14 Draining Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone

14 Draining Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone
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Have you ever had a gut feeling that someone isn’t right, but you can’t pinpoint why? If you’re questioning your instincts about someone, here are some signs that may confirm that you should stay away from someone.

Maintaining relationships can be challenging, and it can be difficult to identify when one is not healthy. Even if you suspect someone in your life may be toxic, removing them without causing unnecessary conflict can be hard.

Recognizing the signs of toxic people in your life is important to safeguard your mental well-being and maintain healthy relationships. Here are some red flags indicating someone may be harmful to your life and suggestions for ending an unhealthy relationship.

Toxic Traits

1. Is Inconsistent

Do you ever feel like you’re in and out simultaneously? You might wonder where you stand in the relationship because of this person. Inconsistency can be seen in this. If that weren’t enough, do you think this person will keep their word? A negative trait in one’s personality is to be a “flake.” If someone is unreliable and disappoints you at the last minute, they are an irregular flake. Flaking is more prevalent today due to technology’s ability to distance us and encourage us to be less committed. Even so, it is still not acceptable. You should anticipate that someone will carry out what they say they will.

2. Disrespect of Boundaries

A lack of boundaries is another sign that someone should be avoided. Avoid those who disrespect your boundaries at all costs. Does this person divulge too much intimate information? Do they expect you to act in a way that makes you uncomfortable? or they might try to control people or situations. It’s possible that this person doesn’t respect your boundaries if you feel like you’re putting your own comfort and peace of mind at risk.

3. Big Pessimist

The tendency to anticipate the worst in situations is called pessimism. It has been linked to some mental conditions, like anxiety. Instead of seeing all of life’s opportunities, their default is believing things won’t work out. It’s all gloom and doom. People can also bring bad vibes, just like they can bring good vibes. In addition, negativity is harmful and contagious. Stay away from this person if you have the impression that you are constantly receiving negative energy.

4. Wears Victimhood

Everyone experiences self-doubt from time to time, but some people make victimhood their way of life. This is another significant indication that you may need to avoid a person. You will be drawn into the vortex of people who constantly see themselves as victims. It’s a kind of emotional black hole that can quickly become a codependent relationship.

5. Hopeless Infidel

You need to stay away from someone who thinks flirting is fine, even if they are committed to another already. As they say, “Once a cheater is always a cheater.” A person who cannot stay faithful to their partner is a constant source of headaches.

Negative Impact On Your Wellbeing

6. Makes You Feel Worse About Yourself

A major red flag in any relationship is when someone consistently makes you feel bad about yourself. This can come in the form of manipulation, intimidation, or backhanded compliments that leave you questioning your self-worth. Toxic individuals often use these tactics to gain control and manipulate others without being obvious. Trusting your gut instincts and not ignoring these warning signs is important.

7. Gaslighting You

Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that creates self-doubt, particularly associated with narcissism. It involves deliberately feeding false information to make the victim question their memory and sanity. It creates an emotionally harmful power imbalance and is considered a form of psychological abuse where the abuser manipulates the victim into believing they are mentally unstable. If you find yourself constantly questioning your own mental state and stability when interacting with someone, it is important to seek help.

14 Draining Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone
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8. Always Resorts To Manipulation

Manipulative individuals often exploit others’ vulnerabilities to gain control. This can manifest in tactics such as emotional manipulation, lying, and using gaslighting or love-bombing to create dependence. Gaslighting makes the victim question their own sanity and memory, while love-bombing is a tactic of showering someone with excessive attention and affection. These manipulative behaviors can be damaging to mental health and should be recognized as red flags when trying to maintain healthy relationships.

9. Causes You to Make Wrong Decisions

This one requires genuine self-reflection: Do you frequently make poor choices around this person? It could be bad habits like eating too much junk food or not working hard at work or school. Try to pay attention to the patterns triggered when you are with this person, and examine the reasons behind this closely. When you’re with this person, you shouldn’t be spending time with them if you feel anything other than your best self.

Too Much Toxicity

10. Makes You Complain All The Time

Talking to friends about your issues with a partner or another person is normal, but knowing how often it’s happening is essential. Suppose you regularly discuss how much the person annoys or upsets you, or even worse, express dislike for their character traits. In that case, it’s a red flag that the situation has become toxic. It’s important, to be honest with yourself and address the situation before it causes more harm.

11. Affects Your Other Relationships

Keep an eye out for those who try to control who you spend time with or who try to come between you and those you care about. It’s a red flag when someone tries to restrict your social connections, as it is a tactic used by abusers to control their victims. It’s important to protect yourself and your relationships by not tolerating this behavior.

12. Drama Following Them

Are you familiar with someone who always seems unhappy in their job or relationships? Even if they change their circumstances, they still find themselves in the same negative pattern. This is a sign of a toxic person, and it’s best to avoid them. Being around them will only bring drama into your life and negatively affect your well-being. It’s important to take a step back and evaluate why you want to have this person in your life.

13. Too Needy

Feeling needed can be positive, but when someone becomes overly reliant on you for support in an unhealthy way, it can be a sign that the relationship is toxic. This may involve constant communication and expectation of immediate responses, unannounced visits, and always being expected to be a shoulder to cry on. Suppose this type of neediness is central to the relationship. In that case, it’s essential to consider whether this person should be in your life, as they may not be there for you when you need support in return and may be using their neediness as a means of control and manipulation.

14. Does Not Celebrate With You

Another sign that you need to stay away from someone is when they are blatantly unsupportive. They cannot be happy for you whenever you accomplish something. Instead, their insecurity is triggered because they cannot accept that you might be better than them. Subconsciously, they see you as a rival in success.

14 Draining Signs You Should Stay Away From Someone
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Stay Away

Are you convinced that your partner isn’t right for you? If yes, hurry and save yourself. But how can you avoid people who used to be important to you? Doing it is not always simple.

You might still love your partner even though you know they are bad for you. Also, you might be worried about how they’ll react when you start to move away. However, you must avoid them if you want to safeguard your mental and physical well-being. If you know you need to stay away from someone, gather all the courage to free yourself.

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