Two Affirmations For When You Start To Get Depressed About The World

I am no stranger to being scared of what’s going on in the world. Bad news used to bring me to my knees in fear. I was always worried about war, the world ending, chaos, and a million other things. I also focused on the people who weren’t as lucky as I was, and that made me sad. It was almost like the world was a great big horror show and I didn’t like it.


Once I started thinking differently about the world and the people in it, I stopped being so scared and sad and started to have feelings of hope.

If you are stuck in that depressed state when you hear about the latest news or think about what’s going on, following are some affirmations that may help you see things differently and feel better.

1. Things Have Improved And Can Still Improve

We are constantly bombarded with news that makes it seem like the world is going to shit, but the fact is the news is focused mostly on things that go wrong and things that will shock or even devastate you. Why? It’s our nature to want to find out what’s going on when something bad has happened.

So, yes, these shitty things are happening in the world. There’s no denying it. But, there are also many good things happening that are not being talked about. We just don’t hear about it because we wouldn’t be so quick to find out the details and how it might impact us.

For instance, the following stats are taken from a TED talk done by Steven Pinker, a professor of cognitive science, where he proves that progress is happening and it should be appreciated.

Last year in the USA

30 Years Ago in the USA

  • Homicide was 8.5/100k
  • Poverty was at 12%
  • Pollution was a 35 million tons particulate matter and 20 million tons Sulfur Dioxide.

World Today

  • Wars: 12
  • Autocracies: 60
  • Extreme Poverty: 10%
  • Nuclear arms: 10,325

30 Years Ago

  • Wars: 23
  • Autocracies: 85
  • Extreme Poverty: 37%
  • Nuclear arms: 60,780

If you want more stats like this, listen to his entire TED talk.

The point is that we need to affirm to ourselves that things have gotten better and can continue to get better.

With that viewpoint, we don’t get caught up in the thought process of ‘things are going to shit’, which is depressing and keeps you stuck in a state of fear and sadness.

2. I Can Help Make The World A Better Place

How can the world get better? Through me, you, and anyone else who has the willingness to try to solve world problems instead of contributing to them.

In my experience, there are many more people out there trying to ensure happiness, health, and awareness is being promoted over depression, sickness, and lack of knowledge.

That’s why I write! I want to promote the good things, open up people’s awareness, and help create the change that they want to see.

You can make this world a better place. You don’t need to contribute to fear, hate, or regression. You can contribute to the peace, love, and progression.

I have faith that what I’m doing is contributing in a positive way, and that faith helps me feel better about getting up and taking action in my own way when faced with the bad news that I have no power to do anything about.

And let me be honest, when you get up and take action to make the world a better place, you instantly feel better. Yes, that horrible event may still be clear in your mind, but doing something is ALWAYS better than doing nothing and stewing in your thoughts.

So, use your affirmation ‘I can help make the world a better place’ to inspire you to do something that actually gets that result. Brainstorm for solutions to the problems, contribute to your community, donate to the people in need, or share positive thoughts and stories with people who may need some inspiration to get out of their depressed state about the world.

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