Productivity Tip #27 – Believe In Yourself

For over 10 years, I have written on a few different topics that I have a lot of experience with. However, sometimes I stop believing in my value, which affects my productivity. Because my goal is to provide value to other people and help them achieve things they want to achieve, I don’t want to feel like a fraud when giving advice or talking about what works and what doesn’t. When I stop believing in myself, I feel like a fraud. I feel like I have no right to give advice or talk about subjects with any authority, and that affects my productivity in a big way. I have to remember that my experience in life is valuable and can help other people, and just like any other person out there writing books, imparting knowledge, and teaching – I have the experience and knowledge to talk about the things I write about.

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Sometimes You Need A Reminder Of Your Value

We talked about having faith in your past, present, and future, but believing in yourself is really important to productivity. When you believe in yourself, you are more willing to take action on life and work on making things happen.

My husband and I are currently going through a personal development program that is supposed to change your entire life.

When I read the sales page, I was excited. It sounded like this program was going to help us gain a higher sense of life satisfaction.

But, as we are going through it (we are 22 days in), we’ve realized that almost everything talked about in the course is stuff we have already thought about and worked on.

This course isn’t cheap. People are willing to pay a lot of money to learn about this stuff.

On the private Facebook group for this course, students are loving it! They ARE finding it life-changing!

I Believe, I Believe, I Believe

My husband and I have come to the realization that we know a lot more than we thought we did. And, as a non-fiction writer, my belief in my capabilities for inspiring and teaching has grown.

I need to remember that we’ve worked on our personal growth for over 20 years. We’ve been experiencing, learning, and growing constantly. We both aspire to live happier and healthier lives, and we’ve always been very open-minded, which has helped us learn and grow into who we are today – and will continue to help us learn and grow.

Things that other people may not have thought about or experienced are things we’ve thought about a lot and experienced over and over.

I know that I have a ton to learn still – and some of my current beliefs will change with more education and experience, so I know that personal growth will always be a part of my life.

But this course has really helped me to stop doubting myself when it comes to writing about topics that I have a ton of experience with. And THAT has made me want to share my experiences and write like never before – which is great for my productivity!

Belief Will Get You Far

When you believe in yourself, you can often accomplish things other people wouldn’t even dream of.

For example, there is a woman who sold vegan cookies at a farmer’s market near us. She ALWAYS sold out. She did that for a few years, and then, for some reason, she started to doubt her ability to succeed. When that doubt crept in, her productivity decreased, and eventually, she stopped making the cookies completely. After a year of not believing in herself, she realized that she was a great baker and her product was valuable in a world where being vegan was becoming more popular. Within a year after that, she owned a successful vegan cookie, coffee, and food shop – in a small town of all places. People drive a total of 40-100 minutes from the nearest big city and back to get those cookies.  And she still sells out almost every day!

Believing in herself is what helped her make the choice to get back in the game, buy the retail space, put in the work, and open up a shop that most people wouldn’t believe could succeed in a small, sleepy town.

How To Believe In Yourself

In my experience, it really comes down to personal growth. There are many positive things that I firmly believe about myself, and I feel that’s because I’ve worked on getting to know myself and improving myself throughout the years. I feel as though you need to keep working on yourself, getting to know yourself, and being your biggest supporter.

The following video is a Ted Talk by Jim Cathcart that can also help you believe in yourself.

“An hour extra a day studying one subject can make you an expert in five years.” If you’ve focused on anything continuously, this is a statement that should instantly make you believe in yourself more.

As he said:

  1. You are valuable.
  2. You were born to make this a better place.
  3. You can do things that help make the world a better place right now.
  4. As you grow, you become a bigger source – so get growing!
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