8 Things To Tell Yourself When You’re Worried About Someone Dying

Things To Tell Yourself When Youre Worried About Someone Dying

Whether you are worried about a pet or a person dying, the fear and sadness that go along with it are tremendous. It’s like they’ve already died and you are grieving them, even though you know in the back of your mind they are still alive. It’s important to recognize when you are worrying and …

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Overcome Something That’s Bothering You With These 8 Affirmations

Man overcame on top of mountain

It sucks to be stuck on something negative. It takes up your time, energy, and happiness. You can’t be fully present and enjoy the moment. That’s why it’s important to overcome something that’s bothering you as quickly as you can. The release will help you feel a million times better. Following are some affirmations that …

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5 Affirmations To Use When Someone Hurts You Emotionally In Your Day

Woman and man talking and woman sad

Throughout your day, people can hurt you through their words, actions, and behaviors. People you know and people you don’t know all have the potential to hurt you. When you get hurt, that can ruin your productivity and happiness for the day. Your focus can go completely towards the pain you are feeling. For many …

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Affirmation: I Have A Right To Be Happy

I have the right to be happy

Have you heard about the happiest person in the world? Well, that’s what some media outlets called him when they found out he surpassed some other participants in a study in the happiness level. His name is Matthieu Ricard and he is a funny, kind, and compassionate monk. In a TED talk he did, he talks about …

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7 Positive Affirmations For When You Feel Worthless

affirmations self worth

Sometimes all the losses, unkind words, and bad experiences with others can bring us down and make us feel worthless. While there are many things you can do to help yourself, the right affirmations can help you realize your self-worth despite what happens, what other people say, and what experiences you have. Bottom line: If …

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5 Practical Things To Do So That You Can Smile More

Woman smiling from ear to ear

Most of us smile when something good happens to us. But, there is magic in having one of those genuine moments where your smile comes naturally and easily.  The more you smile naturally, the more it can benefit your happiness, relationships, career, and health. So why wouldn’t you want to smile more? Let’s talk about …

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