22 Crazy Signs She is Madly in Love with You

22 Crazy Signs She is Madly in Love with You
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Are you suspecting that a particular girl likes you, but you do not want to be assuming? How can you confirm if your hunch is true?

Most girls are very obvious whenever they love someone, especially crazily, madly in love. So, if a girl is suddenly acting cute and sweet around you, it would not be hard to conclude that she is into you.

If you need more proof that a woman is head over heels with you, you can check out the following signs that she is madly in love with you.

Drawn to You

1. She Seems to be Following You All the Time.

If you always run into this girl wherever you go, there is a possibility that she is intentionally following you. She probably knows your daily routine or has a connection with someone who knows your whereabouts.

2. She Stalks You on Social Media.

How do you know this? First, she is updated with your latest posts that she would open up about them whenever you meet. Or she has probably reacted to one of your photos from years ago by accident.

3. She Loves Staying Close to You.

You can tell this by how cheerful she is whenever she is beside you. You can also notice that she tries to prolong your conversations by bringing up different topics, especially those that appeal to you. So, yes. She has probably researched your interests.

4. She Attentively Listens Whenever You Talk.

Have you ever observed how attentive she is whenever you are talking? Even if you are talking to a group of people who listen to you, you can notice that she is the most attentive. This is because she not only leans forward to hear you best, but her facial expressions can also tell you that she is eager to listen.

5. She Pays Attention to Every Word You Say.

How can you confirm this? She seems to remember everything you say. For instance, she can recall what you have told her months or even a year ago. Well, it is not a surprise since she listens to you attentively.

6. She Befriends Your Friends.

Another sign she is madly in love with you is trying to get into your social circle. Her desire to be part of your world compels her to make friends with your friends. It is also one of her ways to stay close to you.

Can’t Resist You

7. She Messages You Every Day.

Does she text or DM you daily? If she never misses a day to greet you a “good morning” or “good evening”, it is one sign that she craves your attention. Also, expect her to message you about random things just to start a conversation.

8. She Steals Glances at You.

Have you ever caught her staring at you? How many times already? Or, have your friends told you that they often see her looking at you? This is one of the clear signs that she is head over heels.

9. She Asks You Personal Questions.

A person who is crazily in love with you would want to know every single detail about your life. So, if this girl likes to ask you personal questions, like your favorite food or color, then consider it confirmed.

10. She Cannot Say “No” to You.

Have you ever approached her for some help? You can say that a girl likes you so much if she cannot resist your requests. So, if she is always available to help you, she is obviously in love.

11. She Can Be Touchy at Times.

A person in love longs for the touch of their special someone. If this girl loves to touch your hand or lean on your shoulder, consider it as a sign.

22 Crazy Signs She is Madly in Love with You
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Conscious Whenever You Are Around

12. She Puts an Effort into Her Appearance.

Of course, every girl in love would like to look gorgeous whenever the guy they like is around. A lady in love with you will do her best to attract you. Do you regularly meet at work or in school? If yes, do not be surprised why she always wears her best dresses, puts on makeup, styles her hair, and splashes on her favorite perfume.

13. She is Careful in How She Talks or Moves.

The girl in love with you will try to be prim and proper whenever you are around. She is conscious of her actions and words because she does not want to turn you off.

14. She Stammers When Talking to You.

Does she stammer whenever you ask her a question? Does it seem like she is preoccupied or conscious with what she would say that she ends up babbling nonsense? It is probably because she cannot concentrate on her answers.

Loves to be Close to You

15. She Wants to Be Alone with You.

You would know this because she does not mind accompanying you anywhere alone. Actually, she seems to enjoy it more than when you are both in a group. She also makes excuses to have you all by herself.

16. She Will Join Group Dates with You Too.

Of course, she would not say “no” to group dates as long as you are in it. However, even with other people, you can notice that she focuses more on you than anyone else. You can also observe her be a little possessive, ensuring that your attention is only for her.

17. She Likes Walking or Sitting Beside You.

Do you notice that this girl is often beside you? Even with other people around, she seems to find ways to reach your side. Of course, she would pretend it just happens by chance, but you should know better.

18. She Approaches You When She Needs Someone to Talk to.

If you are the first person this girl calls or approaches whenever she needs company, consider it a sign. Unless you are BFFs, it is unusual for girls to open up their inner feelings to guys. If she is comfortable sharing her problems with you, it is possible that she longs for you to comfort her.

22 Crazy Signs She is Madly in Love with You
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Wants to Own You

19. She is Clingy, Especially in Front of Other Ladies.

Have you ever noticed that she seems clingier whenever other women are around? She probably wants to send a message that you belong to her. She wants people to think that something is going on between you.

20. She Discourages You from Dating Others.

Have you ever tried to mention to her about liking a particular girl? What was her reaction? Did she discourage you from pursuing the other person?

21. She Gives You a Pet Name.

Does this girl have a unique name for you? It may seem cute and harmless, but it also indicates that you are special to her.

22. She Aggressively Flirts with You.

The most obvious sign that a girl is madly in love with you is when she openly flirts. She could be so desperate to have you, so she makes her feelings known to you. This is common to women who are bold enough to initiate the dating process.

Do Not Take Advantage

If you have confirmed that a girl is crazy about you, what do you plan to do next? Do you feel the same way towards her?

If not, be a gentleman enough to avoid sending the wrong signals. If you do not like the girl, make sure to respect her feelings. Do not take advantage of her weakness just to make her do your requests. Instead, make it clear that you do not feel the same attraction towards her.

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