5 Michael Beckwith Quotes To Help You Move From Victim To Manifestor

It’s hard not to like Michael Beckwith. It’s even harder not to resonate with what he says. He has a way of speaking so that everyone can understand and benefit from his words. He’s wise. He’s kind. And he can help you get more happiness, abundance, and peace in your life. Following are 5 Michael Beckwith Quotes that can help you move from a victim in life to a manifestor.

1. You Get What You’re Interested In

You don't get what you want, you get what you're interested in

Michael Beckwith says that if you are interested in things like fear, lack, or loss, you are creating a law that will bring those things into your life. This is true even if you are interested in those things NOT happening in your life.

This is why you need to change your focus from those things and become interested in happiness, abundance, and other things that make you feel good and bring you joy. Then you will be creating a law that brings those things into your life!

2. There’s Only One Thing To Blame

The Only Thing That Really Is To Blame Is Ignorance quote by Michael Beckwith

It all boils down to ignorance. I know a lot of people think that means being a jerk, but it doesn’t. It simply means a lack of knowledge.

Things that happened in your past may have stemmed from your ignorance or someone else’s ignorance, but it all boils down to someone didn’t have the knowledge to do or be different.

When you understand this, you can let go of blame and anger towards yourself and other people. Lack of knowledge is nothing to blame. It just is what it is.

For instance, if you got passed up for a promotion despite being the better candidate, you may blame your boss. But, really, it’s their ignorance that’s to blame. They can’t see you are the better candidate for whatever reason. Maybe they are unable to understand what a good employee is. Maybe they can’t see past their own ego and the other person makes them feel better about themselves, and they don’t understand that’s not a valid reason for promoting someone.

3. You Have Choices When You Expand Your Awareness

Choice is the function of expanded awareness

If moving past ignorance isn’t enough, expanding your awareness can also help open up choices in your life.

Michael Beckwith says that when you open up your awareness, you realize that you can choose instead of react.

For instance, if your boss passes you up for that promotion, you can choose to maintain your emotions rather than throw a fit and take it out on the people closest to you. You can choose what steps to take next rather than stew in anger or frustration.

4. Your Life Is Made Up Of What You Believe

It is done unto us as we believe

If you believe that things never work out, then things will never work out.

If you believe relationships suck, then your relationships will suck.

If you believe that good things are coming your way, good things will come your way.

Michael Beckwith talks a lot about this in his course Life Visioning Mastery. I highly recommend that quest if you want to move from a victim to someone who has much more control over what comes into your life.

5. Lies Can Act As Laws

A lie believed acts as a law until neutralized

You can see this in your life and everyone’s life if you look. We all buy into lies that we think are truths.

For instance, if you grew up believing that it’s hard to make money, then it’s going to be really hard to make money until you stop believing that lie.

Not sure if something is a lie or not? Ask yourself if other people are disproving something that you believe. If yes, then it’s not a factual truth you are believing.

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