Marisa Peer Tells Us To Say ‘I Am Enough’

I watched Marissa Peer’s Masterclass on Mindvalley the other day and there was an important concept that I really liked and thought I should share. She says that your mind is extremely powerful and influences what you do and how you feel and it’s important to tell it positive stuff so that you can do and feel accordingly. OK, we’ve already talked about that a lot, but she talks about saying ‘I am enough’ in the masterclass and expresses how powerful this simple affirmation is. In the following video ‘I am enough’ is the focal point of the talk, and I highly recommend watching it.

Some Points I Took From Marisa Peer’s Talk

Three insights that will change your life.

  1. Your mind is doing what it thinks you want it to do.
  2. The pictures you create in your head along with the words you say to yourself affect how you feel about events and the way your mind reacts.
  3. In order to experience success, you need to make the unfamiliar familiar and the familiar unfamiliar.

Marisa says that the mind likes what is familiar. It’s important to make praise familiar and criticism unfamiliar. If it’s the other way around, then you will always talk negatively to yourself and other people.

You need to stop being critical of yourself, in part because the major cause of depression is harsh and critical words that you say to yourself repeatedly.

And she says that it’s important to remember that your own praise is WAY more effective than someone else’s praise. You probably already know this. If someone tells you that you look stunning, and you think that you look horrible, you will not allow their praise in because your criticism trumps it. You may think they are lying or bling or stupid, but you won’t let yourself accept the fact that they are being honest and you do look stunning.

What this means is that even if you are being bogged down with negative memories of someone who has passed on or is no longer reachable, you can counteract the pain they caused you with your own positive affirmations. It’s more important than anything they’ve ever said to you.

Especially, the affirmation ‘I am enough’.

Marisa Peer says that the common denominator of all our problems is that you don’t think you are enough. To remedy that, you should say ‘I am enough’ every single day. Say it over and over again. Put it on your alerts. Get it into your head as often as you can.

She also talks about how you should talk to yourself differently so that your brain believes you and helps your body and feelings follow suit.  For instance, if you tell yourself that you love eating salad, then your brain will start to believe it and you may start to crave salad over that pizza.

Basically, you should make anything negative unfamiliar and anything positive familiar.

In short, it’s all about how you talk to yourself.

When you affirm positive things to yourself, your life changes.

When you tell yourself that doing something good is an awesome thing to do, your life changes.

For instance, when you tell yourself that you love how it feels to be smoke-free, you can easily quit smoking. I guarantee that because talking to myself differently is exactly how I quit smoking.

Write I Am Enough Somewhere You Can See It Often!

A few examples of how people remind themselves of the affirmation ‘I am enough’.


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I can’t count the number of times I’ve heard someone say that Marisa Peer has helped them. If you are interested in her and getting her help, I recommend watching her Masterclass on Mindvalley. You will get inspired with a feeling of just how easy it might be to get out of negative, heavy thoughts and feel better about yourself and your life.

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