Learn To Trust Again By Affirming These Things To Yourself

You have been hurt in some way and your trust in people, love, or life is starting to dwindle. But you don’t want that to happen. You want to be able to trust because it feels good to trust. It makes life easier and feel more rewarding. It keeps you feeling happy – or, at the very least, content, which is a hell of a lot better than feeling fearful and doubtful. So, how can you learn to trust again? You need to accept what happened and go forward, not letting the past affect your present in a negative way. Following are a couple affirmations that can help you do that.

Learn To Trust Again Affirmations

Affirmation #1: Everything Happens In My Life In Perfect Order

I know, I’m asking you to trust when you don’t feel like trusting. But, it’s important to believe that things are not being done to you in a spiteful way, or you will start to resent life and fall into a victim state of mind.

When you develop a victim mentality, it will be very hard to believe that other people are not out to get you. You will have a very hard trusting anything or anyone.

By embracing the fact that everything – both good and bad – is meant to happen the way it has, you let go of the notion that your life is supposed to be perfect every step of the way and embrace the reality that life gets messy.

Life is not always under your control and people don’t always act the way you want them to act.

Life isn’t always fair. But, it gives you situations that help you grow as a person and become more of who you want to be.

What Did You Learn?

Everything happens in your life in perfect order to help you grow wiser and make better decisions in the future.

If someone played with your trust, that sucks. But, what did you learn from that situation?

Did you learn not to date a crackhead? Or was that just me?

Did you learn how to spot signs that something isn’t right?

Maybe you learned that you need to communicate more so that you can stay in touch with how the other person is feeling.

Or, maybe you learned not to move so fast with a relationship.

Whatever you learned, you can go forward knowing that you are smarter than you were before.

When you affirm this to yourself repeatedly and start to believe it, you will find yourself forgiving things that you couldn’t let go of before. This is because you will see things differently – not so negatively – and you will be able to let go of those negative emotions that are keeping you stuck in a state of anger, hurt, and inability to move on.

Affirmation #2: I Don’t Form Opinions Without Facts

Facts are important. Especially when it comes to trust. You get the facts by experiencing something firsthand or discovering something that has been proven (by firsthand experience, study or research) to be true.

When you go off hearsay, opinions of others, and the ramblings of the guy on that vlog that you watch, it can be hard to know what and who to trust. It can make trusting a very hard thing to do.

With so many opinions in your ear, you start to make up ‘brules’, which is what Vishen Lakhiani calls bullshit rules in his Becoming Limitless course. They are rules you live by that are not true but have a big impact on your life. These brules dictate how you feel about people and everything around you.

Affirm to yourself that you will not form opinions without facts.

Don’t assume you know something about anything – especially people – when you don’t have facts to back up those assumptions.

This will help you avoid seeing someone who kind of looks like that person who broke your trust and then instantly NOT trust them simply because they look like that person.

It will also help you talk to them, get to know them, and base your opinion on whether or not they are trustworthy around the facts you discover about them.

And, it will help you avoid forming general opinions about groups of people too. For instance, ‘All women are….’ or ‘All men are….’ type of opinions. When you start to look for facts in every situation, you won’t label groups of people in a certain way; instead, you will see people individually and look for the facts about them individually.

Facts. Look for them, and if they aren’t there, don’t form an opinion. Wait for them to come along. This will greatly help you avoid mistrusting people and situations instantly.