19 Impressive Signs A Guy Likes You But Is Intimidated

19 Impressive Signs A Guy Likes You But Is Intimidated
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It is normal for people to be attracted to someone who excels in many ways, including in appearance, career, educational background, popularity, and wealth. If you know you are attractive in some way, surely you do not lack admirers. If no one is stepping forward, probably, it is because they are shy. So, what are the signs that a guy likes you but is intimidated?

Here are some common hints that a man is attracted to you but still lacks the confidence to ask you out.

19 Impressive Signs A Guy Likes You But Is Intimidated Video

Awkward Around You

1. He Seems Pretty Silent Whenever You are Close.

One sign that a guy is intimidated by your presence is his silence around you. It is either he is shy or afraid to say something that might turn you off. That is why he prefers to be quiet most of the time, especially if you are not close yet.

2. He is Conscious of His Words.

In connection to no. 1, this guy is conscious when talking to you. Whenever you ask him something, he does not blurt our words mindlessly. Instead, he carefully chooses his words to make sure he will sound smart, professional, and gentlemanly.

3. He is Nervous When You are Around.

Another sign that a guy likes you but is intimidated is how he looks nervous whenever you are close. Regardless of who is approaching who, he always stiffens at the sight of you. You can tell that he often leans to one side and would usually sway whenever he is talking.

4. He Stammers When Talking to You.

And while he talks, you cannot help but notice his stammering. It is probably because he is conscious of his words, or he is not confident in his ideas. Being nervous, it is also hard for him to focus on what he says. That is why he is somewhat unsure of the words that come of out of his mouth.

5. He Does Not Act Naturally.

Moreover, you can tell that he acts differently when you are around. Whenever he is aware that you are around, his voice tends to be louder or softer than his usual volume. This is a clue that a guy likes you but is intimidated. Also, he becomes more active in the group and tends to serve others more.

Trying Hard to Please You

6. He Agrees with Everything You Say.

If a man is attracted to you, he would want you to know that he is on your side. That is why expect him to agree to all your opinions and ideas. Expect him to praise your thoughts and support them whenever others try to oppose them.

7. He is Hesitant to Correct You.

And whenever you make mistakes, he is reluctant to tell you. He would ask others to do it for fear that he might offend you. If he has to do it, he will apologize a lot for correcting you.

8. He Thanks You All the Time.

One hint that a man is trying to be pleasant to you is his consistent gratitude. He does not forget to thank you, even for small things. This is his way of letting you know how much he values you. He hopes that it will make you feel admired and appreciated.

9. He Praises You Even for Small Things.

Aside from his unending gratitude, he showers you with compliments. This guy praises you from head to foot. If you know someone who patronizes you so much by constant praises, he surely likes you. Just like in no. 8, he wants you to feel valued.

10. He Has a Vivid Memory of Everything You Say.

The man who likes you will listen intently to every word you say. And even after some time, he will still remember everything you told him. This is because he adores you and often thinks your thoughts are brilliant. That is why he can still recount the details of your conversation even after several months.

19 Impressive Signs A Guy Likes You But Is Intimidated
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11. He Knows Your Interests.

Has this guy been asking you about your hobbies? You would know he likes you if he researched about them afterward. Then, whenever you get the chance to talk again, he cannot stop himself from talking about these activities as if he is genuinely interested in them.

12. He Treats You to Expensive Restaurants.

You can also say that a guy likes you but is intimidated based on his efforts to impress you. Whenever he asks you out, he brings you to expensive places, including restaurants. He thinks that by showing you that he is capable of giving his partner a comfortable life, you might like him in return.

13. He Gives You Luxurious Gifts.

Aside from bringing you to expensive fine dining, this man also indulges you in extravagant presents. For instance, he gives you designer items and expensive jewelry. He may also treat you to a holiday trip, which he knows is irresistible to women.

Grooming Himself for You

14. He Puts Too Much Effort into His Appearance.

Of course, if he truly likes you, he will do his best to shake off intimidation. He will start by improving his appearance. If he is suddenly conscious of his outfit whenever you have to meet, that is a sign. And, of course, do not forget about his favorite perfume scent lingering wherever he goes.

15. He Suddenly Goes Back to the Gym.

If, after observing the signs above, he is suddenly active working out, there is a big chance he is doing it for you. He wants to be physically attractive enough to catch your eyes.

16. He Pursues Further Studies.

If a guy likes you but is intimidated, he will do his best to improve himself so he can deserve you. Therefore, if this man is suddenly eager to finish college or enroll in a master’s degree, consider it a sign. He does not only want to be physically handsome, but he wants to be intellectually attractive too.

17. He Looks for a Better Job.

Another sign that he wants to overcome his intimidation of you is his desire to have a better career. Aside from wanting to earn more, he wants to be proud of his job to feel more confident about himself.  He believes that this can lessen the intimidation he feels.

18. He Aims for Promotion at Work.

Or, if he does not want to change jobs, he targets getting some promotion. He becomes more competitive at work because someone inspires him to be the best. For him, this is a stepping stone to becoming the man you deserve.

19 Impressive Signs A Guy Likes You But Is Intimidated
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19. He Starts a “Cool” Hobby.

This guy wants to be well-rounded to impress you. For this reason, he also looks for new leisure to make himself look cool. Most men prefer to engage in a sport, such as a basketball or soccer. Or it could be a form of martial arts, like karate or kicked boxing. He hopes that talking about his new hobby will make you think of him as a passionate man who can balance everything in life.

Get to Know the Person

If you realize that a guy likes you but is intimidated, you can try to be more approachable. Start by always smiling and starting a conversation with him. Who knows? He could be the one you are looking for. Be good friends with him so you can get to know him better.

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