their situation can be different from yours but you can always gain something from the experiences of others.

9. Don’t let other people make the decisions.
In connection to the previous section, you have to remember that it is you and only you who should make the final decision. You should remember that your own feelings and your own thoughts should be the basis of every choice that you make.

10. Be kind to each other.
Kindness can do a lot especially if you’re trying to revive a dying relationship. Realize that both of you have been hurt and the best way to support each other is to just be kind and be gentle. Let kindness comfort your soul and slowly heal your broken hearts.

11. Create better memories together.
Create new memories that will remind you of the better days. Travel together, go somewhere and just have fun. Leave everything that hurts and just live your life to the fullest. Do this together as if it’s your last day on earth.

Ways to Revive a Dying Relationship
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12. Show them how much you want this to last.
You have to show them how much this means to you. Be genuinely open about your feelings and sincerely express your love for them. Renew your vows and make new promises – and this time, do your best to keep them.

Unlike the stories that you read about in fairytales, not everything follows a direct and sure path to a happy ever after. It won’t be easy and sometimes you’ll fail to do your part but hold on and have a little faith in love. Remind yourself that just like any painful and hurtful stage of life, this, too, shall pass – and both of you will be there to survive it all.

Again, believe in the power of love and hold on to the promise of better days. Once you last this seemingly endless storm, you’ll rise up together, stronger and nothing can ever break you apart again.

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54 thoughts on “12 Ways to Revive a Dying Relationship”

  1. This article is really helpful
    I had a talk with my partner few days I understand him more and more than ever I want us to work out . Thank you .

  2. My boyfriend cheated on me, and the girl in question told me tho he has been distant from me and acting all up I still didn’t want to believe it was something else. Then I think he’s still with her tho he apologized and we haven’t seen each other for 7months now. Do you think there’s still hope for us? Plus our communication has been from one argument to another

  3. Same thing I’m passing through.
    Feels like we’d never get back together.. and she’s the one I love.. no other one comes close.

  4. ion know what to do, we barely talk these days, he hardly picks my calls n i can’t visit cos m in sch…d only intimacy we’ve had is sex months ago
    i miss him n ion know how to get him talking

  5. you describe this very beautifully, as a woman i relise that the Second point “Talk about it and be honest to each other” Most important for every relationship. and im also face this situation from last last couple of years, if you honest to each other your realationship never break.

  6. The way you describe to revive a dying relationship is really great. Every time whenever I follow your article I found something new on it which inspired me so much. Here my favorite points are
    Remember why you love them and Create better memories together.
    Keep sharing your valuable information. Thanks for this valuable and informative article.

  7. Haven’t been honest with my partner now is saying I shuld put dix relationship stress aside nd we love each oda so much after dix hold can dix relationship come bk better nd healthy nd what shuld I do pls help me

  8. Have been in this relationship for 4 years now and i so much love her dearly but we having some argument every now and then, she has no feelings for me anymore, lack of communication and it breaking, she said she doesn’t have feelings for us anymore and need a break, I don’t want to lose her bcos she means the world to me, what can I do to save my relationship and bring her back

  9. I am emotionally imbalance my partner always see me as a problem even when I try to express my feeling and have deep conversation with him am always the problem he doesn’t call me or text me he does nothing for me but I still love me we have been dating for 8year now I am confused I dnt no what to do any more I feel am losing it he feels good talking to other girls rather then me
    Someone please tell me what to do

  10. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years it’s my fault that he broke up with me because of My arguments with him and jealousy and my trust issues I want to make it work with him because I love him I want for him to give me another chance because I’ve changed a lot since we been broken up for 2 months going on 3 months now I want him to take me back so we can renew our relationship and start fresh I don’t no what to do anymore he said he will give me 6 months and then I can definitely maybe come back that can mean either yes or no I’m confused because I want this relationship to work

  11. Ii don’t know when its all started but at some point, I find myself cheating and then I realized that maybe I was the only one in the relationship because he hardly have my time. His friends became my companion. But I love him and I desperately need the relationship to work. I can’t do without him, infact, he is my everything. Although sometimes I feel like quitting not because I feel like it but since I told him I cheated, no trust and he uses every mistake to remind me that I am a cheat. Please anything that will make it work for me is welcome

  12. Recently boyfriend broke up with me because we became toxic. It saddens me we didnt do more to save us. I havent fully moved out our apartment and i guess truth is im holding on to hope with time and space apart we could be better. Being apart has made me realize i want to fight for this. But i lost hope and dont know what to do. I just want to be in my home with him.

