14 Simple Ways to Glorify God in Everyday Life

Simple Ways to Glorify God in Everyday Life
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You do not have to serve God full-time just to glorify Him. Wherever you are right now, He has put you there to be salt and light (Matthew 5:13-16). Meaning, He wants you to be a role model in living a pleasing life to Him.

If you want to start living a renewed life and you want to make God smile each day, here are some simple ways you can do:

1. Choose kindness.

This world is harsh, and it is not unusual to meet rude people. However, instead of returning the favor to those who mistreat you, choose to be different. Do not stoop to their level. Instead, do your best to stay friendly and courteous to them.

Moreover, be kind to everyone in general. Whether you know the person or not, smile at them. Offer help whenever you see a need. Also, make sure to speak gently and politely at all times.

2. Serve instead of waiting to be served.

God wants His people to be humble and have a servant-heart. Even Jesus washed the feet of His disciples. Just like how Christ did not come to be served as a human king, we should also take every opportunity to serve others.

We can serve other people in simple ways. You can open the door for the elderly or carry their stuff for them. Another is by taking the initiative to serve drinks or food to those who are with you. You can also offer a ride to people struggling daily with transportation from and to work.

3. Value integrity.

One characteristic that must be seen in Christians is integrity. If you want to glorify God with your life, pursue an admirable character and reputation. Avoid being corrupted by the worldly system around you.

Some of the ways to live a life of integrity are being honest all the time, treating others equally, and avoiding cheating or being part of corruption. Always remember that your life is a reflection of your faith. So, if you want others to believe in the God you serve, show them that He is real through your life.

4. Keep your feet on the ground. 

God is not happy with proud people. 1 Peter 5:5(b) says, “Yes, all of you be submissive to one another, and be clothed with humility, for ‘God resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble.’”

No matter how successful you become, stay humble. Do not be arrogant or boastful. Moreover, never think that you are better than others. Respect people, regardless of their profession, and serve them whenever you can.

5. Strive for excellence in what you do.

Dedicate everything you do to the Lord, and you will always be encouraged to give your best. God is the King of kings, the Creator of everything, so He deserves the highest honor. For this reason, whatever you do for Him, you have to do it with excellence.

If you are a student, be responsible with your studies and aim for high grades. If you are an employee, avoid mediocracy. If you are a business owner, make sure you give high-quality products and customer service.

6. Honor your parents.

God wants you to love and respect your parents, and this comes with a promise. Exodus 20:12 reminds us, “Honor your father and your mother, so that you may live long in the land the LORD your God is giving you.”

Honoring your parents involves obeying them in the Lord, especially if you still live with them. Obeying them in the Lord means following them in doing what is good in the eyes of God. Moreover, you can honor your parents by serving or taking care of them, mainly when they are old and sick.

 Simple Ways to Glorify God in Everyday Life
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7. Always be truthful.

Honesty is also important to God. He does not want His children to be liars. In addition, once people find out that you are a liar, no one would trust you anymore. How could you encourage others to follow God if you are known for an ungodly trait?

Therefore, always say the truth, even when it is hard. Be honest with everyone you talk to. It is better to be hated for being honest than to be loved because of your lies.

8. Think before saying anything.

In the Bible, James 3 talks about the need to tame your tongue. This scripture reminds us that it is wrong to worship God with our tongue and slander others people with it. It also emphasizes the need for spiritual teachers to be responsible for their words.

It is nearly impossible to tame the tongue. Truthfully, it is hard to keep the mouth from saying negative and hurtful words when you are angry, right? That is why it is best if you make it a habit to think hard before you say anything. You can also choose to keep quiet or just leave the scene.

9. Be a good citizen. 

Another way to glorify God is by being a law-abiding citizen. The government or those in the authorities may not be perfect, but still, God wants you to honor them by obeying the rules implemented in your place unless they contradict God’s laws.

You can be a good citizen in simple ways. Avoid throwing trash just anywhere and teach others to do the same. Observe traffic rules and use the pedestrian lane when crossing the road. Another example would be participating in socio-civic activities, such as clean-up drive operations.

10. Do not be lazy.

God can indeed provide, and He blesses the people He loves. However, it does not mean that you should not work anymore. God hates laziness, and it is also a sin. Of course, He is just and fair, so how will He bless you if He sees you slacking off?

Honor God with the life He has given you by being responsible, diligent, and excellence-driven. Avoid procrastination and always make use of your time wisely.

11. Master the art of self-discipline.

To overcome laziness and procrastination, you must practice self-discipline. Fix your eyes on your priorities, and do not be easily swayed by temptations. The secret here is the combination of focus and determination.

How will you discipline yourself? Manage your time and activities well. Avoid wasting time on insignificant things, like nonstop social media scrolling and playing mobile games. Also, say “no” when your friends invite you to events that conflict with your planned activities.

12. Seize every opportunity to encourage others with God’s Word.

The reason you need to glorify God with your life is the people around you who need to know Him. If God has changed your life for the better, He can also be others’ hope people to change their situations. You cannot encourage others to trust God if His goodness is not evident in your life.

Living a life of integrity and love for others will open doors to share the gospel with those who need to hear it. Given the opportunity, have the courage to encourage people using wisdom from the Bible.

13. Start and end each day spending time with God.

To show God that you really live for Him, make it a habit to start your day by spending time with Him through praying and reading the Bible. Doing so will remind you to offer your day to God, and it will lead you to be more careful in how you behave, think, and speak throughout the day.

Then, before you sleep at night, do not forget to thank Him for all the favor and blessings you have received during the day. Confess your sins and ask for forgiveness for them too.

Simple Ways to Glorify God in Everyday Life
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14. Offer everything you do as an act of worship to the Lord.

Not just the start and end of your day, but you should offer every waking moment of your life to God. Dedicate to Him everything you have to do, including cleaning your house, washing the dishes, studying your lessons, or finishing paperwork.

Do everything as an act of worship to God by giving your best and having a grateful heart. Even in small things, you can glorify God with your life.

Live a Life of Purpose

The purpose of your existence is simple–to live for God. Living in His will and allowing the Lord to use you for His glory will give you joy, peace, and a sense of fulfillment. Moreover, it will bring favor and blessings that you have never asked for.

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Ernest Sapp
Ernest Sapp
March 4, 2022 8:24 am

I truly enjoyed reading and absorbing all of the outstanding inspiring tips that were shared by the author (Cyril Abello). I learned a lot of valuable spiritual information that will definitely help me glorify and honor God — Daily.