44 Ways to Love Yourself More

Ways to Love Yourself

“Self-love is the source of all our other loves.” – Pierre Corneille “Self-love has very little to do with how you feel about your outer self. It’s about accepting all of yourself.” – Tyra Banks You can only love another person fully if you have also learned to love yourself. “Self-love” can sometimes be hard …

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How to be happy single? 15 Tips to stay happy being single

Tips to Stay Happy while being Single

Happiness is not about being committed in a relationship. Happiness depends upon ourselves. To be single is not a weakness of being unable to find a relationship. Hence it is a strength of having the patience to wait for the right one. Never let yourself be confused about being single with being lonely because your …

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32 Qualities of a Good Teacher

Qualities of a Good Teacher

Are you desiring to pursue a teaching career? Probably, you have been inspired by one of your professors when you were still studying, so you want to follow in his/her footsteps. Indeed, mentoring young minds are not just about providing them with academic lessons but also influencing them to become good citizens. If you want …

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18 Practical Ways to be a Good Mom

Practical Ways to be a Good Mom

Being a new mom, one of my hobbies is studying practical ways to be an effective mother. I now understand why many moms are easily anxious—well, we want the best for our babies. For all the mothers out there who want to improve their parenting strategies, let me share some tips to be a good …

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9 Humble Ways to Admit You’re Wrong

Humble Ways to Admit You’re Wrong

Nobody’s perfect, and everyone’s bound to commit mistakes. However, sometimes, the hardest part is admitting those mistakes. Granted, some of them are more impactful and harder to forgive than others; however, regardless of the gravity, we must learn to admit the wrongs that we commit humbly. If doing this is a struggle for you, consider …

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Top 25 Most Inspiring Books Every Woman Should Read

Inspiring Books Every Woman Should Read

Sometimes, when life gets busy, they don’t always have the time to stop and reflect on the things they need to do. A great book can be life-changing and is a great reminder for all women to take the time in finding inspiration and joy in their lives. Now, take time to check the list …

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Top 23 Inspirational Books for Single Ladies

Inspirational Books for Single Ladies

Who said being single is a bad thing? Well, with so many great books to read that is perfect for single ladies out there, I certainly don’t think it is. In fact, if you feel sad and insecure about not having a love life, there are great books you can read that can inspire you …

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10 Inspiring Lessons We Can Learn from Natural Disaster

lesson learn from disaster


lesson learn from disaster
Photo by Catalin Pop

Natural disasters occur in a fallen world, which may claim thousands of lives or destroyed or damaged millions of homes. And also we can not do anything to avoid them,  yet we can minimize their effects.

Although some of us still sing the songs of grief and loss, others have tried to find a peaceful refuge, built on the memories from that tragic day.

What can we learn from disasters? Read on.

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22 Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest While Being Single

Ways to Live Your Life to the Fullest While Being Single

single lady in travel and adventure

Coming from a breakup? Yes, it could be hard to move on especially if you have been together for a lot of years, and you shared great moments together. Right now, you probably think it’s impossible to go on without that person, but it’s actually not. More opportunities and greater experiences are waiting to be discovered out there—you just have to be brave to explore them alone.

So, how can you make the most of being single? You know, once you enter another relationship someday, there are many things that you won’t be free to do anymore. Therefore, live your life to the fullest while waiting for the right partner.

Here are 22 ways on how you can live to the fullest while being single.

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16 Ways How Not to Be Sad All the Time

Ways to Not be Sad

Sadness is a feeling that is brought about by different situations and causes. It is described to be the opposite of happiness, where we experience moments of glee and optimism towards life. However, apart from being a form of human emotion, sadness can also be a choice, just the same way as being happy. There …

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10 Effective Ways to Be Part of the Solution, Not the Problem

part of solution not problem

Whether you are a student, an employee, or simply an ordinary person, you belong to a community. Of course, problems are expected to arise at times. As part of that organization or society, you have the responsibility to help find the solution. However, there are times that instead of contributing to the solution, we add …

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11 Ways to Stop Being a Selfish Person

stop being a selfish person

Contrary to popular belief, selfishness isn’t all the bad. After all, it helps one thrive in this highly competitive world. However, too much selfishness is destructive not only to other people and the environment but also to oneself. If you find yourself being constantly selfish in both words and deeds, then perhaps it’s time for …

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10 Ways to Overcome Your Sense of Entitlement

Overcome Your Sense of Entitlement

We are the main characters in our own lives. Given this mindset, some people think of themselves as the chosen ones, destined to shine above all and save the day. They develop a sense of entitlement, believing that they are born special and should thus be treated accordingly. If left unchecked, this sense of entitlement …

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Digital Detox: 6 Reasons You Should Take a Break from Social Media

Take a Break from Social Media

Here’s a question: Do you remember what you used to do before social media was taking up hours of our days? Back in 2008, before Facebook received worldwide attention, you were probably spending more time on hobbies like reading, working out, or maybe even watching movies and listening to music. There was not as much …

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10 Ways to Stop Meddling in Other People’s Lives

Stop Meddling in Other People’s Lives

Privacy is crucial to most, if not all, people. We value personal space and get offended when others, unless given permission, intrude into our private affairs. Meddling into other people’s lives, in most circumstances, is a sign of disrespect, and if you’re one of those people doing this constantly, consider following these ways to help …

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11 Effective Ways to Stop Being an Arrogant Person

Stop Being an Arrogant Person

We should all seek to possess good traits; however, too much of a good thing can lead to an imbalance. For instance, confidence is something everyone aspires to have; it allows a person to unlock his/her full potential without fear or hesitation. However, too much of it can taint people, making them blinded by their …

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6 Reasons Why Failures are Actually Good

Why Failures are Actually Good

Everyone aspires to succeed in life, but despite our best efforts to reach our goals, we sometimes stumble and fail. Nobody enjoys this feeling–it’s humiliating, belittling, and heartbreaking. We deem it as proof of our insufficiency and think that we’re just not that good enough. Scared that we might experience it once more, we sometimes …

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