21 Suggestive Signs She is Developing Feelings

21 Suggestive Signs She is Developing Feelings
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How will you know if someone is developing feelings? Are you hopeful that your crush is finally noticing you? Certainly, that would be exciting news! No wonder you are here, wanting to find out if what you are thinking about the girl you like is true.

If you want to know the signs she is developing feelings for you, continue to read below. Evaluate how she behaves around you.

Happy When You’re Around

1. Her Eyes Brighten Upon Seeing You.

One of the obvious signs that a girl is starting to like someone is the sudden change in her mood whenever that person arrives. Of course, we believe that the eyes are windows to our souls, so they can reveal much about one’s feelings. Therefore, if you notice how her eyes seem to smile and brighten whenever you are around, you probably have a chance with her.

2. She Becomes More Cheerful.

It is not just her eyes that liven up when she sees you, but her whole being as well. She becomes more energetic and jollier. It is not just about trying to look positive because someone she likes is around. It is normal for a person to be genuinely happy whenever they get to see and spend time with their special someone.

3. Her Friends Playfully Tease Her.

Do her friends seem to tease her always about something weird whenever you arrive? And how does she respond? Does she seem to enjoy it? It could be about you! It is either they are aware you like her or she is already developing feelings for you.

4. The Smile on Her Face Does Not Wear Off.

Another sign that a girl is starting to like you is her unfading smile whenever you are around. Does she excitedly greet and smile at you upon meeting? If that smile on her face stays throughout the time you are together, believe me, she is falling for you.

Awkward Near You

5. She Cannot Look You Straight in the Eyes.

While maintaining eye contact is for the bold, girls who are only starting to develop feelings for someone are less confident. One sign that she is beginning to like you is her hesitation to look you in the eyes. It is like she feels that her eyes would betray her feelings.

6. She Seems Nervous.

If she always seems nervous or conscious whenever you are around, you should ask why. What could be the reason why she is uneasy with you? It is possible that your presence makes her heart beat faster.

7. Her Voice is High-Pitched.

Another sign that she feels awkward when you are around is how her voice seems to be unnaturally high-pitched. While some girls may intentionally soften their voice to sound sweet and more feminine, some are simply too nervous that they are close to squeaking.

8. She Blushes Whenever You Greet Her.

Do you greet her whenever you cross paths? What is her usual reaction? Does she seem to blush red? If yes, she is obviously falling—or has fallen—for you.

9. She Immediately Looks Away Whenever Your Eyes Meet.

And what happens whenever you accidentally meet her gaze? Does she immediately avert her eyes and pretend she did not see you? Oh, that is an obvious indication that she feels something warm inside. How about you? How do you react whenever this happens?

10. She Stammers When Talking to You.

If she unusually stammers whenever the two of you talk, consider it as a sign too. Her stutters are a sign that you make her feel nervous. What do you think is the best explanation for this?

21 Suggestive Signs She is Developing Feelings
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Vulnerable with You

11. She Tells You Her Secrets.

Does this girl make you her constant confidante? Is she fond of sharing with you her inner thoughts and secrets? If she is willing to disclose very personal information to you, it is a sign that she wants you to be part of her more intimate world.

12. When She is Not Okay, She Asks for Your Company.

The person who likes you would want you to be her home. Thus, one sign that she is developing feelings for you is her emotional dependence on you.  She probably thinks of your presence as her comfort zone, so she often asks if she can see you if she is troubled.

13. She Shares About Her Past Heartaches.

Aside from her secrets, is this girl open about her past with you? Has she voluntarily told you about her previous relationships and how she got heartbroken? Girls are vulnerable with the guys they like, so they readily open up about their fears. It is like they are indirectly asking these guys not to hurt them like how the others did.

14. She Cries Infront of You.

Have you ever seen this girl cry in front of you? This is another indication that she lets her walls down whenever with you. Most girls wish they could have a prince charming who would save them from their distress. And her crying before you is like hoping you can be that savior.

15. She Totally Trusts You.

Does she talk about how she thinks you are trustworthy? If a girl chooses to trust you, it means she is willing to be vulnerable with you. The only possible reason here is her desire to surrender her heart to you. She would not trust you if she has no intention of becoming part of your life.

Crazy about You

16. You Got Your No. 1 Fan in Her.

Is this girl a constant supporter? Does she often encourage you to reach for your dreams because she believes in your capabilities? Does she call herself your no. 1 fan or cheerleader? The reason why she wants you to acknowledge her support is her hope that you will realize how much she cares about you.

17. She Actively Follows You on Social Media.

If she does not miss reacting and commenting on your posts on social media, you can tell that she is fond of you. It is one of the most obvious signs that she is into you.

21 Suggestive Signs She is Developing Feelings
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18. She Makes Ways to Get You Solo.

Does she often find ways to draw you to her side? Is she making excuses so you and her can go somewhere away from the crowd? If she wants to be alone with you most of the time, it is clear that she wants your attention to herself. That means she is in love.

19. She Will Leave Everything Just to See You.

Anyone can definitely say she is already in love with you if she can leave anything she is doing just to be with you. Whenever you call or ask for help from her, she would never say “no”. She will always be available for you.

20. She Cannot Resist Touching You.

Is she fond of touching your arm or hand? Or does she like pinching your cheeks or nose? Unless she does this to everyone, it is obvious that she is developing feelings for you. She simply cannot get enough of you.

21. She Messages You Every Now and Then.

Another clear indication that she is falling for you is her constant texts, calls, or chats. If she always initiates conversation—even without any important topic—you can say that she likes you. She probably misses you whenever you are not together, that is why she cannot resist contacting you.

Just Take It Slow

If through these signs you have concluded that your crush is developing feelings for you already, you should think of what is next. Just because you feel the same way about each other does not mean you can automatically date and have a happy ending.

To find out if it can work between the two of you, seek to know each other better first. Be good friends and find out if your values, principles, and priorities match or complement. Do not rush into love.

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