  13. my partner it’s too secretive!!!he don’t talk about his feelings or anything sometimes I really feel like talking to him about the things he does to hurt me but when I complain he will be like am a nagger blah blah blah I don’t know what to do please help me am going crazy.

  14. Lately my partner and I been having problems on our communication, we don’t talk about our feelings we hardly see each other and It has strongly affected our relationship in a way that most of the time we will fight and argue for no reason at all and from these past few weeks or days it has become worse the spark and the relationship on it own its fading away, please help how do I go on about fixing this problem.

  15. I have been with my bf for 4 years. I moved out of state to be with him. Our communication is horrible, especially when it comes to talking about our feelings. When we do “talk” it’s mostly us hurting each other’s feelings. Then it leads to us arguing. Never are there resolutions. We tell each other that we are going to work on the things we talk about, but honestly we never do. Lately he’s been saying he’s done but says he wants to work things out. Then says he’s done. It definitely confuses me. I’m tired of our “talks” leading to a dead end. We both aren’t happy, but we love each other. Seems like we both don’t want things to end, but feels like we have no choice. It’s a never ending circle. How do we break this circle? I just don’t know what to do anymore.

  16. I’m married and worried about my marriage. Me and my spouse been separated for 3mths now he don’t have anything to say to me unless he need something. I asked him today did he love me and did we have a future. He replied I told you I I’ve You and who knows what the future hold. So I’m trying to see what do I do in the meanwhile? I am a praying wife but I’m loss and miss my husband dearly but he seem cool with it all

  17. I am married to the love of my life 5 years she has never cheated on me but has had a texting relationship with another guy while we were married. she also stays in contact with a former boyfriends who I know still have feelings for her. I have periodic episodes of paranoia that she is cheating on me to the point i can feel it in my gut and chest. I dont want that to sound like an excuse but that was the fule for what came next I looked in her phone I didn’t find anything to incriminating. she didn’t have a lot of respect for me judging from how ahe talks about me but I view that as her venting. She found out I was snooping and I feel terrible I still don’t trust her my paranoia is even worse now she is so upset she says if I can’t trust her we should get a divorce. I don’t know what to do I want to trust her I know I should. Even now I feel like I missed something on her phone. I feel awful she is hurt I don’t know what to do. She won’t even talk to me I try I try to put on a things are ok front but in side my stomach is churning and I am trying not to panic.i want to scream God I am so sorry and anger at everything.

  18. I have been trying since 6 months.I am not enjoying my life with my partner as his family is the main reason and my partner is not understanding that i want his time. We have a beautiful boy and he is 6 months old now and since my delivery my in laws were here and they interfered a lot and cause clashes between us and i feel like my relationship with my partner is dying. I am so frustrated and seeking some help to save it. I dont know how to do it
    Thank you in advance

  19. What am I supposed to do now? I have been in a relationship with my current fiance for the last (19) years , sometimes ready to get married,and sometimes not. It has been a very long and hard relationship with both of us ending up with a lot of hurt, anger, Fighting, too numerous to write about. One minute enjoying each other. Next minute fight and name calling. I am so much in love with her, but I don’t know what to do now. Church don’t seem to have anything to do with trying to get Jesus in the midst of all of this. Please help! Me.

  20. Good counsel here, thanks for the great work!.
    I came across your article when I was asking myself this question :Why is it that relationships is the complicated aspect of life/Christianity?!.
    My spouse got a new job and only told me on the day she was reporting to this new job. She never wanted me to know her new workplace but I found out this place later.
    Since this lady got this job,she stopped coming home or supporting me in anyway.. She has blocked all my numbers and of recent they have tried stopping me going to her workplace.
    I hear she prays with some pastors.
    It’s been four months down the road since she blocked my phones.
    I really don’t know what’s happening. I have tried every effort to talk to her in vain.
    Please advise!

  21. So, my boyfriend and I have been dating for 10 months now and we fight every day… our fights aren’t just baby fights, I personally and so aggressive towards him when he really didn’t do anything… I am very controlling at times. He has done things in the past tho. No cheating but fooling around. I need help:( I really love him… I want to last with him and he wants the same it’s just really hard with his job and him being away a lot… but please give me advice!!!

