Why Ghosters Always Come Back: 19 Reasons

Why Ghosters Always Come Back: 19 Reasons
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Ghosting, the act of abruptly cutting off all communication with someone without explanation, has become common in modern dating. However, it’s not uncommon for ghosters to come back and reach out to the person they ghosted.

Sadly, ghosting can happen in romantic relationships, friendships, or even professional connections. It is often considered a disrespectful and hurtful way to end a relationship, as it leaves the other person confused and wondering what went wrong.

Moreover, ghosting can cause feelings of rejection, abandonment, and self-doubt. It is important to remember that ghosting is not an appropriate way to end a relationship. Of course, it is always best to have an honest conversation about your feelings and intentions.

Here are 19 possible reasons why ghosters come back:

Regretting It

1. They Realized They Had Made a Mistake.

Sometimes, ghosters may come back because they realize they made a mistake by cutting off communication and want to make amends. They have probably realized that the person they ghosted did not deserve it and hoped they could be given a second chance.

2. They are Finally Ready to Commit.

One of the usual reasons people ghost someone is because they get overwhelmed by commitment. However, once they realize they are actually ready for it, ghosters may come back, hoping to take the relationship to the next level.

3. They Miss the Connection.

Ghosters may come back because they miss having the person they ghosted in their lives. They hope they can reconnect with them, whether romantically or casually. It simply means they regret losing their trust and companionship in the first place.

4. They Feel Lonely.

In addition, ghosters may come back because they feel lonely and miss the companionship of the person they ghosted. There is a big chance they feel deeply sorry for leaving the person, and now they want to get back with them again.

5. They Are Seeking Closure.

Another reason why ghosters may return is the guilt they feel. They cannot attain peace of mind because they know they have hurt someone who loved them. Thus, they come back because they want closure by talking to the person they ghosted to end things properly.

6. They Feel Alone.

Aside from being lonely, ghosters may regret their actions once their new partner leaves them, and others hate them for what they did. So, in the end, they have nowhere to go but the person they left. They are desperate for acceptance and belongingness.

Just Needed Space

7. They Were Going Through Something.

Sometimes, ghosters left because they had a tough time and needed space. Then, once they have already recovered, they may want to reconnect with the person they love. Possibly, they just wanted a breather and did not want to involve their partner in their personal mess.

8. They Just Needed Time.

Ghosters may have originally feared commitment or vulnerability and needed time to process their feelings. Then, once they are sure they can commit or open up to the person already, they may decide to try for a second chance. This may take a while, so they chose to be alone for some time.

9. They Were Unsure About Their Feelings.

Others could be unsure about their feelings for the person they ghosted and needed time to figure it out. To stop giving them false hope while they still had to be sure of their own feelings, they had no choice but to run away. However, once they are sure of their affection for the person, they will bravely face them again.

10. They Were Confused.

People who get caught in the middle may resort to ghosting too. Probably, they got involved with two people who have fallen in love with them. Since the confusion of whom to choose may cause more pain to the persons involved, they probably decided to disappear for a while. And after carefully weighing their choices, they may return to the person they choose.

Why Ghosters Always Come Back: 19 Reasons
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11. They Have Not Moved On.

Another reason why ghosters left is that they were not yet completely healed from their previous relationship. Knowing it was unfair to their new partner, they chose to leave them instead. Then, once they have already moved on, they may want to reconnect with the new partner since they are finally ready to love them wholeheartedly.

12. They Wanted to Fix a Personal Issue First.

It is understandable for people to have fears and doubts in relationships, especially when it comes to the possibility of their partner being involved in an issue. This is one of the reasons why some resort to ghosting someone they loved. And once they have fixed the conflict, they would be ready to return, hoping their loved one would still accept them.

13. They Were Hurt.

Some people became ghosters because the relationship became toxic, causing them unbearable pain. Painful relationships can end, but it is important to remember that people can come back into our lives once the hurt has healed. Keep an open mind and heart, as forgiveness and growth can lead to beautiful new beginnings.

14. They Were Busy.

Some people could have been so busy with work or other obligations and did not have time to communicate. However, this does not necessarily mean they wanted to leave their partner. They were just overwhelmed by pressure. Then, once they already find the opportunity, they may come back to the person.

Just to Satisfy Their Ego

15. They Were in a Rebound.

Another reason why ghosters come back with tails between their legs is the failed new relationship. They probably left the person who loved them for a rebound relationship, and sadly, it did not work out. For this reason, they want to be back to their original partners to save their faces.

16. They Are Jealous.

Once ghosters find out their exes have moved on and are now dating someone else, there is a big chance they will come back. Ghosters may return because they were jealous of seeing the person they ghosted move on and want to reconnect.

17. They Were Testing the Waters.

It is possible for ghosters to return simply because they want to test the waters. Probably out of boredom, they hope to see if the person they ghosted still has feelings for them. This does not necessarily mean that they still have feelings for the person.

18. They Are Playing Games.

Some ghosters just come back because they want to play games.  They only want to see how the person they ghosted would react if they suddenly appeared in front of them. If this is the case, there is a big chance that these ghosters will once again disappear.

Why Ghosters Always Come Back: 19 Reasons
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19. They Are Curious.

Ghosters may come back because they were curious about how the person they ghosted was doing. It does not necessarily mean that they want to be back in their lives. They probably just want to stalk them and see if their victims would have been better without them.

How to React

It is important to remember that ghosting can be hurtful and confusing. If a ghoster comes back, it is up to the person who was ghosted to decide if they want to reconnect or not. Moreover, it is necessary to communicate openly and honestly in any relationship so that both parties understand where they stand.

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