How To Respond When He Finally Texts You Back: 12 Best Ways

How To Respond When He Finally Texts You Back: 12 Best Ways
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Are you wondering how to respond when the guy you like finally texts you? You probably have been upset for a while because he suddenly vanished into thin air when you thought something special was going on between you. However, he has been ignoring your messages, killing you inside.

How should you react when you finally receive a message from him? A surge of panic, self-doubt and a mix of emotions and questions may overwhelm you. However, it’s a common experience, so no need to feel so bad about it. Here are different tips on how to respond to him:

How To Respond When He Finally Texts You Back: 12 Best Ways Video

Don’t Rush

1. Process His Message Calmly.

Take a moment to calmly process that he has texted you after a long time before jumping to overthinking. Analyze his message and understand what he is trying to convey, and then decide how you want to respond to it. It’s important to be rational and reflective about your feelings and expectations before acting. Reacting impulsively can lead to regrets later, so it’s best to respond composedly when ready. Be confident in handling the situation appropriately.

2. Be Mindful Of Your Feelings First.

When you finally receive the awaited message, it’s common to feel excited, but you may also feel disappointed or angry that he disappeared in the first place. Take a moment to reflect on these emotions as they could impact your response to him.

If you let the excitement take over, you might overlook his previous ghosting behavior, which could encourage him to do it again. However, if you take some time, you might tell him that he needs to treat you better if he wants to be a part of your life. Alternatively, you may ignore his message altogether, which is perfectly okay.

3. Don’t Reply Immediately.

I understand that you’re feeling anxious, but it’s important not to send a text immediately. It’s better to take some time to calm down and come up with a clever or smooth reply.

If he took a long time to respond, don’t give him the satisfaction of knowing you were eagerly waiting for his message. Wait a few hours or a day before reaching out to him again. This shows that you’re not dependent on him and won’t tolerate waiting long for a reply. However, if he responded quickly, just wait a few hours before texting back.

4. Avoid Texting Back If You’re Not In The Mood.

It’s advisable not to text him when you’re not feeling good. He could be in a good mood and not looking for anything else to do, perhaps just wanting to relax. If you’re feeling unwell or not okay, it’s best to hold off texting him. You don’t want to spoil his day off with your negative emotions. It’s better to just watch something on Netflix and take it easy for the day.

Sometimes, we may want to reach out to someone but don’t want them to respond, making us feel worse. We may need space to regroup and work through our emotions before engaging with others.

Be Honest

5. Let Him Know How You Feel.

Being honest about how you feel when someone ghosts you is crucial for your own emotional well-being. If you don’t express your feelings, you’ll be left with unresolved emotions and may feel worse in the long run. Communicating your disappointment and hurt without attacking the other person is important. By being honest about how their behavior made you feel, you’re allowing them to understand the impact of their actions and hopefully learn from the experience. Ultimately, honest communication is key to building healthy relationships.

6. Reply In A Civil and Sincere Tone.

Maybe you have some negative emotions pent up, such as anger and disappointment, and you feel that you were not treated properly. It’s understandable to want to express these feelings to him.

It’s normal and healthy to feel emotions, but responding with rudeness may not be the best approach if you hope to reconcile or get an explanation for why he disappeared. Instead, consider communicating your thoughts and feelings to him with kindness and compassion, and decide whether ending the relationship is the best course of action.

How To Respond When He Finally Texts You Back: 12 Best Ways
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7. Ask What Happened.

It is perfectly acceptable to inquire about why he stopped contacting you. In fact, it is a healthy practice to address any concerns that are bothering you. However, how you approach the situation can determine whether you appear clingy or high-value.

It is important to avoid being aggressive or accusatory when asking the question as if he owes you an explanation for his behavior. If he initiates contact with you, he may reveal the reason for his absence without prompting.

8. It’s Okay Not To Respond At All.

Prioritize yourself and your values above everything else. When you feel prepared to respond and have a clear response in mind, take action at your own pace. However, if you don’t feel like responding, it is completely acceptable to choose not to do so. The other person may take a long time to reply, possibly even years, but you can decide not to respond.

You should not feel obligated to reply to someone if you feel uncomfortable with their behavior or do not believe they deserve a response. Ultimately, it is your choice whether or not to respond.

Just Chill

9. Avoid Too Much Texting.

Be cautious about excessive texting, particularly if you’re doing it in an attempt to become his girlfriend. It could cause him to stop communicating with you entirely, which is not cool. While texting is a great way to keep in touch with friends, it’s crucial to be mindful of the frequency of your messages if you want to preserve your friendship.

If someone truly enjoys texting with you, they will continue to do so frequently. Don’t assume it’s acceptable to text him constantly just because he responds frequently.

10. Don’t Get Angry If His Reason For Texting Seems To Shallow.

If he sends you a message about something unimportant, it is acceptable to disregard it. He could be not very sociable and merely looking for company, or he may have an underlying motive for texting you. Perhaps he is just bored, or he is attempting to arrange a date for you with his friend whom you do not believe is suitable for you. Simply do not become annoyed or upset about it. Ignore the message and continue conversing with him as if nothing had occurred.

11. Take Time To Respond In Between Messages.

It’s important to take your time responding to messages during a conversation, especially with someone you’re interested in. Replying too quickly may give the impression that you’re desperate or have nothing else going on in your life. It’s also important to consider the tone and content of your responses and the flow of the conversation.

Taking a moment to compose thoughtful, well-crafted messages can show that you’re engaged and interested without coming across as overeager. So, take a breath, read the message carefully, and reply promptly but thoughtfully.

How To Respond When He Finally Texts You Back: 12 Best Ways
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12. Keep Your Standards.

By asserting yourself and not allowing someone to mistreat you, they are more likely to hold you in higher regard than if you simply tolerated their behavior. Communicating to him that you are uncomfortable with being ghosted shows you have boundaries and confidence in yourself. You probably should not continue associating with him if he does not respect this.

Final Thoughts

It’s worth noting that if this guy weren’t interested in reconnecting with you, he probably wouldn’t bother explaining his lack of texting. Therefore, if he provides a reason, it’s a positive sign that he is still interested in maintaining contact.

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