15 Ways Be Extraordinary Can Help You Form Positive Affirmations

Be Extraordinary is a course on Mindvalley that teaches you how to attract and create the life you want. It’s not focused on the law of attraction, although, it teaches you to become someone who can attract the life you want. The real focus is on giving you new insight into life, your abilities, and what’s true and not true. It challenges you to think outside your box. It introduces new ideas that you haven’t been exposed to yet. And, it gives you techniques to implement change in your life in a positive way. All of that combined makes it a very good course for helping you form new and positive affirmations. If you have a hard time talking to yourself positively, then I truly feel that Be Extraordinary is a course you should take. It can really help shake things up in your mind for the better.

15 Ways Be Extraordinary Can Help You Form More Positive Affirmations

 Be Extraordinary

1. Be ExtraordinaryChallenges Your Beliefs In All Areas Of Your Life

How do you start affirming different things to yourself? You need something to challenge your beliefs. They are what dictate how you talk to yourself. You either need to experience different things or hear new concepts that can help you see things differently.

Each chapter in Be Extraordinary takes on a new model of reality. As you learn new ideas and your current beliefs are challenged, you will find yourself forming new affirmations and swapping them out for the old affirmations that are not serving you anymore.

2. Be Extraordinary Helps You To Feel Part Of Something More

Life can get pretty lonely when you view your world as mean, unchangeable, and depressing. You start to feel disconnected from everything. And that causes you to believe negative things and affirm negative things to yourself.

The stuff Vishen Lakhiani talks about in Be Extraordinary will help you to see that life is much more than a narrow path full of heartache and struggle.

When you realize that, you will start to feel more connected to everything. People will see kinder. Life’s situations won’t seem so brutal, even if they are a struggle and not something you would consider positive. You viewpoint on life will change, and so will the way you talk about it… what you affirm to yourself.

Moreover, you will stop segregating yourself from other people based on outdated beliefs about what’s right and what’s wrong. You will start to see everyone as equal, regardless of what they believe, and that will help you feel much more connected to them.

3. Be Extraordinary Helps You To Become More Compassionate And Calm

When your awareness starts to open up, which is something Be Extraordinary helps you with, you start to develop more compassion for other people and yourself. You can see that you are not a victim in life, but a participant and even a creator.

And, it becomes apparent that a lot of mean, angry, miserable people are not aware of the fact that they could be creators too. They are stuck in a lower state of awareness where they think they are a victim in life. When you see this, you stop hating or resenting these people and see them for who they are.

Moreover, you start focusing on yourself, because you realize that’s where your real power lies, and you become more at peace as you start to be true to yourself and work on building the life you want.

All of that results in better affirmations. You stop affirming how stupid people are AND how stupid you are!

I can’t tell you how many new affirmations came into my life when I stopped viewing myself as a victim and stopped segregating myself from others based on beliefs and traditions. It is truly amazing what a little bit of awareness can do to your viewpoints and self-talk.

4. You Develop A Higher Level Of Thinking

Be Extraordinary helps you develop a higher level of thinking that is more critical and open at the same time.

You start to question the status quo and the beliefs of your parents and grandparents (and even friends and peers), but you also become open to new ideas and ways of looking at things. I’ve found this to be a great thing! It helps inspire, motivate, and transform not only yourself but other people as well as you become a better conversationalist and person in general.

For instance, you may find yourself influencing people with your new way of thinking through conversation or behavior. And, you won’t get into so many arguments with people because you will be able to see where they are coming from and understand why they believe what they do.

5. You Create More Self-Love

This is a huge one for forming more positive affirmations. When you love yourself, you speak more kindly to yourself. It’s simple.

But, you also speak more kindly about other people and the world around you because you realize that negative affirmations are making you feel bad, and you love yourself too much to say things that make you feel bad.

6. You Learn How To Let Go Of Guilt And Shame

Be Extraordinary helps you to let go and move on from past experiences. When you tackle guilt and shame, you get unstuck from negative affirmations and start affirming better things to yourself.

If you are stuck in the past, then you need to listen to Vishen’s advice in Be Extraordinary and learn how and why to let go of all that stuff that isn’t serving you.

7. You Break Free From The Constraints Life Puts On You

You will learn a lot about brules inside of Be Extraordinary. Brules are rules that are holding you back from living the life that you want.

For instance, you may have a brule that you need to put up with a bad relationship because you committed to it. My sister-in-law has this brule. She learned it from her mom who told her that no matter what, she was not allowed to leave her husband. Her mom taught her that men are jerks and that’s just the way it is. She also taught her that marriage is a struggle and you need to get through it as best you can. All these brules are keeping her stuck in an abusive relationship and, take it from me, her affirmations about herself and her life are all negative.

