Want To Stop Gambling? Let’s Talk About Why You Should

Every company that makes money from gambling will tell you to gamble responsibly, but they know their words mean nothing if you become addicted to gambling. They count on the fact that you are not going to stop gambling, and they do things to make sure that you stick around.

When you look past the bingo halls, slots, tables, and races, you can see that they are being controlled by people who don’t care about your welfare, which is why you need to educate yourself and adopt some new beliefs around gambling and what it can or cannot do for you.

Let’s talk about some reasons that you should stop gambling. And, feel free to share any of your own reasons to stop gambling in the comment section below this post.

The Slots Are Set Up To Encourage Risky Behavior

The technology behind slot machines has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades. In modern games, there are new forms of sensory feedback like vibration feedback through the seat and 3D visuals. So if some players are more susceptible to these effects on their decision making, that could be a risk factor for gambling problems. –  Luke Clark

If slots are your thing, then you need to know that the casinos are setting you up to spend more money than you ever have before. It’s obvious that $80 doesn’t go as far as it used to in the casino.

I remember twenty years ago when slot machines were much tamer than the slot machines we have now. The casino seems to have a completely different tone than it did back then, and it’s hard to sit down at the boring old machines when you can sit at one that vibrates, plays video, plays music, and has animation on the screen.

When I feel my chair vibrate or see things moving or flashing on the screen, I feel like ‘things are happening’ and there is a good chance something could happen in my favor. I’ve been known to make bigger bets when something on the screen catches my eye or makes a certain noise. And, apparently, I’m not alone. In one study, they found that when the lights and sounds were increased on the slots, people made more risky decisions associated with unfavorable odds.

But, it’s not just the slots. No clocks to tell what time it is, the perfect lighting, drinks being offered, music in the background, and people screaming and hollering is enough to distract you from what you should do (know when to fold them) and keep you spending your money at the tables.

It’s partly the thrill of gambling around or with many other people that keeps you going. Watching others win or hearing the celebrations implant the illusion that you could win as well. The casinos and other businesses know this and bet that you will have a hard time to stop gambling amidst the distractions.

Get Nothing For Something Through Gambling

Gambling, the sure way of getting nothing for something quote

Some people can gamble and have fun. They don’t gamble often, and when they do, it’s just to go out with friends and have a few drinks and make a few bets. Most of the time they leave with less money than they came with, but also a fun memory to go home with.

Most of us don’t have that experience. We spend money and get nothing in return – except a headache, frustration, and a mental-self-beating that hurts.

Think about that. You go to gamble to win money but 99% of the time you leave with nothing except misery. And when you come down to the last of your money, you are pissed off or anxious, neither which are good feelings to have.

And even when you do win some money, it doesn’t cover what you have spent or will spend in the future.

If you are not having fun by yourself or with friends while gambling, then you are getting nothing for something. You are never going to win the thousands or millions like you imagine. It’s just not going to happen.

Why not spend your money elsewhere and get something for something? Fun experiences? New clothes? Something you really need?

Gambling With Friends Is A Whole Other Ballgame

… When you gamble through a business the odds are stacked against you… – Gambling Help Online

You may be the luckiest person in the world when you are playing a game with your friends, but that’s because you are playing a game of chance with a few people. When it comes to a business that needs to make money in order to survive, your chances are not the same.

Not even close.

For instance, the chance of winning something like the Powerball is 1 is 54.9 million. The chance of winning a card game with 5 of your friends, is 1 in 6.

It doesn’t matter how many ‘tricks’ you have up your sleeve to improve the odds when dealing with a business. It doesn’t make a difference.

I’ve seen all kinds of ‘lucky moves’ in gambling.

  • People who play bingo have lucky dabbers and items.
  • Slot players have compulsive ways of touching the screen and ways of sitting.
  • Card players have lucky items.

It’s all nonsense. If it worked to increase your chances, you would win much more.

One woman stands out playing the slots. She would hold two quarters in one hand and a tissue in the other. She would push the button with her quarters and then she would chase the reels with her tissue. When she would hit a bonus, she swore it was because of her ritual. But that’s nonsense. If her ritual worked, it would work on every single push.

It’s nice to believe that you have some control over whether or not you will win, but you don’t. The house wins, always, even if you stand on your head and chant ‘I’m a winner’ three times.

Share the ways you’ve seen people try to increase their luck in the comments below. 

It’s Hard To Leave When You Are Winning AND When You Are Losing

Winning is the goal, but the truth is that you are shit out of luck whether you are winning or losing.

All gamblers know how hard it is to leave when they are on a winning streak. Why? Because they feel like they are going to win more, so why stop?

That’s what the casinos and other businesses are hoping for. They hope that you will ‘bet’ on the fact that you are going to keep winning until you spend all the money you won and then some.

And, of course, when you are losing, you are chasing your losses as you are trying to win them back. So, you go to the bank machine over and over again in hopes that this time you will win back everything you put in.

Sadly, if it happens, people will often stay and keep playing to achieve their original goal – win excess money on top of what they have. And eventually, they will leave the business with nothing.

It’s a sad loop that never ends. Winning, losing… you are likely going to screw yourself either way.

When you look at it like that, it doesn’t sound like fun. It should be a huge motivator to stop gambling and get out of the loop that casinos and businesses are betting you won’t get out of.

Take control of your life.

Don’t let businesses hungry for your money control how you spend it.

You earn that money, and you should spend it in a way that brings you joy, fun, and memories you can cherish.

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