23 Signs She’s Losing Interest

Signs She's Losing Interest
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Are you afraid that your girlfriend does not love you anymore? Do you think she’s losing interest in you and your relationship? You are sure afraid to confirm the truth, but you need to do it for your peace of mind.

If you think your girlfriend does not love you anymore, you know what to do—let her go. However, if she still cares and is just going through something, you must fight for your relationship.

The following are the signs that your girlfriend might be losing interest in you.

Often Cold

1. She is Bored When You are Together.

Can you say that she is bored when you are together? You can hear her sighing now and then, checking the time, and always wanting to go ahead. Also, she spends more time on her phone than talking to you.

2. She is Not Excited to See You.

How often do you see each other now? Rarely? It is a sign if your girlfriend does not seem to miss you and is always hesitant to go out on a date. If she were still in love with you, she would look forward to seeing you every time.

3. She Does Not Laugh at Your Jokes Anymore.

Another sign she’s losing interest in you is her apathy towards your humor. No matter how hard you try to make her laugh, it does not work anymore. She does not find your jokes funny at all. Worse, she does not even try to pretend she enjoys them.

4. She Does Not Make an Effort to Strike a Conversation.

Suppose your girlfriend does not start any conversation with you anymore unless for essential things; consider it a sign.  It is either she is mad at you about something, or she is not interested in talking to you anymore.

5. She Answers You with “Yes” and “No”.

Whenever you ask her some questions, are her answers limited to monosyllables, like “yes” or “no”? Again, just like in no.4, this gives you a hint that she does not like to engage with you in a conversation.

6. She Does Not Interact with Your Loved Ones Anymore.

How about whenever you invite her to a family gathering or a reunion with your friends? Does she still go with you? Or has she stopped talking to your friends and family already? If she is distancing herself from your social circle, it is a sign she’s losing interest in you. Probably, she is preparing herself for an exit from your relationship.

7. She Avoids Being Alone with You.

Does she only go out with you if it is a group date? And whenever with other people, does she spend more time interacting with them than you? If yes, it means she is more interested in hanging out with other people than being with you, her man.

Getting Harsh

8. She is Often Irritable.

How is her personality whenever you are together? Is she easily irritated with you? Yes, she may only have some mood swings, like most women. However, if it is growing worse lately to the point that she is annoyed at everything you say or do, you can tell it is your presence that irritates her.

9. She Does Not Care About Your Feelings.

Does she still consider you in her decisions? If not anymore, it means she does not care about your reactions anymore. If she does things that you dislike and you receive no apologies for them, you can tell she does not care about you anymore.

10. She Tells You Demeaning Words.

And whenever you have a misunderstanding, does she always resort to insults? If she uses derogatory words to offend you, she probably does not care about you anymore. But, on the other hand, if she still loves you, she will avoid humiliating you at all costs.

11. She is Impatient with You.

Have you noticed how she quickly loses her temper with you? If she is always angry at you, even for small things, it signifies that her affection for you is wearing off.

12. She Does Not Want to Reconcile.

If recently your girlfriend keeps suggesting a breakup after fights, you can say she wants to be free from you. One sign she’s losing interest in your relationship is the difficulty of convincing her into reconciliation. Your misunderstandings can be her excuse to let go.

13. She Says You Have No Right to Meddle in Her Affairs.

Whenever you try to stop her from making bad decisions, she tells you straight in the face that you cannot tell her what to do. Does she do this?

Signs She's Losing Interest
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14. She Pushes You Away.

Telling you to leave her alone hints that she does not want you in her life anymore. She always tells you to get out of her sight whenever you have a misunderstanding. Also, she keeps saying you must look for someone else because the relationship is not working.

15. She Argues Even About Small Things.

Does your partner argue with you about everything? Does she make fuzz even about petty matters? If she was not like this before, it is clear her feelings for you have changed. Now, she finds you irritable and nonsense most of the time.


16. She is Often Busy with Her Phone When You are Together.

The most obvious sign that your girlfriend is losing interest in you is her lack of attention to you. Even if you are together and you want to engage in a conversation, her focus is not on you. Instead, you can see her busy with her phone–in her own world.

17. She Does Not Listen Attentively to Your Stories.

In connection to the previous number, she is not attentive to you anymore. She is not interested in your stories, no matter how animated you tell them. Instead of listening to you, her attention is on her phone or other things. Or it is possible she is not doing anything, but you can tell she is absent-minded since she does not react to what you say.

18. She is Too Busy to See You.

As mentioned above, she is not excited to see you anymore. For this reason, she always has excuses why she is not available for a meetup. One of the common excuses is busyness at work.

19. She is Too Tired to Talk to You on the Phone at Night.

Moreover, she is not available to talk to you on the phone anymore. Unlike when you were only starting to date each other, she was excited about your late-night calls. Now, she is always too tired, even for a short chat.

20. She Often Cancels Your Dates.

Another sign she’s losing interest is the frequent cancellation of your plans to meet up because she has more important appointments. You can tell that you are not a priority anymore.

21. She Does Not Care About Your Phone or Social Media Messages.

If your girlfriend used to check your phone or social media accounts before but does not care now, it hints that you are losing her. She is not interested in knowing who you are talking with—even with other girls.

22. She is Not Interested in Your Whereabouts.

In addition, your girlfriend does not ask for updates whenever you go out anymore. She is not interested in knowing where you are, what you are doing, and who you are with. So do not expect her to check if you have safely gone home late at night.

Signs She's Losing Interest
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23. She Does Not Get Jealous with Other Girls.

And even if you try to make her jealous by talking about other girls or flirting with them in front of her, she is not affected at all. Worse, she might even encourage you to try dating other ladies.

Talk to Her

If it is clear your girlfriend does not feel the same way for you anymore, you better talk to her. Do not ignore these signs she’s losing interest in your relationship. You need to talk heart-to-heart with her to discover the problem. If she is decided that she wants to go on a separate way, respect that and let her go.

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