5 Affirmations To Help You Get On The Same Page As Parents

Parents do not always agree when it comes to raising their children. For instance, when a child does something wrong, one parent may want a tougher punishment while the other parent just wants to communicate better with their child. The difference in opinion can be more than obvious when something happens with a child. This is bad as it affects the parental relationship as well as confuses and stresses out the kids. Get on the same page using the following 5 affirmations.

Get on the same page as parents

1. We always consult with each other before talking to our child

Unless you know exactly how your partner is going to respond, make it a rule to consult with each other before giving out punishments or giving your child a yes or no answer.

It’s important to be willing to listen to your partner’s opinions and concerns and then adjust what you would do based on those opinions and concerns. Remember, there are two of you in the fold, and both of you should be able to make decisions when it comes to big things in the relationship, such as parenting your children.

When you take the time to consult with your partner, you can discuss how to move forward and relieve the stress and tension that comes from being on different pages after the fact.

2. We always find common ground

I know countless people who openly admit that they will never agree on how to parent with their partner. This is the worst thing you can do if you want to get on the same page. It reinforces the belief that you are too different to find common ground and it keeps you defensive and argumentative when you need to discuss parenting issues.

Do NOT affirm to yourself that you are always unable to make decisions because that will keep you stuck in a state of disagreement.

Instead, affirm to yourself that you always find common ground when needed, and that will help you look for ways to compromise with each other.

3. We take time to understand where the other person is coming from

Take the time to talk with your partner about your childhood with your parents and listen to their childhood. Learn about their relationship with their parents, how punishment was given in their home, and any concerns they had growing up with their parents.

This will give you better insight into where your partner is coming from when making their parenting decisions, and it will give you some information to use when talking to your partner about your children and how to move forward.

4. We consistently learn how to be better parents

Everyone can be a better parent – even me, you, and your partner.

There is always something to improve on or learn when it comes to raising healthy and happy children while maintaining your sanity, and that is something you need to remind yourself of on a daily basis.

Parenting classes, books, and groups are great ways to learn more and perfect your parenting style with your partner. As you grow together, you will find yourself getting more and more on the same page as parents.

5. Our focus is on raising healthy and happy kids

Your main focus as a parent should be on raising healthy and happy kids. When that’s where your focus is, you are more likely to find a compromise with your partner, take the time to learn and grow as a parent, and have patience with both your partner and your child.

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