  22. i am not able to figure out any thing in my relationship currently, its just a mess created by me so plz if any one interested n with better suggestion HELP ME OUT ……. my story is like …..at beginning of our relationship i was totally very shy i doesnt use to talk to him at all but he was like opposite of that he tried at lot to make us close but sometimes i use to run away or scold him for no reason my problem is that i can find single words to talk to him while i become so wild with others guys which were his classmates but now he told me i am fade up with such relation told to end this i just don’t t wannna lose him n he still love me i k n he is forcefully trying to leave me by killing his heart so this is our 2nd time againg happening thus last i asked for last chance to improve but againg endup with same mistake so SHULD I GO TO TALK TO HIM N WAIT FOR HIM N STILL TRY TO BRING HIM BACK OR JUST LET HIM GO ???? PLZ HELP ME

  23. I met the love of my life three years ago, we were best friends. I started to have feelings for him, same goes for him with me. We started dating and things were beautiful, the laughs we shared and the memories we have made. Just this past month we started fighting more and he seems as if he is changing. I have no idea what to do about it. I don’t want to give up, but it almost feels like he’s loosing feelings. He doesn’t treat me like he use to and my anxiety is off the wall. I don’t want to loose him but I can’t make anyone love me. I need help….

  24. Ive been dating this guy for 7months an I have falling hard to the point that I love him we have been having trouble for the past month we are not connecting anymore an nothing I do has been right to him nothing he has always talked to other people but this felling is different it was once the most Beautiful Connection how do I get that. BAck

  25. HI I’ve been in and out of my relationship with my girlfriend for 2 plus years and we were so happy and in love most of this relationship. She had trouble falling in love with me for nearly a year bit never wanted to let me go. She finally fell crazily in love with me, we always argue and she has cheated on me but I forgive her and when we argue that topic always got brought up which stemmed more and i have worked on so much for her like no more drinking and smoking and even changed my whole life around for her. We still argue but now I’m scared this arguing will soon be the end. How can I stop the arguing and finally show her that we get on and can be happy. I have no way to get in her mind to make her see all I see for our future and the good us. But the thoughts of her with someone else destroys me and I can’t give up on her when she has now given up on me. She is upset as she feels she wasted the 2 or so years. I need advice and help big time!

  26. I thought I was in the perfect situation, I fell in love with my best friend. we were solid together, when Em had our first baby, after that the relationship changed drastically, and I felt that I was not up to the correct standard she wanted in the father of her child. We had another child, My son Freddie, I love my children with every fibre of my soul, I love Emily to very very much, However, I’m continuously downing myself because I’m convinced I’m not up to scratch, This is due to the fact the Em is often telling me that my parenting skills are not very good. I think I’m trying the best I can. It all came to ahead yesterday, after 7 years together, she told me that she is no longer attracted to me and is unhappy. she is thinking I’m sure that we are heading towards breaking up. We used to be the best of friends, and always laughing together. I think whats happened is that we (I) were concentrating so hard on being good parents that we (I) forgot about each other. last night was hell, we said that we love each other, but I’m ( at the moment ) not what she wants. I want to try anything possible to keep my lovely family together. it will kill me if it dosent. please help me.

  27. Well first breath. Your relationship could work if both are willing. And the reason I say both because it seems like he really don’t no what he wants right now. A break could do you two some good.because it gives both of you two time to start over. I mean trust is the key. Without that. It’s nothing, maybe you two should talk about spending more time together wether it’s the park or the movies. You to need some us time. Maybe find someone that could take the kids for a little while or watch them. Or pay a small fee to find a babysitter.
    Time and trust can help .but also pray about your relationship. Because you just never no what God has in stock. Oh and family night. Maybe do something as a family. Or you with him with his friends. Prayer and

  28. i have going through alot with my girl friend..she doesnt follow my rules.she is more sereative nd when i ask her to do something she did not…….i need a help..and our realationship is going through a terrible part…i just need help either to stay in this realationship or move out?

    • She doesn’t follow your rules?? She’s an adult! Not a child who follows rules. If you treated her equally and with respect maybe you have a start.

  29. I have cheated on my husband because he was cheating and was also physically and mentally abusive, he found out and our marriage has deteriorated. I am always angry and very sad around him, the parents still think we can fix things, but I feel this is beyond repair. We say the most awful things to each other, sometimes it happens right in front of our kid! Is there hope for our marriage?

