Love Dreams: Symbols, Meanings, And Dream Interpretations For You

You can learn a lot about your waking life from your dreams, including your love dreams. When you learn how to interpret your love dreams – whether about a crush, your partner, your ex, or someone you don’t know – you will get the best advice you could ever want about yourself and your life.common love dreams

Let’s Talk About Some Common Dream Symbols In Love Dreams

The exciting thing is that dreams involving relationships or love or passion or sex are very common, but they don’t always point to intimate relationships in our lives. Sometimes to point to other areas of our lives that we are worried about or focused on or need guidance on, and what is going on in the dream is just a symbol of those issues.

In this article, we will discuss dreams about the following topics:

  • Dreaming about somebody you love.
  • Dreaming about your ex.
  • Dreaming about being told that you are loved.
  • Dreaming about kissing.
  • Dreaming about crushes.
  • Dreaming about marriage.
  • Dreaming about sex or hooking up.

At the end of the article, you will also find some information on how you can start to interpret your own love dreams.

Your Love Dream Interpretations Are Unique to YOU

Before we interpret some love dreams, I want to make it clear that we are all unique with individual lives, and this means that one person’s dream about a crush confessing their love won’t mean the same thing as someone else’s dream about confessing their love.

We all have different things going on in our lives, and certain symbols mean different things to each of us.

For instance, here are some love dream symbols and what they mean to me.

  • My husband cheating on me: This usually means I’m feeling insecure in an area of my life.
  • Working at a place I used to work at: Means sliding backward in life.
  • The color gold symbolizes spirituality.
  • Parent’s home: Struggles or turmoil
  • An uncle: Distance and missed relationships

When you start to interpret your own dreams, think about what specific things symbolize to you. This way, when you dream about them, you will have a starting point on how to interpret your dream more clearly.

But, for now, let’s talk about some general dream interpretations regarding emotions, sights, and feelings in your relationship-based dreams.

And, please know that all dreams are very common – whether about cheating on someone or being cheated on or having sex with someone – everyone has love dreams that may or may not be relevant to their life.

Dreaming About People You Love

Expressing Love

It is prevalent for your friends, siblings, parents, extended family, and even co-workers to show up in your dreams. They are a part of your life, so it makes sense that they would be a part of your dreams.

But what about when your love dreams are focused on romantic love?

If you are dreaming positively about your current romantic relationship, that’s a good sign. It might indicate that you feel positive and strong in your relationship with them. It can indicate that your bond is getting stronger and you feel fulfilled in your relationship. It can also indicate that your partner loves you very much.

If a dream with your current partner is not positive, it may mean that you are struggling in your relationship with them.

Both a positive and a negative dream about your love relationship can be interpreted towards another area of your life. For instance, as I said, when I dream about struggling with my partner, it usually indicates that I’m feeling insecure in some area of my life. I just need to be honest with myself to understand which area that is.

Also, when I dream that our relationship is strong and happy, it can indicate that things are going well in my life and I’m on the right path.

The people that are closest to us can be a symbol of many things in our lives.

Love Dreams About Your Ex

Dreaming about your ex

It is very common to dream about your ex. They can be a symbol of many things in your life.

Usually, it doesn’t mean that you want your ex back, but they are a symbol of something going on in your current life – such as a concern, struggle, or even obstacle.

Being In Contact With Your Ex In A Dream

To dream of your ex can be a symbol of unfinished business. It may have to do with your ex, but it could also be something to do with work, another person, or even your personal goals.

However, if you dream about an ex that you just broke up with, likely, your subconscious is just trying to work through the break-up. It could mean you are holding on to guilt, hope, anger, or resentment and that your subconscious is trying to let you know that you need to let it go to let your ex go.

Being in contact with your ex can also mean that you just met someone who reminds you of your ex or the feelings you had around your ex.

It could also mean you met someone and are worried that your new relationship will end like your old one.

Dreaming About Your Ex Being With Someone Else

Love dreams like this are sometimes harrowing, but they can symbolize that you are coming to terms with the end of your relationship. However, it all depends on how you feel during the dream. Are you indifferent? Happy? Angry? Hurt? How you feel will help you interpret your dream with your ex.

For instance, if you see your ex with someone else and you feel hurt, it can indicate you are not over your relationship with them yet or not be able to understand what you didn’t have to offer them that someone new would. It can also mean you are having a hard time letting your ex go on with their life.

Dreaming About Getting Back Together With Your Ex

This dream can symbolize a need for stability or a comfortable situation.

It can also indicate that you are ready to return to some old habits or ways of being.

