12 Ways to Make a Sad Friend or any Person Happy

make someone sad happy

The most important thing about happiness is that you’re able to share it. There’s a special feeling when you make somebody happy, it is not how much you have but how much you enjoy sharing the happiness you feel inside. Imagine the world how beautiful it would be if everyone could spend more time sharing their happiness. It’s a small act of kindness that doesn’t take a lot of effort to make someone happy. Sharing your happiness and genuinely taking care of a person you treasure the most helps you become a better person. By making other people happier, you create a happier life for yourself.

The best thing you can do for a sad friend is to listen and support him or her. Help her see things from a different perspective and encourage her to cheer up and be happy because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much more to smile about. Here are some suggestions on how to make a sad friend or any person happy.

1. Smile
Did you know that the easiest and most effective way to make someone happy is to smile at them first? Sharing your smile is a sign of friendship and peace. It will give a positive countenance that will surely make people around you happy and comfortable. Your smile makes life more colorful and beautiful. So if you have one smile, give it to people you value the most.

2. Be a good listener
Another easy way to make someone feel appreciated when they are feeling down is to simply hear them out. Sometimes that’s the only thing they need in order to get out from a negative headspace. Trying to understand their thoughts even if you’re not in their shoes, shows genuine interest and gratitude about their own feelings.

3. Spend quality time
Aside from showing that you care about them, show them how much you enjoy their company. Offering your time and effort is one of the greatest things you can do to your brokenhearted friends. During their downcast, they need someone who will be there to cheer them up. You may go on a date together, watch your favorite movie or go on an adventure, this will help a sad friend stay out of focus from the things that keep on bothering her.

Ways to Make a Sad Friend or any Person Happy
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4. Make them feel appreciated
Giving out compliments is a sure-fire way to make someone happy. There’s a lot of positive things you may say to them, like by merely saying “you look good today”, “I like your dress” or “You have nice hair” which could make a person feel appreciated. A sincere compliment to a person who feels depressed could lighten up their gloomy days.

5. Show some encouragement
The world may sometimes be a discouraging place, but if you encourage someone who is in a negative situation perhaps, it will lessen the burden that your friend is carrying. So be that someone who will uplift her instead of pulling her down, be that someone who will shower her with positive vibes rather than show her the opposite of it.

6. Tell a joke or share something funny
Share some funny videos or tell silly jokes that will surely make them laugh and forget their sadness. Laughter is the best medicine for those who are in pain. Good humor will ease all their struggles in life. It is now the universal way to lift our heads and say that everything will be okay.

7. Speak kind words
It is a very simple practice when you endeavor to speak in a kind way to people around you. A typical example would be, by saying “Everything is going to be okay’, “Thank you” or “You can do it”.  Kind words may not cost much but they accomplish well.

8. Send gifts
Have you ever tried giving flowers or giving simple gifts even if there are no special occasions? Surprising someone without any particular reason will brighten up his or her day.  It will help people smile in a fantastic way despite all the problems they are facing in life.

Ways to Make a Sad Friend or any Person Happy
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9. Say I love you
It is not embarrassing to show affection to the one you love like your family, friends or special someone. It is important to remind them how much you love them every day, particularly during the times when they feel sad and unappreciated. A simple “I love you”  will relieve the pain and sadness they feel.

10. Call or text just to check them
Most of us tend to call and text people only when we need something. However, sometimes it feels good to receive a text or call from a special someone without any reason because what we need for happiness is just a good conversation. Checking them out will make them feel valued, cared for, and will make them happy since you’ve taken the time to talk to them just because you wanted to, not because you need something from them.

11. Help out by giving advice
If you found someone who is in trouble or struggling in life, simple support is enough for them. Try your best to help them out, a  helping hand is always a saving grace. You will not only feel good about yourself, but you’ll feel good that you just saved someone from being caged in their predicament.

12. Remind them that they are not alone
Despite all the difficulties they’re facing, always remind them that you are there to support them all the way. Never let them feel that they are waking single-handedly. Tell them to be kind to themselves and not to compare themselves to other people who they perceive are happier and better than them.

Living in this big and complicated world is indeed a blood-curdling road to venture down. However, with the support of the people around us, everything gets lighter and easier. If you want happiness for a lifetime, make an effort to help someone else. Share your happiness and spread the positive vibes around you. It is not about what you have but about doing something that makes you happy.