    • If your relationship has gotten that far that he hurt you now you have to hurt him it’s time to let go. It’s not going to be easy but why should you continue a marriage that isn’t a marriage at all anymore

  30. Ok so my relationship for the past two or three weeks has been falling apart over very minor things like me not catering everyday to my fiancé Or us just arguing over something small and making it into a BIG problem but everytime I try to fix it my pride doesn’t let me cave into sincerity Also when I try to push my insecurities aside Its like they just take over and flood my mind with doubt and fear

  31. Hi
    I’m am currently on a break with my partner, he walked out 2 weeks ago.
    I drove him away with my jealousy and insecurities. I couldn’t see what I was doing even though he told me it was driving us apart.
    We love each other very much and want to make this work but are scared that if we get back together everything will be ok for a few months and go back. I don’t want that and neither does he.
    How do we start to get this back on track? I can see what I have done and willing to prove it to him.
    But whilst I’m stuck at home with the kids and juggling thing and wanted to make this work. His out every night drinking ignors me whilst his occupied but as soon as his got time to think about us texts me. Tells me he loves me then next telling me things aren’t going to work.
    I’m going out of my mind

  32. I really love my partner,but recently he started being cold to me,not smiling around me. whenever I visit his office his always busy talking to his PA,I feel he is giving her the attention that I need and it hurts.
    am thinking of breaking up,but I love him so much,I don’t know what to do.
    Everything time we try to talk we end up arguing, what should I do?????

    • Okay now you should ask why he is spending this much time with this person. I mean I understand that they work together but that doesn’t mean get that close. and about the not smiling problem it’s best to try new things like new. Place out to eat.movies just places you wouldn’t had thought about going. That creates new memories and more laughing moments… More things to talk about. You start seeing a difference in a person when you do new things.even if it’s just playing a board game with that person. Trust me you will see less of him talking to that person. Because he will realize that he has something one good at home. Pray and communication honey.
      Good luck.

    • What are you confused about. If it’s your relationship that you are confused about. Like for example this person is not who you thought they was. Or you feel distant. Your relationship has changed and you confused on how to deal with it. Or confused about your feelings for him/ her. because if that’s the case it could be fixed. Only if you both are up for it. Because you can’t read each other mind. so praying and talking to each other goes a long way.. Good luck

  33. Thank you so much for this article. When I read your article, I start imagining all the good things which happened in my relationship all this while. Hopefully everything goes well.

  34. My partner and I say the most awful things to each other when we fight, it’s happening that often that I feel it’s time to break up, but I just can’t leave him even though at the moment all I feel is anger and sadness towards our once amazing relationship, my love for him has massively faded, I’d like To try and get those feelings back….I’m so confused and stuck on what to do, please help.

    • Well fist if there is no love. It’s no way you can force yourself to love someone. Sometimes this could be good signs. That maybe nothing is there. Some people are not for each other. But if you still have some type of love or feelings there. Then go out do new things. Try talking more about the good times. Make more good times. You only live life once. And if there is something there. And you can see yourself with this person forever. Then fight for your relationship, but if there is nothing I mean nothing at all. Then it’s just time to let go. I don’t no if you believe in God. But ask God to show you the right way . To show you a sign that this relationship can be saved or not. Or show you if he isn’t right for you then show me a sign. But no love. Looks like you have your answer.. good luck 👍

  35. how do I learn to stop being paranoid? it’s eating me up…. it’s me that’s failing this relationship.
    how do I stop and trust more? please help

    • Well telling that person how you feel. I mean a person can tell you all day that they love you. But in the back of your mind your going still have thoughts. Well is or is this person I love. Is this person cheating.sometimes you gotta take risk let go of the trust issues, and anger. What goes on in the dark will come to light. But don’t let your issues lose a good person. Good luck 👍👍👍👍👍

  36. how to stop being paranoid. its eating me up. i am verry dominant. and have a gay sexuality. its getting worse with parinoid feelings. i need serious help.

  37. I was frustrated and heartbreaking the way my relationship was going, at least by reading this anger management and the way to deal issues in relationship has actually make me to learned a lot from you and l am going to apply it immediately.

    Thanks a lot.

    • Yes it could be. He might not trust you for a long time. Because I mean nobody wanna get cheated on or think of someone touching you the same way he touch you. But when aurgment do happen tell him what he means to you. And that you made a mistake and you will prove that it wouldn’t happen again.

    • I wish me and my ex could be like this… She refused to even consider the possabilty of saving our love and took any acts of kindness as personal attacks. 😣

    • Thank you!!!!! You so much for this, I am really trying to save my relationship. And putting Go, and reading this I had a better understanding on how to save my relationship…..


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