Affirmations To Help You Stop Feeling Sad At Night

There are many different reasons you may be feeling sad at night. Loneliness is definitely one of them. But, ruminating on your day and your future, not having solid goals and dreams in your life, and doing things that contribute to your sadness also contribute to your feeling sad at night. Following are some affirmations to help you combat those reasons you are feeling sad and start feeling better during your night.

feeling sad in evening

I Enjoyed My Day

In the evening, we often look back on our day and go over what we did or didn’t do. We mull over experiences, good and bad… but, let’s face it, we usually focus on the bad.

What didn’t happen the way we wanted it to.

How we screwed up.

How someone hurt us.

And this can cause us to feel down on ourselves and our lives.

To fix this, you need to focus on the good in the day. You are not going to get rid of the negative situations during the day because that’s a part of life – ups, downs, and stupid people are never going to go away.

Therefore, sit down, write out all the good things that happened and all the accomplishments you had, and that will help you see that your day was good – or at least partly good, even though some bad things/decisions may have happened.

And, as you write down these things and read them, use the affirmation ‘I enjoyed my day’ and keep your focus on what went right.

I Do Meaningful Things During The Day

If you go to bed feeling like you wasted your day, it may be because you are not doing important things during the day.

For example, instead of getting your work done, you may spend your time on meaningless stuff like scrolling through Facebook or watching way too much TV.

It’s important to do meaningful things during the day. Fill it up with things worth doing – things that help you move towards your goals and make you feel fulfilled.

If you aren’t sure what makes you feel fulfilled or have goals to help you get the life you want, then you need to take something like Lifebook by Jon Butcher, where you take a look at your life, deepest thoughts, wants, and needs, and come up with a vision for your life that makes you excited. That will help you keep your focus on the most meaningful tasks and obligations of the day.

I Practice Mindfulness During My Evenings

After the day is done, the evening allows a lot of time to think, contemplate, and worry. That contributes to anxiety and sadness that can often be felt in the evening.

Experts recommend that you practice stress-relieving activities like mindful meditation, mindful baking, or mindful yoga during the evening. Being mindful helps you stay out of that worrying mode. It helps you concentrate on what you are doing and enjoy it… whether it’s hanging out with someone, engaging in a hobby, or working on your personal development.

Mindfulness… just practice it. It will improve the way you feel in the evening and the rest of the day. If you not sure where to start, read a book and develop a plan.

I’m Okay With Being Alone

If you are alone, and loneliness is getting you down during the evening, you need to embrace the pleasure of being alone. I know, it may not seem possible right now, but as you affirm to yourself that you are okay being alone, you will start to find reasons why.

When I was forced to live alone for the first time in my life, I constantly affirmed to myself that I loved being alone, and I added reason on top of reason as I went along.

I loved being able to do what I wanted to do without compromising or having to share.

I loved the peace and quiet that helped me stay mindful instead of distracted.

I loved being able to do things that I wouldn’t do in public or around other people – in other words, totally be myself.

Being alone allowed me the freedom to be me, but also to get to know me. I learned what I liked and didn’t like because I had no influence on my feelings and thoughts but me.

It was incredibly eye-opening. If I was not happy, I had nobody to blame but myself and I was able to figure out what was making me unhappy and fix it.

Being alone is a time of reflection and discovery, and it’s a time to fully live your purpose. When you start to view it that way, you will stop feeling like you need someone there to distract or entertain you, and you will find ways to fill your evenings and nights with purpose and fun.

I Do Things That Make Me Feel Good

If you are just sitting around feeling bad during the evening, you need to stop. You need to be proactive and do something that makes you feel good.

It’s important to do something that helps you develop positive thoughts.

For instance, do something that makes you laugh or makes you feel productive and want to pat yourself on the back.

Some people feel good watching a TV show that they love and eating their favorite food, others feel good going out for a walk and their organizing their closet. You do you. Do what makes you think better thoughts and feel better feelings.

Also, develop a bedtime routine that makes you feel good… something you will look forward to every night. A good bedtime routine is a powerful way to make yourself feel good.

I Constantly Work On My Personal Development

It’s important to constantly work on personal development because, as you do, you become more confident in yourself and deal with less automatic negative thoughts, which are a huge hindrance to feeling good in the evening.

We all have automatic negative thoughts. They are a part of having a human brain. You aren’t going to get rid of them. Everything isn’t lollipops and rainbows all the time. But, the bottom line is that if you feel bad about yourself or unsure of yourself, you are more likely to have automatic negative thoughts pop up.

For example, if you have low self-esteem, it’s important to work on developing your self-esteem. Don’t just let it go. Take action on improving your self-worth and your thoughts with it.

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