23 Subtle Signs Someone Wants to Destroy You

23 Subtle Signs Someone Wants to Destroy You
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Competition is common in any organization. If you excel in your craft, do not be surprised if there are others who dislike you. These are insecure people who cannot accept that someone can be better than them. So, if you want to know if someone wants to destroy you, keep reading.

Check out the following signs to help you confirm your suspicion:

Unusual Treatment

1. Cold Towards You

It is not difficult to tell if someone is cold towards you. Their mood shifts to the negative whenever you arrive. They seem irritable and unnaturally silent when you are around. And if you try to talk to them, you can tell through their eyes that they are not happy to see you.

2. Uses a Different Tone When Talking to You

And whenever that person talks to you, the indifference in their tone is noticeable. It is often flat, without any trace of excitement. Yet, strangely, they do not sound like that when talking to other people.

3. Does Not Include You in Group Bonding

Have you observed that this person often asks your colleagues to hang out but never invites you? Sometimes, you get to join these get-togethers, thanks to someone else. But whenever you are around, you notice that this suspicious individual does not seem happy to see you.

4. Keeps Distance from You

How long have you been with this person in the same office or organization? In the period that you have been together when was the last time they sat or walked near you? If they always keep their distance, you can say they cannot stand your presence.

5. Does Not Greet You

If this person had never greeted you on your birthday when everyone did, you should wonder why. Worse, they never greet you in the office if your paths cross. Even if you initiate greeting them, they just give you a nod or a smile that is more like a smirk.

6. Caught Glaring at You

This is another clear sign that someone wants to destroy you. You accidentally catch the person staring coldly or angrily at you. And when your eyes meet, this person immediately looks away and pretends that nothing happened.

Always in the Opposition

7. Never Acknowledges the Good Things You Do

You know that this person does not like you if they cannot compliment you for your good deeds. Whenever you excel at something, they will never congratulate you for it. Worse, they might even focus on minor, irrelevant flaws.

8. Always Opposes Your Suggestions or Ideas

Have you noticed that this person never agrees with any of your suggestions? They will never buy your ideas no matter how much you give your best in presenting them. Sometimes they can tell you why they do not like it, but there are times when they simply shrug.

9. Downplays Your Success

Aside from not acknowledging your victories, this person will always downplay them. For this individual, those are small wins, and nothing is special about them. This is a typical trait of someone who wants to destroy you.

10. Supports Those Who Oppose You

Factions and conflicts are not uncommon in any organization. What is surprising is there is this particular colleague who will always join forces with those you clash with.

11. Never Defends You

In connection to no. 10, you cannot expect this person to defend you from criticism. In fact, they may even join them in ranting against you.

23 Subtle Signs Someone Wants to Destroy You
Photo by xusenru

Obsession and Jealousy

12. Stalks You on Social Media

One of the reasons why someone wants to destroy you is insecurity. They cannot accept that you are doing better than them. The hate they feel will cause them to be obsessed with proving that they are greater than you. One of its manifestations is stalking you on social media. They want to be updated with your life because they look forward to seeing you fail.

13. Wants to Talk About You All the Time

Another hint that a person is obsessed with seeing you fall is their interest in talking about your life. They like asking others about your personal life, plans, relationships, and even acknowledgments. They want to be updated with your life. Probably, a colleague has noticed this and let you know about their observation.

14. Copies Your Style

You can also tell that a person is obsessed with competing with you because they tend to copy your fashion style. Of course, they will add or remove something to make it less noticeable. And they will always come up with a more glamorous version.

15. Wants Everything You Have

This person is not only mimicking your fashion style but seems to want everything you want. From the car model to the desk organizer design, they seem to copy yours. You can tell they are also after your job position or organization role. If you are in a relationship and this individual knows your partner, this person may even try to flirt with your beau.

16. Observes You All the Time

How can you tell if a person is observing you a lot? They know your mistakes, even the small ones you thought no one noticed. Also, they clearly remember your statements, especially those that can be used against you.

17. Is Not Happy When You Achieve Something

Aside from downplaying your accomplishments, this person is obviously unhappy with them. Expect them to be absent during your celebration parties, and they will not even congratulate you.

18. Always Trying to Prove They are Better Than You

Another sign that a person wants to ruin you is how they always want to prove that they are better than you. Whenever someone praises you for your accomplishments or ideas, this insecure person will find a way to talk about their ‘better’ suggestions and ‘greater’ achievements.

23 Subtle Signs Someone Wants to Destroy You
Photo by xusenru

Indirect Attacks

19. Talks Behind Your Back

If you find out that this person backstabs you, it is clear that they want you destroyed. They love to gossip about you to other people, enjoying your stained reputation.

20. Plays the Victim

If you have a conflict with this person, expect them to play the victim. They will try to gain sympathy from your boss or colleagues. This individual will blame you for everything and avoid the details that will show their wrong side.

21. Tries to Get Your Friends to Their Side

This person will also try to isolate you. If you have good friends in the office or organization, they will try to get them from you too. This person will hang out with them, treat them a lot, and give them gifts. They will also try to get their trust.

22. Gaslights You

During the confrontation, this individual will resort to gaslighting. They will try to make you feel responsible for how they treat you. They want you to feel about yourself and be guilty about how this person feels.

23. Tries to Influence Others’ View of You

If someone wants to destroy you, they will start with your reputation. They will try to manipulate how others think of view. Whenever talking about you, they will pretend to sound concerned, but in reality, they are already leading these people into some speculations about you.


With the abovementioned signs, have you confirmed your suspicion? If someone wants to destroy you, it is because they think you are a threat to them. You can try talking to the person and showing kindness to them. However, if they refuse to soften up, it is okay because you have done your part. You have nothing to fear as long as you work with integrity, sincerity, and excellence.

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