11 Things Truly Happy Couples Don’t Do on Facebook

Things Truly Happy Couples Don’t Do on Facebook

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While some people are really private when it comes to their love life, there are others who just can’t help but tell the world about everything that’s going on with their relationship: from their recent romantic getaways, screenshots of the last text messages they’ve sent to each other, photos of their sweet and thoughtful anniversary presents, to the long and often grand status updates declaring their promises of eternal love for their partner, etc.

There’s nothing wrong with openly expressing your love for someone and many can agree that it’s such a sweet and romantic gesture to find your name or your photo on the Facebook newsfeed paired with the most thoughtful and sincerest words that anyone has ever written just to impress you.

However, happy couples don’t really need all the attention that most Facebook love birds crave. In fact, people in a strong and healthy relationship do things differently online and pretty much exert all their sincere and genuine efforts privately offline, away from the public eye.

To fully understand what we’re trying to say here, let’s first take a look at some of the things that truly happy couples don’t do on Facebook.

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