How many brules are dictating how you talk to yourself? You may not even know until you start to go through Be Extraordinary.

Vishen can help you break free from the brules that are dictating many of your negative affirmations.

8. Be Extraordinary Teaches You How To Be Happy In The Moment

One of the positive affirmations important for anything in your life is ‘I am happy right now’. It will help you improve all areas of your life. It will help you speak more positive affirmations, even in times of struggle. Being present in mind and body is important to feel and think positively. Be Extraordinary helps you to be happier at the moment.

9. Be Extraordinary Helps You Get Out Of That Negative Spiral

It’s hard to affirm positive things to yourself when your life is going down the drain. The problem is that the more you affirm negative things, the more your life goes down the drain, so it becomes a trap that you can’t get out of unless you get in front of some new information that challenges your current thoughts.

Be Extraordinary can help you get out of that negative spiral. It has the information to challenge your negative affirmations, and it has the techniques to put into practice so that you can experience new things and start seeing things in a different light.

10. You Let Go Of Some Insecurities

It’s also hard to affirm positive things to yourself when you are feeling insecure about yourself and your life.

As you start to realize your power through the stuff you learn in the course, you also start to let go of some insecurities. Your confidence in your abilities and your potential grows. And, you start to accept yourself for who you are because you realize that it’s alright to do so!

11. Your Relationships Will Improve With The Insights In Be Extraordinary

Your relationships have a huge influence on what you affirm to yourself. If you are stuck in hurtful relationships, like my sister-in-law, then you may be affirming some pretty nasty things to yourself about your value and how relationships play a part in your life. If you are supported and loved, like me, you affirm positive things about yourself and your relationship.

Vishen says something in Be Extraordinary about how ‘hurt people hurt people’. This is so true. It’s a vicious cycle that can be hard to escape until you gain a new awareness of what relationships should look like, how you should be treated, and what you do and do not need to put up with in life.

12. Learn How To Move Towards What Makes You Happy

If you are doing something you hate, then this course can help you see the potential you have to do something you love. It can also help motivate you to make awesome goals and start working towards those goals.

I’ve found that all of Mindvalley’s courses are really good for helping you move towards what makes you happy. They are education for the mind, body, and soul, and you start adopting new beliefs and habits that help you become happier.

When you start moving towards the life you want, you start affirming more positive things to yourself.

13. It Will Help You Become Proud Of Your Unique Self

Be Extraordinary encourages you to stop trying to belong. When you try to belong, you do things that don’t make you feel good or move you towards the life you want. It’s hard to affirm positive things when you are living that kind of life.

But, when you acknowledge who you are, and stay true to yourself, your ethics, and your values, you affirm much more positive things to yourself. You disconnect from irrational and unhelpful beliefs and you connect with much more powerful forms of reality that help you feel good and empowered.

14. You Will Learn Why Positive Self-Talk Is So Important

When I started to increase my awareness, I started to understand why positive affirmations were so important. They dictated how I felt and what I was or wasn’t willing to do in life.

Vishen understands the power of language, and he teaches in Be Extraordinary how mental models have been passed down from generation through generation through language. These mental models are real and they have an impact on you – I guarantee it. When you understand how your life and our world is created by thoughts and language, you can’t help but want to break free from the language and thoughts that are not working for you.

15. Be Extraordinary Can Help You Start To Create The Life You Want

As I said at the start, taking Be Extraordinary is a lot like learning about the law of attraction, but it just takes it up a bunch of notches and gives you real knowledge and techniques to implement for creating the life you want.

Vishen teaches you how you can create things in your world through your thoughts and beliefs, and you never talk to yourself the same after you gain that knowledge.

In other words, after taking the course you can expect your life to be less cluttered with negative affirmations and more full of positive affirmations that make you feel good, alive, and on a path of purpose and fulfillment.

If You Want To Affirm More Positive Things To Yourself, Be Extraordinary Can Help

I found this course to be a huge influence on how I talked to myself. The ideas presented by Vishen are things he’s learned over the many years in working in the personal development field with huge names in the personal development world. Great knowledge rubs off on you when you are rubbing shoulders with great people.

If you want to check out Vishen and get a glimpse into his mind, take his free Masterclass on how to bend reality. If you want to learn more about the course Be Extraordinary, then this page gives all the information about what the course is and what you can expect.

If you have any questions about Be Extraordinary, please ask in the comments below.

Note: The Be Extraordinary quest is part of Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass. It’s a pass that gives you unlimited access to most of Mindvalley’s courses at one price. Read 5 Reasons Mindvalley’s Quest All Access Pass Rocks (And 2 Things That Could Be Improved)

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