6 Keith Ferrazzi Quotes That Can Help You Be More Successful

Keith Ferrazzi is most known for his popular book ‘Never Eat Alone’. He has some great advice for networking and, more importantly, for networking authentically. He takes networking to the next level, where he focuses on being genuine and building relationships with people in order to create the life you want. If you listen to Keith Ferrazzi talk, you will find that everything he has to say has value, which is why I wanted to dish out some Keith Ferrazzi quotes.

1. Vulnerability Is A Good Thing

keith ferrazzi quote

Never Eat Alone was published in 2005. Since then, Keith Ferrazzi has learned that when you are a little vulnerable you are well rewarded.

This is what makes Keith Ferrazzi so capable of teaching authentic marketing. Authenticity is born from vulnerability. Being vulnerable allows you to connect with yourself on a level that you can’t connect with when you close yourself off from anything and everything.

So, take it from Keith Ferrazzi and allow yourself to be vulnerable. Take chances. Put yourself out there. Don’t act like you know everything. It will help you form relationships, share experiences, learn valuable information, teach others, and connect better with other people.

2. Action Matters

You don’t think your way into a new way of acting. You act your way into a new way of thinking.

Keith Ferrazzi knows something that many self-help students don’t know yet. You can learn all you want to learn, but if you don’t start acting on what you learn, you will never change your life.

Furthermore, taking action is required for progress and success. You can’t hope that one day you are going to do what you need to do for success. Even if you don’t think you are capable, you have to do it. The sooner you do it, the sooner you change your beliefs and life.

3. You Need Other People To Achieve What You Want

It’s with and through people that we’ll achieve the great things we want to achieve.

Keith Ferrazzi says that you cannot achieve great things without others. He says you cannot reboot yourself by yourself. You need a team to help you do that.

Reach out to other people. Build relationships. Build connections. And allow those connections to help you move forward.

4. Again, Action Matters

Only 10% of the way we learn and change our behaviors is through knowledge and understanding. The real way we change our behaviors is doing shit.

Another Keith Ferrazzi quote highlighting the importance of action. If you are working on personal development, this may be the quote you want to get up on the fridge for you to see often.

Take what you learn and then use it so that you can make real changes in your life.

5. You Can’t Serve Others If You Don’t Know Who They Are

Intimacy and generosity work together hand in hand. The more you learn about somebody, the more you can serve them.

Generosity will get you far in life. It will help you feel good about yourself and build your confidence, but it will also help you build connections with other people that could make the difference between you succeeding in life or not.

This is why you should build real relationships with people. Don’t just focus on the superficial stuff. Learn more about them. Spend quality time with them. Learn as much as you can about them. Then you will be able to serve them. And serving them may be the very thing that helps you or saves your ass in the future.

But don’t expect something in return. You may never get anything in return (or not for a while) and expecting something could take away from your authenticity with people.

Just know that if you learn from Keith Ferrazzi about authentic networking, you will realize that these relationships will likely serve you to in the future in some capacity.

6. Accountability Matters

We will consistently let ourselves down… unless we have an accountability buddy.

If you want to have success in something, get an accountability partner.

Keith Ferrazzi says that an accountability partner is someone who reminds us of our goals and why we are doing what we doing, and we are more likely to do what we need to do when we have them in our lives.

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