My Review Of Marisa Peer’s Uncompromised Life Quest On Mindvalley

I don’t think there’s ever been so much uncertainty in the world in my entire life as there is right now. One thing I know is that it doesn’t matter what is going on in the world, your thoughts, beliefs, and habits impact how you feel about your life and how you move through it. This is why I chose to take Mindvalley’s Uncompromised Life by Marisa Peer. It’s the perfect time to focus on my thoughts and how I talk to myself. I just finished the course, and now I have some tools in my toolbox to deal with what’s going on thanks to Marisa Peer. If you’re interested in the course, read on for my full Uncompromised Life review.

Note: If you have any specific questions about Uncompromised Life, scroll down to the comments and feel free to ask me!

In Uncompromised Life, Marisa Peer Focuses On 8 Things We Need Our Minds To Do

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I Finished This Course In March Of 2020, But Because I’m Part Of The Mindvalley Membership, It’s Been Open For Me Since August And That’s Why It Says August To September.

There are 8 core lessons in Uncompromised Life that Marisa Peer teaches. They all have to do with what it takes to live an uncompromised life by understanding your mind and using it to your advantage.

I can’t say there is one lesson that is better than the other. They were all impactful in my life.

However, I know that there were some lessons that I need to focus on more, so I plan on going back to them now that I’m done the course and using the hypnosis sessions that Marisa Peer provides to drive the lesson into my mind and work on making what she teaches a regular part of my life.

Each week you focus on one of the 8 lessons, so there are 8 weeks in total.

Each week had a lesson which is about an hour long and then a practice session, which is a hypnotherapy session by Marisa Peer focused on the lesson.

Marisa Peer does the hypnotherapy session inside of the initial lesson as well, but you get a stand-alone hypnotherapy session that you can listen to throughout the week.

Then you get a live call recording for each week, which is also about an hour long. In it, Marisa Peer talks about the topic of the week and answers questions from the students who were taking Uncompromised Life when it was live.

It’s kind of weird because she looks off-camera most of the time – as if she’s talking to someone in the room – but it’s still good information.

She has a way of making complicated things simple.

And I feel like every problem people have can benefit from the 8 core lessons she teaches.

I haven’t heard anything about future live sessions with Marisa Peer, but if there are, I will definitely be joining them.

At the end of Uncompromised Life, you get 4 bonus hypnotherapy sessions.

Bonus Content Uncompromised Life

And they are given to you in audio format, just like all the other hypnotherapy sessions in Uncompromised Life.

Uncompromised Life Bonus Content

So, you will leave Uncompromised Life with 12 hypnotherapy sessions from Marisa Peer.

In one of the webinars, someone was asking how many hypnotherapy sessions should be done at once and how long they should be listened to. Marisa Peer said that you should only do two sessions per day, once in the morning and once at night. And, listening to the sessions daily for 3 weeks or more is best if you need it to stick.

In other words, if there is one thing you really want to drive home, but you are finding yourself resisting, then listening to that hypnotherapy session for 21 days can help you stop resistance and drive it home.

Yes, Marisa Peer Talks About The Phrase I Am Enough

I’ve talked about Marisa Peer’s message of I am enough before on this site. In Uncompromised Life, one of the weeks is dedicated to this topic of saying I am enough – or I guess you could say that it’s about you recognizing that you ARE enough!

You also get a hypnotic recording for the message of I am enough. It takes you back to your childhood and helps you find the moments where you first began to think that you weren’t enough.

I’ve Found The Lessons Really Stick In Your Mind

Since taking Uncompromised Life, I find myself waking up in the morning thinking about the lessons I’ve learned.

For instance, I woke up one morning thinking about a friend who was completely ignoring social distancing at this time and even flying around the country as if there were nothing going on. It pissed me off, but instead of getting caught up in the thoughts of telling her off or cutting her off as a friend, I remembered a lesson from the beginning of Uncompromised Life where Marisa Peer talks about the two things that we respond to, and I realized that I was responding negatively because I was telling my mind negative things. If I wanted to get up and have a great day, I needed to change the words I was saying and the pictures I was picturing.

I’ve found this happening a lot since taking the course. If something negative happens or if I’m worried about something or if I’m procrastinating or complaining, Marisa Peer pops up in my head with one of her lessons. And, from there I’m able to shift the way I’m thinking, feeling, or behaving using her tools.

You Can Do Uncompromised Life Faster Than 8 Weeks If You Want

If you buy Uncompromised Life, each week opens up to you one at a time. You can let some weeks go by and take more than one week at a time, if you want.

And, if you are part of the Quest All Access Pass, you should have total access to all 8 weeks of the course without having to wait until everything opens up. This is one of those reasons I say the Quest All Access Pass from Mindvalley rocks. Unless the course is completely new on Mindvalley, you get instant access to the course – no matter what course it is.

Is There An Uncompromised Life Discount?

I get this question a lot when it comes to Mindvalley products. People always want to know if there is a coupon or a time when Mindvalley offers discounts on their product.

The best way to get a discount on Uncompromised Life is to take the masterclass and buy the course directly from the masterclass. Usually, they give about a $50 discount in the masterclass.

Other than that, I have never seen Mindvalley offer a discount on any product besides what they usually offer on their sales page. Not for a promotion or a holiday or anything else. It’s just in the masterclass that they offer a small discount.

I have seen some scammers offering huge discounts. It looks like they give you a download of the course (maybe – I haven’t tried it) for your money. They could just be ripping people off and not giving them anything. And, for sure, they wouldn’t give you access to anything that Mindvalley offers, such as bonus content, update, or the community.

The Quest All Access Pass is the only time I’ve really seen Mindvalley cut prices. When you buy the pass, Mindvalley offers almost all the courses for the price of about two courses, which absolutely blows my mind. It’s worth it if you are thinking about taking a few Mindvalley courses. You get a year’s access to all the courses.

I Think Uncompromised Life Is A Good Quest For Any Time, But Especially Now

Marisa Peer helps you gain control over the fear and anxiety that stems from thinking the wrong way. And, yes, there is a right and wrong way to think. One way causes panic and keeps you stuck in life and the other way bolsters hope and peace and keeps you moving towards the future you want.

If I were to sum my thoughts up, I would say that the beauty of Uncompromised Life is that you realize there are many ways to think in this world, learn what the beneficial ways are, and then go forward with a choice on how you want to think.

If you want to think better thoughts, take control of your life, and feel good about yourself, then Uncompromised Life will help you do that. It’s actually really simple, and I’m amazed at how Marisa Peer can explain in it in a way that makes you realize how simple it is.

You will come out of Uncompromised Life with 8 new rules for life that will dictate the direction of your life (in all areas of life) and the happiness that you feel in it.

You can learn more details about the quest here. And, if you want to get a feel for how the quest will go, take the free masterclass with Marisa Peer.

And, if you have any questions at all about Uncompromised Life, please ask me in the comment section.

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