10 Things To Stay To Yourself To Help You Be A Better Partner

If you want to keep your romantic relationship strong, then these affirmations can help you to be a better partner. The way you talk to yourself about your relationship, and your part in it, is going to determine what you will and will not do in the relationship. That’s why it’s very important to talk to yourself in a way that keeps you engaged in the relationship and keeps your partner high up in your list of priorities.

1. I Am Committed To My Relationship And Making It Strong

One characteristic that helps you feel more engaged in a relationship is a sense of commitment – your commitment and theirs. If you feel like your partner is committed to you, then it’s important to affirm that you are truly committed to them.

The things that you are most committed to are the things you put the most effort and time towards. And the more effort and time you put into your relationship, the better off it will be.

2. I Appreciate My Partner For Who They Are

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We often like our partners for who they are when we first meet them but quickly decide that they need to change in various ways. This is a problem. Unless they tricked you, you picked them as they are so appreciate them for who they are.

Your partner will feel valued when they know that you appreciate them and understand their value and worth in your life.

The good thing is that while you tell yourself that you appreciate them, you will also show them that you do. You will find yourself letting them know in many different ways how you feel. This will improve your relationship even more.

3. I Treat My Partner With Respect And Kindness

We treat people the way we want to be treated. If you treat your partner with respect and kindness, you should get it in return.

Moreover, they will feel better about you as a partner if you treat them with respect and kindness.

What does that look like?

  • You listen to your partner.
  • You don’t make fun of them.
  • You respect their concerns, beliefs, and struggles.
  • You don’t purposefully make them feel bad.
  • You don’t talk down to them.
  • You have patience and compassion with them.

Treat them just as you would want to be treated and you will be a good partner to them.

4. I Express My Gratitude For Them Often

Don’t just appreciate your partner, express your gratitude towards them.

Your partner will feel good when you tell them why you are so grateful to have them. It’s an exercise of love, and it also boosts their self-esteem and value as a partner and as a person in general.

We don’t get a lot of gratitude out and about – even when we deserve it – so make sure that you consistently give your partner the gratitude they deserve.

5. I Don’t Say Everything On My Mind

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Think before you speak. It’s that simple.

You may want to tell them that they’ve done a poor job, but if you think before you speak, you will realize that they’ve probably done the best job they can and telling them they have done a poor job will just make them feel bad.

If you want to say something negative, stop and think first.

Think about how it will make them feel.

Think about whether or not it is necessary.

6. I Consistently Work On My Self-Growth

We can’t give others what we don’t give ourselves. If you want to grow as a partner, grow as a person.

This means:

  • Create and go after goals.
  • Learn new things consistently.
  • Expand your education.
  • Expand your awareness.
  • Work on creating better habits.
  • Work on letting go of destructive behavior or thoughts.
  • Develop and deepen emotional intelligence.

The better you are to yourself and the more awareness you have, the better you will be as a partner.

Don’t know where to start? Try asking yourself some questions about personal growth.

7. I Am An Equal Partner In This Relationship

Do you make your partner do everything while you sit back and enjoy life? Or are you an equal partner in the relationship?

If you want to be a better partner, try to make your relationship more equal. Don’t put the burden on your partner so much.

8. I Listen To My Partner

It’s easy to start to tune out the people we are around the most, but that can cost us our relationships. If you want to be a better partner, be a better listener.

Your partner wants to feel heard, and by truly listening to them you can do that.

You will only grow closer as you pay attention and demonstrate that you have been listening to them when they talk.

9. I Look After My Partner

When they need help, help them. Make them a priority.

  • Take the time to do things for them that improve their physical, spiritual, or mental well-being.
  • Be there for them.
  • Help them do what they want to do.
  • Help them when they are struggling.

10. I Require My Partner To Treat Me As I Treat Them

Lastly, if you want to be a better partner, don’t let them treat you poorly. You want your partner to be a better partner too. You are in a relationship that requires effort from both people.

If your partner does not treat you as you treat them, then things like hurt, anger, frustration, and stress come up, and that’s not good for you or them.

If your partner is not a good partner, talk to them and let them know that you are not someone who wants to be treated poorly in a relationship. You want commitment, appreciation, kindness, and someone who is willing to listen, be equal, listen to you, and take care of you.

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