5 Reasons I’m Grateful To Have Amazon Prime Right Now

I’ve been with Amazon Prime for years. I’ve always been grateful for it, but now I’m really grateful that I have it. This is a time where we are not going out as much as we figure out what’s going to happen with COVID-19, and I realize just how beneficial it can be to have an Amazon Prime membership.

Free Delivery With Amazon Prime

1. Giving Gifts

As more and more people decide to stay home, giving gifts with Amazon Prime makes it easy to connect and let people know that you are thinking of them, even if you can’t get to them.

For example, my mom is stuck at home and she’s not used to being at home. She likes to be out and about and hang out with her friends, but they are canceling get-togethers so that they can practice social distancing while we try to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

I’m also keeping my distance from her because I’ve been hanging out with some people who have traveled recently and while none of us have any symptoms, we want to be sure to protect the seniors and vulnerable in our lives and in our world.

I tend to see my mom quite often, and I like to bring her little things because she has given me so much throughout my life. Now, I won’t be able to physically bring her something for a few weeks, but I will be able to order her something and send it to her! My Amazon Prime allows me to send to whatever address I want.

2. Getting Things I Need

I’m one of those people who have enough food to survive on for a few months. But there are always those things that you run out of because you don’t buy in bulk or can’t buy in bulk.

Right now, I don’t want to go to the stores. It’s too busy and people are too stressed out and I don’t want to deal with any of that negative energy. Plus, as I said, I don’t want to go out and be a part of the community spread in any way right now. I may not have COVID-19, but I’m not someone who has to be out right now and staying home allows people who have to be out the ability to distance themselves and get what they need to get done, done.

But I sometimes still need a few things. That’s where Amazon Prime can come in handy.

I’m in Canada, so I can’t get all my shopping done with Amazon Prime, but I can get a lot of things that I need and want. Here are some of those things that I just had delivered because I had forgotten to get them on my last shopping trip.

amazon prime delivered

I’m hoping that Amazon Canada catches up to Amazon in the United States so that we can have even more options for food delivery. But, right now the grocery section on Amazon does have a lot of choices, even for a vegan like me. In fact, scrolling through Amazon’s vegan options is how I found out that the dark chocolate Aero bar is vegan!

3. Buying Things To Keep Me Busy

I’m going to be home a lot more, and that means I’m going to catch up on the hobbies that I enjoy doing at home, such as scrapbooking and memory planning. The other day a friend of mine let me use a little gadget that made both of those things much more fun, and I was able to purchase it instantly through Amazon Prime and it’s being delivered today – two days later.

order through amazon prime

4. More Entertainment

Sometimes you just want to be distracted from your thoughts and watch a movie or a TV show… or the whole series.

While we have quite a bit of entertainment at our fingertips, Prime Video, which comes with Amazon Prime, offers things you can’t get from other sources. They are really stepping up their game and matching Netflix and Crave. In fact, in my opinion, they are better than Crave and equal to Netflix. And they have originals too.

For instance, Al Pacino is in a new Amazon Original show called Hunters.

amazon prime video screenshot

Amazon prime Video

5. Amazon Is Creating New Jobs

Just today, Amazon announced that they will be hiring 100,000 new roles to keep up with demand. The more of us that order from Amazon, the more jobs will open up in all countries, and that will be an amazing thing. I want to support that initiative. It would be nice if these new roles could stay permanent long after the COVID-19 panic goes away.

From everything I’ve heard and read, I think that more people will be working from home, staying closer to home, and traveling less in the year (possibly years) to come.

I keep hearing the phrase ‘social distancing needs to become the new normal for a while’, and that means going out less and ordering in more. So while I plan to support local businesses by ordering from them (and I think it’s extremely important to do that), I also want to support the new jobs at Amazon that will fuel a way to practice social distancing and keep the world safe and running.

Interested? Try Amazon Prime with a free 30-day trial here.

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