Moving Towards A Life Vision With The Help Of Affirmations

Most people don’t know what they want out of life. They just know that they want to make it through life as happy and healthy as possible. But, what does that really look like for you? It’s important to develop a life vision so you can clearly see what kind of life you want and live out your life in a way that makes you feel good and fulfilled. If you don’t have a life vision, the following affirmations can help you get on the path to figuring it all out.

I Am Capable Of More

It’s important to believe that you are capable of more so that you don’t get stuck where you are.

I know too many people who don’t create a life vision because they don’t believe there is more out there for them. They get stuck affirming to themselves things like ‘this is it’ or ‘this is as good as it gets’, so they can’t visualize anything better for themselves because they don’t believe it’s possible.

The affirmation, ‘I am capable of more’, will help you remember that you have options in life and you can change, progress, and shift things in your life if you want to. It will help you feel like you can do more. And you can.

To say that you are doing all you can you do is ridiculous. You have the ability to learn. You can acquire new skills. You can take more chances and completely change the direction of your life.

You always have the power to choose to do something different, learn, and grow. You just have to make the choice.

I Think Deeply About All Aspects Of My Life

The biggest problem is that most people don’t think about the various aspects of their life. They get hooked on one or two things, such as their love life or their financial state, but they don’t think about things like their character, values, social life, and their morals. These are all things that are important in defining who you are and what you want in life.

When you start to reflect on things like who you are, who you want to be, and what you are willing or not willing to do in life, it becomes easier to see where you want to be 5, 10, or 20 years down the road. You also get some insight into what’s not working in your life currently.

If you haven’t thought deeply about all aspects of your life, I recommend checking out this free Masterclass by Jon Butcher. It will give you some insight into what aspects of your life you should look at and why.

It’s Never Too Late

When my friend turned 45, she decided that life was over and it was too late to go after the life she wanted. It sounds crazy, but I’ve heard people give up much earlier than that. In fact, I’ve heard people in their twenties decide that they are too old to start over or change the direction of their lives.

That’s just crazy talk!

If you think it’s too late to create a life vision, you will not take the steps needed to move to move towards anything different, so this affirmation needs to be repeated to keep that limiting belief out of your mind.

The truth is that it’s never too late to change the direction of your life. You can create a life vision today and start to work towards it.

You may have been blinded by relationships, limiting beliefs, low self-esteem, or poor health, and you weren’t capable of feeling like you wanted more or thinking deeply about your life. But, that can change in a moment’s notice, and you can start to see a clearer vision of who you are and what you want to be.

As long as you are breathing, you can work towards that vision and start to achieve amazing things.

I Am In Control Of My Own Life

If you don’t create a life vision, then you are putting your life in other people’s hands. They are deciding what you do, how you react, and what you are willing to do with your life. In other words, other people literally take over the direction of your life, and you let them.

When you believe that you are in control of your own life, you don’t allow that to happen. You start to look at what you want out of life and think about whether or not the things you are doing are serving you or hurting you. You start to contemplate what you are capable of, and you gain a desire to take action and make decisions that benefit you, not other people.

I know a woman who didn’t realize this truth until her late 60s. She let her parent’s words and beliefs dictate what she did for a living. She let her husband’s beliefs dictate what she did in her free time. She let other people’s opinions dictate how she felt about herself and how she saw herself, which influenced everything in her life negatively. It wasn’t until she realized that she was in control of her life that she started to do the things she loved. She started to travel and view herself as she was – fun, smart, curious, unique, and important.

Don’t focus on what people expect of you or think about you. Remember that you are in control of your own life and focus on what you want and what you think about yourself. That’s going to really help you start moving towards a life vision that inspires you and makes you thrilled to be alive.

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