It could also indicate that you have not let go of your ex yet and are playing out the fantasy of getting back together with them and having everything work out just fine.

Getting Married To Your Ex

This can indicate you are attached to your ex and don’t want to let go – or can’t let go. It could be a huge symbol that you need to work on either letting go of your ex or getting your ex back, depending on your past relationship and how things would or would not change.

Dreaming About Having Sex With Your Ex

This is totally normal. It can indicate that you are still holding onto intimate feelings towards your ex or that you are hesitant to get into a new relationship.

If you are in a relationship with someone, then dreaming about having sex with your ex can symbolize that you are not getting all your needs met by your current partner. Your ex may have something your current partner does not or cannot give you. However, if you are in a good relationship that makes you happy, likely, you are just dreaming about something taboo or exciting and/or looking for a thrill.

Dreaming About Your Ex Wanting You Back

It’s always important to remember that your dreams come from your mind. This means that your thoughts and feelings dictate how your dreams will play out – unless it’s a highly spiritual dream being given to you and not coming through you.

Therefore, when you dream about your ex begging for you to come back or confessing his or her love to you, it usually doesn’t mean that they want you back. Instead, it’s more likely a reflection of what you want in your relationship or your life. Or, it could be a sign that you don’t feel ready to let go of your past or that you simply can’t let go of it yet.

Alternatively, dreaming of your ex wanting you back could mean that you feel desirable and worthy of love. It could mean you feel powerful and know that you are a person anyone would want and should want – including your ex.

Dreaming About Another Breakup With Your Ex

If you just broke up and dream about breaking up again with your ex, it could just be your mind processing the breakup and the lingering trauma. If you are constantly thinking about or talking about your ex, the breakup, and how and why things ended, then it’s likely this is why you are dreaming about a subsequent breakup.

If the dream is about a breakup with an ex that you broke up with a long time ago, it can symbolize that you are feeling rejection in your life. The rejection may be in your relationships, but it can also be rejection from work or an opportunity.

Dreaming About The Family Or Friends Of Your Ex

If you had a close relationship with your ex, then you probably spent time with their family or friends. Dreaming about being with them is normal. However, it can mean you miss the comfort of the old routine. It can mean that you miss them. Or it can just symbolize missing a family environment you had with them.

Dreaming About Someone Telling You They Love You

Love you. Being honest. Romantic guy with red heart toy. Romance concept. Celebrate valentines day. Romantic hipster sharing love. Spread love around. Generous lover. Love symbol. From sincere heart.

There are many different reasons for this dream, including.

  • A symbol of you loving yourself and accepting yourself for who you are.
  • A reminder that you are lovable and worthy of love.
  • A dream where you get something you feel you are missing, such as being told you are loved and feeling a sense of being loved.
  • A dress rehearsal for your life and what’s to come.
  • A symbol that someone you have met is a good match for you.

What If I’m Telling Someone That I Love Them In My Dream?

This could be a sign that you want or are ready for love in your life. It could also mean that you have found the right person, even if you haven’t openly acknowledged it yet.

Kissing Dreams

Kissing Dreams

Are you having love dreams about being kissed or kissing someone else? The interpretation depends on a few things, such as who is kissing you and how you feel about it. Here are some common examples.

Kissing Your Current Partner: This can indicate that your relationship is either lacking in intimacy or doing well in that department. Only you know the truth behind that. It can also just mean that everything is going well in your relationship.

Kissing Another Person’s Partner: When you kiss your friend’s partner or your sibling’s partner in your dream, it can be worrisome. But, just because you kissed someone in a dream doesn’t mean you want to steal them from someone else, or that they want you for that matter. It could just symbolize your desire for passion or love. It could also mean that you like and approve of the person you are kissing. But, it could also mean that you are jealous of their relationship with someone you know and want it in your life.

Kissing Your Friend: This can be creepy, especially when you are kissing someone of certain sex that you don’t normally find attractive. But, don’t worry about this dream. It might just be a symbol of your friendship and closeness. It might also indicate that you have a bond and cherish them. Kissing is something we do to show love, so it makes sense that you might dream about kissing a friend that you love. This may also indicate that you see the person as more than a friend. But, again, only you will know the answer to that if you are honest with yourself.

Kissing Someone You Don’t Know: This could just indicate your desire for love in your life. But, if you feel bad during this kiss, it might indicate that you are being taken advantage of by someone you care about, especially if they kiss you first. It’s a sign that they are trying to make you think they care about you even though your gut is telling you otherwise.

Love Dreams About Your Crush

Dreaming about a crush

If you are dreaming about your current crush, and it’s a positive dream, then you are likely just having a fantasy dream. This is especially true if you are holding hands or kissing or they are confessing their love to you. Even if you are just hanging out and feeling comfortable – as if you are in a relationship – this is likely just a dream about finally being with your crush.

