5 Ideas For Using Mind Maps

I love mind maps. They offer a great way to brainstorm, organize your thoughts, and even lay out a plan. Following are some awesome mind map ideas that will inspire you to make your own mind maps.

1. Remind Yourself Of What You Believe In

In this mind map, she wanted to remind herself what success looks like in her creative work, and this mind map clearly shows her what’s matters most to her.

What do you want to clearly define? What do you want to remember about something or someone? Make a mind map for it!

This would be something you could throw up on your wall near your desk or important area and constantly get that reminder of who you are and what really matters.

2. Keep Notes


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I’ve started reading for my exams which start in a few weeks, so I’m making notes using mindmaps🌈

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What a great idea for a mind map. In fact, I was just listening to this podcast where the guys talk about using mind maps to remember important points from their books, and I’m going to be using this method the next time I read a book.

You can write down a thought in the middle – perhaps the premise of the book – and then create a mind map from there proving or disproving the premise.

You could create a mind map for each chapter and have the title of the chapter in the middle with a map of ideas and quotes stemming from it.

If you are a student, you could create a central point for the topic of the class and then create a map of ideas and questions stemming from it.

The way you can use a mind map to record notes from anything you want to remember in endless.

The only downside I see is that things can become too messy. So, personally, I would create a separate mind map for each lesson, chapter, or even point being made. A good notebook dedicated to study or books would be perfect for that!

3. Study


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Hellooo! I’m so sorry for being super busy again – A-Levels! Still trying to get to grips with the biology essay (hence this mindmap on the spec divisions) but other than that I’m fairly happy! Also just firmed my Unis! York / Bristol… there’s a very long subjective story about why and my subsequent approach to results’ day but stress is temporary so I’m managing to keep my anxiety levels down. Hope you’re all fab – we’ve got this! 💗🤞🏻✨ #studygram #studygrammer #studyblr #studying #revise #revision #revising #gcses #gcses2019 #highschool #sixthform #alevel #alevels #aqabiology #aqamaths #ucas #university #studytube #mindmaps #mindmap #fineliners #satisfying #grade9 #alevelbiology #year13 #year11 #motivation #stationery #ukstudygram @stabilouk

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If you just need to remember certain key points, then you can fit it all into one mind map like the above person. I love how neat it is, and it would make it easy to study all the key points before a big test.

4. Change, Let Go Of, Or Create A Habit

This is a great way to stay in touch with a habit you want to let go of, change, or take on.

For instance, the above person is reminding themselves of ways to say no. If you are someone who says yes too much and wants to start saying no more, this simple mind map will be a great reminder to keep you in the ‘no zone’ when the pressure to say yes comes up.

You could use this for any habit you want to get rid of or implement.

5. Keep Track Of Goals

This is from 2017, but this would work for any year, month, or week. I think they would be an awesome at-a-glance mind map for people who have taken Lifebook and want to remember all 12 areas of their Lifebooks and the goals that goal with them.

Of course, you could break it up and do one area at a time. If you’ve taken something like Lifebook, you know that there are plenty of things related to each area of your life that you want to remember, so one mind map per area might be more beneficial.

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