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Marydel Mitch Flores
Mitch is a writer and photographer. She also does screenwriting for independent film producers and joins various film competitions. Mitch believes that “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

53 thoughts on “12 Ways to Make a Sad Friend or any Person Happy”

  1. Pls help, i have a friend that is very sad and i am afraid it will lead to depression. she got beaten by her brother and got scolded by her parent for something she did not do. Pls help, i am very worried about her. i try talking to her but she said i am lecturing her. So pls help

  2. I am truly unhappy at home, and i am always sad or angry or shouting. Divorced for about 2 years now, and my dad passed away at around the same time, and i feel so alone and angry and sad all the time.
    I cant even stand people around me or even talk or play with my son.
    Sometimes, being dead sounds amazing. But for now, loneliness is better than company, but what can i do to make myself better??

    • Hey, I hope everything is going better now. If not go out with some friends or go play some games or something that can make you feel alive! It can be something personal.
      Send antoher message if you want to talk some more 😉

    • Please Stay Happy no matter how the situation is,this life without happiness is Zero My dear friend..
      Choose to be happy forever please…

    • You need a reason to live ahead and that reason is your son you need to be strong for your son he needs you the most spend time with him go for outings have fun meet new ppl explore new place ik it is easy to say all this no one can understand your pain right now but I need you to get up and give a chance to a new life and be happy with your son

  3. My girlfriend is sad because she don’t know who take her money. The money is for church contribution. She is the secretary in church, the was giving to her after Sunday service. She call me to explain that someone take church money giving to her now she not happy. Pls how can I make her happy again.

  4. i am honestly just wandering ho this makes you feel better i mean i am 13 kinda depressed coz of my family that doesn’t understand me and i think the best way to solve all your problems is suicide. it could be scary but there is something else you can do cut your skin and see the blood drip resembling the pain you face in life. I honestly don’t see the reason to live anymore

    • If you want someone to talk with, I am here for you but maybe you are already feeling better if not send another message. Just know that there is so much more to live for!

  5. How to help someone with a drinking problem? They are always sad and angry when they get to a certain point while drinking .I try to say positive things but fight to get words in

  6. Hi,

    My best friend whom i love alot is sad and depressed but everytime i ask her or try to help her she pushes me away… she just says she is fine and that i am overthinking.. but i can really see her change in her behaviour… but then to the rest of the world she is so different..sometimes i feel is it me that she dislikes so much… i try everything keep checking on her. take all her anger and sarcasstic comments on me..what can i do more to make her feel better… how to take care of her..

    • Hahah …. I also have the same problem as u mentioned …. If u find some solutions for this problem please tell me also ….

  7. if you know him in real, try to do what he likes. if he likes to watch movies ask if he wants to watch it. talk about his problems and thoughts and try to give him some love. just random surprises like food or a long texts were you tell him how amazing he is. just the little things matter. ask if he want to talk about it. and lissin to him. thats already helping so much!

  8. One of my friends are depressed, and I hate seeing him sad! It makes me feel like crying! I, myself actually is slightly depressed as well. I don’t know what to do I can’t make him happy anymore! It makes me feel so helpless, to the part I almost start to cry! can someone please give help me?

  9. I found another way that has been working on my friend who tried to kill herself but didn’t thank god. I have about 20 people seeing her happy quotes and or memes to just put a smile on her face for as long as we can. Also, we make sure that she knows she can talk to us no matter what. I feel like this way really helped her and she is happy now and is in the best shape I’ve ever seen her. Please don’t be scared to use this way to help friends out!

  10. Hi i need some help! I have friends who are fake. They always throw their problems on me but when i have a issue they always leave me to my issues alone. They also leave me out of things to the point where I can’t even look at them what should i do??

    • I know what you mean… you probably feel helpless? Well I bet if you keep being the shoulder for them that they need, everything will seem better.

  11. so hi I have a friend called cerys Nicole reid she is feeling sad and lonely I don’t know what to do she shat her pants earlier n every since then she has been upset maybe she had beastys in her shite. What can I do to help her? Please tell me she is so sad she is crying I dunno what to do so ducking help me now

  12. I actually made my friend feel better by none of these ways. I just spoke words and then she called me voodoo for making her feel better in such a short amount of time. And since then, I don’t feel like I really appreciated her words of calling her that because of my words.

  13. Why does a best friend suddenly change? Are true friends really hard to find? Why will they always tell me that I changed even if they were the one who changed?

    • Friends can change I had a best friend and we both liked a boy and swore we wouldn’t go out with him, a month later some thing changed it still scares me she started acting weird she would scream at me for hours and she went out with that boy and always made me cry and laughed at my tears she was such a sweet girl I don’t know what happened I know her mother had died and that was years ago but I’m not sure if it was that, I sadly can’t answer your questions only share a story about how a sweet flower turned into poison ivy I guess this really is the last man standing

  14. Hello, I have a friend who is girl. But she is struggling with depression. She often feeling sad and doesn’t smile, like almost not at all. I trying to help her to get through this tough time of her life. She was fallen in love with someone but that person left her alone after 3 years. How can I make her happy now? Or what steps she should taken to get out of this condition?