If the dream of your crush is negative, it may be a sign that you don’t feel worthy of being with someone or being loved. It’s important to work on that feeling so that you can gain confidence.

If you are dreaming about someone you had a crush on a while ago but haven’t thought of recently, it could just mean they have been brought to your attention again through friends or Facebook or a memory. If you feel bad about your past crush, it could mean that you are afraid to go after what you want or feel rejected in life. It could also mean you are afraid of falling back into unhealthy habits or thoughts.

If someone has a crush on you, then you are feeling confident!

If you dream about your crush dying, don’t panic. Death dreams don’t normally symbolize death. Instead, they symbolize the end of something. Therefore, you may be ending your feelings toward your crush or realizing that your crush is not going to work out.

Love Dreams About Marriage

Dreaming about marriage

Obviously, if you are getting married soon or are planning on attending a wedding soon, this dream is likely just a representation of that, no matter what’s going on in the dream. If the wedding is a disaster, it could symbolize your fear around the marriage or wedding. If it is fun and lighthearted, it could symbolize your excitement about the upcoming wedding.

But, just like death, most dreams about marriage have nothing to do with marriage. The following are some examples of dreams that have something to do with marriage in the dream but actually symbolize something else. These are old and generic interpretations, but they are kind of interesting.

Being a Bride or Groom: If you dream about a bride, it could symbolize that you are coming into money.

Being a Groomsman or Bridesmaid: This could mean that love is coming your way!

Being at a Wedding: Going to a wedding can symbolize a huge commitment or change coming up in your life.

Being Kissed At The Alter: This can be a symbol of a get-together with family or friends soon.

Eloping: This can symbolize that you want to run away from something that is occurring – even if other people think it is positive. It may also symbolize that you are coming up to a big change that you are not ready for.

Your Future Partner Running Off With Someone Else: Yikes! This isn’t a fun love dream to have. This may indicate that your partner is not all they are cracked up to be. Make sure this dream isn’t stemming from something you’ve seen or heard about. However, if you haven’t seen signs of your partner being unfaithful, then this dream could just indicate that you or both of you have insecurities about your relationship.

A License Of Marriage: This could symbolize that you are seeking commitment in your relationship or somewhere else in your life.

A Veil: If you are wearing a veil, then you could be hiding from something or not wanting to show your true self to someone. It could also be a symbol that you are not wanting to face a problem that you are having, that you are keeping secrets, or that you feel worried about something.

Love Dreams About Sex and Hooking Up

Dreaming about sex

What Does A Sex Dream Mean?

Sex and intimacy go hand in hand. So, a sex dream can indicate that you are either wanting to be intimate with someone or are feeling a lack of intimacy in your relationship. It could also just mean that you want sex!

Here are a few sex dream interpretations.

Having a Hard Time Finding A Place To Have Sex: This could symbolize that you are having a hard time finding intimacy in your life.

Sex With A Celebrity: This could symbolize your desire to be of status. Of course, it could also just mean that you watched a movie with that celebrity and found them hot.

Sex With A Gender You Are Not Attracted To: This doesn’t mean you need to question your sexuality. It could just mean that you are feeling good about yourself and comfortable with who you are. It could also mean you are becoming more accepting of other people.

Dreaming About Finding A Lover

Finding someone to love can indicate you are feeling yourself! It can also symbolize that you are feeling whole in some way – complete.

And, it may just be a sign that someone is coming into your life soon that fits all the criteria that you have set out for a partner, so keep your eyes open!

Start a Dream Journal

There are plenty of generic dream interpretations out there for love dreams and other dreams, but if you want to be able to really interpret your love dreams, then you need to start a dream journal. It will help you gain insight into your life, your symbols, and your thoughts. As you work through a dream journal – and compare your dream to your life, you will start to notice patterns and understand why you have certain dreams, especially recurring love dreams.

Take a 30-day dream journal challenge and see how good you can become at interpreting your own love dreams and other dreams.

I’ve been keeping track of my dreams for decades. Because I dream journal, I know whether a love dream is a fantasy, means something, or is just an indicator that things are going on the right track.

You Can Ask Me For Help To Interpret Your Love Dreams

Often your intuition will tell you what your love dreams meant. If it resonates with you, then it’s probably true.

If you want me to interpret your dream for you, please leave the details about your dream in the comments below. I can give you my interpretation of your dream, but, it’s important to remember that your symbols may not be the same as my symbols. I can still help you get pointed in the right direction though.

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