  15. This is a great website and now I can help my best friend get through this hard time of her life and her family’s life. her grandpa is dying slowly she goes to the hospital a lot to see him but she knows he’s dying and it’s sad and I always tell her you can always talk to me and she obviously knows that but I keep reminding her just to keep her a little more notified cuz I want her to always know she has someone who cares about her deeply but she cries a lot she’s just not the same and her other grandpa is dead now and she also has to deal with that and there’s just so so much going on in her life rn and it’s just so sad and depressing to see her like this and uh I wish I could’ve done something to help her out a little but ig I could never done that so yeah but I’m gonna help her get through this thanks to your website!♥️

  16. just let him be who he is and his dad cant make choices for him even tho he is gay he will be loved by everyone and his dad must accept the sexuality of his son , accept people for who they are,and i hope you guys figure every problem u
    r going through now

  17. Hello, I have a friend who is gay. But he’s struggling with depression. He is often feeling sad and doesn’t smile, like almost not at all. I and my best friend are trying to help him to get through this tough time of his life. He just confessed to his dad that he’s gay and his dad didn’t believe him so he said that if he is gay he cant play ice hockey. And that is making us sad, and concerned for him. How can I make him happy now?

    • Be there for your friend. Don’t let him be alone and upset as that will make it harder for him. His dad will accept him because he should love his son no matter what. Weather he his gay or not he should love him any away! Send your friend a lovely message saying what you feel about him and how you are worried for and and want to help him. Tell him you will always be there for him and just love him (a friend way).i have a lot of friends going through rough times such as parents dying and depression and bullying and lots of different things so I know what I’m doing! Hope this helps 😆

    • I am gay/bisexual myself and everyone keeps thinking I’m like retarded or something and I feel like nobody cares. I feel like I should stop being gay/bi so that people will accept me.

      • Don’t pretend you’re straight just so a few apes will accept you. I don’t really know anything about your situation, and I’m lucky to live with a supportive family and school, but I still think that pretending to be something you’re not will just make you more and more unhappy. When I came out as trans, my dad started being uncomfortable with me he never had been before), and I’m sure he didn’t even believe me, but now our relationship is better than it was before I did. I guess it’s ’cause I used to be really sour, but when I finally embraced the fact that I’m trans and came out, I didn’t have to hide it anymore and now I feel a lot more like the real me and I’m a lot less angry. Accepting just being who you are, and not just about your gender or sexual orientation, is really important to being happy. Also, you 𝘸𝘪𝘭𝘭 find people that are 𝘸𝘢𝘺 better than those idiots who can’t just live with you being gay/bi. But I don’t know anything about you, and, like, if you’re really needy and literally have no friends not even a not that close one 𝘣𝘦𝘤𝘢𝘶𝘴𝘦 of your sexual orientation, I mean, it 𝘪𝘴 your choice, but you it could get to you after awhile. Also, of course you don’t need to shove your sexuality into other peoples faces, and you should not at all tell people if you aren’t comfortable, but actually explicitly pretending to be straight will just make you feel like sh*t. ‘Cause you can’t actually change your sexual orientation and it will just feel more and more like something is wrong with you when there absolutely isn’t. Like, you are you and you shouldn’t have to try to change perfectly fine stuff about yourself for the sake of fitting into a bunch of losers. Of course I don’t know how bad your situation is, but everyone who shows their true gayness to the crowd will help change that crowd into a better crowd. So if you do stand up for your gayness by at least not completely denying it or lying about it, just know that you have my and countless other people’s admiration.
        Anyway, I hope you have a special unexpected good thing happen to you, Isaac, and also to all you LGBTQ+ chaps out there, I send to you a gay sparkle.
        Also, my neighbor is also named Isaac.

      • I’m heterosexual and I think our sexuallity doesn’t matter to our friendships, NOBODY needs to change to have others approval. Your sexuallity isn’t the problem, your “friends” are.

      • Please don’t change the way you are for other people what is happening to you sounds horrid and they are just jealous they arnt as open and as cool as you are I know everyone always Says that but it’s true you arnt dumb for being who you are just try to make new friends that badly talk to your mum or dad they can help you and might even let you move schools please don’t worry and keep on smiling I know it seems hard but it will get better I beg you not to not be gay/bi (I forgot which you said you were) just because of other people it’s sickening to hear how rude people can be and I hope you feel better please let me know if you need any advice stay safe ❤️

      • Have you ever watched queer eye well if your friend hasn’t suggest it to them it’s about 5 gay men who transform peoples lives and most of their parents didn’t accept them and they are an incredible inspiration and people really look up to them ❤️


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